christmas tree.

on saturday we fell in love
with a tiny christmas tree at eastern market.
so we brought her home to camp out
in our living room for the next month or so.
she’s very colorful and sparkly.
eleanor can’t stop reaching for her and giggling.
merry christmas!
  1. Lottie

    I love this…Eleanor's first Christmas tree!

    Christmas is going to be a totally different experience for you this year…how exciting!

    Can't wait to get my tree and decorate it…I hope its as pretty as yours.

  2. Aw! I'm glad Elanor likes the tree! I love it, too!

  3. CC

    Eleanor's first chrismtas :)

  4. Her eyes are a different color every day. :-)

  5. Aaaw, you are such a cute family!

    X Mandy

  6. Morgan

    beautiful! i wish i lived in an area with sidewalks and things in walking distance.

  7. love it! Eleanor has the most beautiful big eyes!

  8. Wahh! Christmas! I'm so excited to get our Christmas tree. Yours is looking beautiful. X

  9. Her eyes are absolutely breath-taking. She's going to look just like you when she grows up!

    Merry Christmas season!

  10. What a lovely tree! Looks like so much fun! Merry Christmas! :)

  11. Elise

    Eleanor's little hat is too precious!

  12. carissa

    we got a little tree too. its cute. reminds me of charlie brown.

    and eleanor and rinah can match with their hats. too cute.

  13. After 'fluffing' the second christmas tree last night, I told my husband, once the lights on these prelit trees die, we are so going back to getting a real tree. No fluffing needed!

  14. Eleanor's eyes are stunning in that first picture! What a pretty stare she has.

  15. Such a fun little family adventure!! I love your Husbands outfit. E's hat and your style!

    How fun!

  16. Kristin

    I love this time of year :) We are going Christmas tree shopping today and I'm beyond excited. Thank you for sharing your adventure with everyone!

  17. Ashten

    Getting my tree this weekend! Can't wait to have a little one camping out in my living room as well. Woo hoo!

  18. I just got lost in baby's eyes! what a beauty!!

  19. Sasha

    Eleanor's first Christmas! Yaaaaay! So pretty! :)

  20. You have possibly the cutest child I've ever seen!

  21. Joy

    the tree looks so good! of course eleanor's gonna like it.

  22. love your tree, and i love that you're in the city! city living is amazing, huh?! {we're in Minneapolis.}


  23. Jessica

    ok are you going to consider having E being a baby model…she's just too darling…

  24. Love your small Christmas tree! Your family looks so cute picking one out. Eleanor is the cutest!

  25. oh my gosh, her hat. i die.

  26. I remember the Babby's first Christmas tree, all decked out with the least breakable ornaments (on this year's tree, too). We decided to go for faux because we were (are) still afraid of her pulling it over.

  27. WONDERFUL!!! Her eyes lit up in the first picture? Magical

  28. Shannon

    So jealous of your real Christmas tree! My boyfriend has deemed a real tree too much of a fire hazard for our old, old house. :( I miss the smell of them.

  29. i am amazed by her eyes. but also her hat. and her tights. and just her wardrobe in general.

  30. aislin

    hmmm. could your family be ANY cuter? nope. don't think so! yay for christmas time!

  31. so cute! xo

  32. E's hat is adorable!! In the first pic, her eyes are like sparkling, SO pretty! Love your tree, its cute! Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year : )

  33. Hannah

    this is precious :)

  34. so so dreamy! lovely photos as usual :)

  35. Stacey

    Eleanor has the prettiest eyes! Such a cute family!

  36. yza

    i absolutely love the last photo.. so happy to be entering the holiday season and smells of my childhood winters..

  37. MUG

    Oh! Eleanor's hat is so amazing! Can you please tell me where to find a similar one?

  38. caroline

    I'm loving the trees at Eastern Market. It's like a mini forest has sprung up in the middle of our urban neighborhood. :)

  39. oh goodness, baby e has got the most gorgeous colored eyes ever!!! and what a beautiful little tree! for some reason this post totally reminded me of the video of you both decorating your christmas video a while back! so creative! :)
    xo TJ

  40. Gentri

    This is so so fun. Ive never had a real tree before but this makes me want to get one so badly! :) beautiful pictures- as always.

