carving pumpkins.

on halloween we carved pumpkins together. eleanor enjoyed fishing for pumpkin guts inside the hollow pumpkins and kingsley enjoyed any pumpkin guts eleanor dropped on the floor. it’s a win win with those two.
ps. don’t you love the two little bottom teeth on eleanor’s pumpkin? that was all josh. reminds me of my “baby pumpkin” from last year but only better because we have an actual baby here now, with two bottom teeth and everything. i have a feeling the holidays are going to be extra special this year as we celebrate eleanor’s “first christmas”. can’t wait.
  1. so super cute. LOVE her hat! we missed pumpkins this year:( we don't have a porch here in new york!

  2. bethani

    eleanor and kingsley are too funny! a perfect pair!

    love love that her pumpkin with the teeth. so perfect for her. :)
    i think next year yall need a "kingsley pumpkin"

  3. E and Kingley are so adorable.
    E is beginning to look like a big girl already. They grow up so fast!

  4. Victoria

    Great pics. The little pumpkin is too cute! x

  5. Rhianne

    I would be so excited about christmas too and she'll be a great age for a first christmas :) hurray!

    I love the E could fit inside one of your pumpkins, ours are tiny in comparison.

  6. Eleanor's outfit is to die for. looks like you guys did i good job! and the baby pumpkin with the teeth is just perfect.
    your little family is adorable.


  7. These pictures are just adorable, I love how Elenore and Kingsly take the best pictures together. Loving the baby pumpkin as well. I too can't wait to read your holiday posts!

  8. Lottie

    This is so adorable! I love your family of pumpkins and only wish I had carved one but I didn't see the point as we live in a flat and its just us.

    But I think you have changed my mind…next year I will be carving like a mad woman!

  9. Sonja

    oh my goodness, she could probably fit in that pumpkin!!! So cute! And Eleanor and Kingsley together are THE sweetest, greatest thing.

  10. Can't wait Christmas too! ;)

    Very nice pumpkins! We have a pumpkin – a cat: D

    I like your blog! I read all :)

    Greetings from Poland!

  11. So adorable! I love the pic of Kingsley and Eleanor on the floor together!

  12. Super cute! E. fits right into the pumpkin! Love the orange colour tones in these photos.

    X Mandy

  13. adorable photos, i love her hat! this christmas will be by baby's first christmas as well, i'm so excited!

  14. aw. such cute pictures!

  15. i love the cross eyed pumpkin!

  16. too cute for words!

  17. Sounds like Kingsley and Eleanor have a good "team work" thing going on!

  18. Alivia

    Super sweet! :)

  19. So cute…. Cannot wait for Christmas as well!

    Would you ever consider sharing your skin care routine & makeup products you use? Your skin is ALWAYS so flawless!

    Take care :)

  20. My goodness! Your little one could fit perfectly inside that pumpkin :)

  21. Absolutely adorable! Did you save the some of the pumpkin seeds hidden in the pumpkin guts? They're absolutely DELICIOUS dry roasted!

  22. Laurie

    love your pumpkins! it is so sweet that eleanor and kingsley get along so well together!

  23. How sweet SHE is. How sweet YOU are! ;) Bye, Katha

  24. o my. far too cute.

  25. Great pictures.

  26. Patricia

    Oh this is so adorable. Also I'd love to know where that cardi is from?

  27. Diana

    I love that photo of Eleanor digging into the pumpkin. How adorable!

    I carved an owl this year with my sister, while my brother carved the grim reaper. Pumpkin carving is the best!

  28. Haley K

    your little pumpkin reaching inside the real pumpkin is such an adorable photo ;) And oh her hat, heart-spotting blouse, and little jumper dress makes me melt :) Yay for holiday traditions and enjoying them even more with our babes!

    and i just love how perfectly creepy the inside of pumpkins are :)

  29. Love the photo's and the pumpkin!! how do you get the photo's to look the way they look? I love it :)

  30. eleanor is unfairly cute!

  31. J

    fun halloween! love the pumpkins!

  32. Love that Eleanor is rockin' her hat inside. She's stylish already!

  33. Berni

    Wow, Eleanor looks so much like her Dad in these pics! Such an adorable family!

  34. Samantha

    Love it-fearless. If you have time you should check out my little man's carving experience. He was so brave, digging right in. Love these little moments.

  35. Skye

    looks like such a fun time with your little angel baby!

  36. You have an absolutely adorable (and totally stylish) little daughter. She is so sweet :)

  37. Mariana

    The four of you are adorable!!!
    And your pumpkins, too! :)

  38. oh my GOSH why is your baby sooo darn cute?! xxxx

  39. i don't know how you get anything done with those two around – i would be too busy staring at them and admiring their cuteness! celebrating all of these firsts for Eleanor must be so sweet :)

  40. Your pumpkins are so great! Classic, but in a totally adorable way.

    I don't know about you, but I am incredibly excited for the holidays. As in, I may have started playing Christmas music yesterday and have a countdown going on (ahem, 52 days).


  41. Nicole

    i love your hardwood floor. and your lacey curtains. and el's hat.

    holidays with family are truly the best.


  42. Gaby

    every first must be so exciting with a baby around :)

  43. Leah

    Eleanor