  41. JacPfef

    that first photograph just melts my heart.

  42. April

    I love Eleanor's sparkly eyes. She is an absolute beauty. What an adorable family you have. I love your sweet inspiring blog. I have a 10 month old little boy. Maybe one day they can meet and fall in love? Im sure it would work out swimmingly. :)

    PS.. Being pregnant with your darling, skinny little self was a little rough on my psychy, but I still think you are wonderful! :)

  43. jess

    Naomi & Josh – your baby girl is so gorgeous!! she makes me so excited for my future baby. merry xmas guys!

  44. I love Christmas tree shoppin! My family does that every year, we go to the tree farm and cut the tree down!

  45. Your photos are always magical and beautiful, I love the feeling I get when looking through the window into your lives :D

  46. Katie

    eleanor really has the best hats. too adorable.

  47. Em

    Oh my gosh, Eleanor's eyes in that first photo! They're practically glowing!

    You and Josh really did create an absolutely breathtaking little girl. Way to pass on the pretty genes, Mama! XD

  48. Ana

    Well I don't think I'm ready to have a Christmas tree quite yet, but yours is so pretty! And Eleanor just gets more and more adorable every time I see her – plus, I'm a little jealous of her hat, it looks so warm and cozy :P

  49. So beautiful. Where is E's hat from? Obsessed. Merry Christmas!


  50. CUTE! I love the tree :)

  51. Mariana

    Lovely! :)

    Just look her eyes on the 1st photo… Beautiful!

  52. Julie

    I love your style! Where are some of your favorite places to shop? :)

  53. Kelle

    oh my lord, eleanor's eyes in that first picture! she is gorgeous, naomi. :)

    – kelle

  54. What a lovely picture of E and daddy! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  55. What kind of camera do you use?

  56. What kind of camera do you use?

  57. So so cute!! :] I love your little Christmas tree! And Eleanor looks so cute in all of these pictures!

  58. Eleanor has such big, beautiful, innocent eyes! Also, love the last photo!

  59. Olivas

    Eleanor's first Christmas tree!
    E is precious!!!

  60. Jaclyn

    Buying the tree is always a fun memory. Your photos are amazing and the trip looks like it was an adorable outing.

  61. What a beautiful baby!

  62. Mrs. Ham

    i wish i lived next to eastern market. this place just sounds so dreamy! cute tree! and E's eyes are so beautiful in every photo!

  63. yay for tiny trees! we put a tiny tree in the kid's room every year. it's become our little tradition.

  64. i agree with everyone… here eyes are divine!

  65. Yay! We just got a little tree, too. ;-)

  66. i'm not sure why, but little trees just have such a magical and splendid presence in a house. they just capture your heart ;)

    love it!

  67. the hats!!! I love them. Where is this one from?

  68. molly

    the holidays just make me happy and decorating a tree is the best.

    stop by for my HUGE giveaway :)

  69. Oh what a bundle of joy!!!! Adore the little fuzzzz hat with poms!!

    Stay Cinched little one, :P
    Cinched at the Waist

  70. l.c.s.

    Eleanor has the prettiest eyes and look at that hat!!!!

    Enjoy DC at Christmas time. It really is the best :)


  71. Lisette

    I cannot get over Eleanor's hat. It is the cutest.

  72. where oh where is that little hat from? i NEED!


  73. Rachael

    Aww, I love tiny Christmas trees!
    And seeing Eleanor in her little winter hat=To die for cuteness!!

  74. amberly

    Your daughter is so adorable and her eyes are stunning :) and your husband is so dapper! Your little tree is precious!! Merry Christmas to your gorgeous family, Naomi!

  75. Lindsay

    Oh wow, Eleanor's eyes in that first picture are STUNNING!

  76. Maria

    E is absolutely gorgeous.

  77. sandra

    Glad y'all had a nice Thanksgiving! We always decorate for Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving too! Your tree is gorgeous!

  78. hi, can i ask where you got your black leather boots from? thx

  79. Kelsey

    As much as I hate un-decorating my house after Christmas, I love a good Christmas tree.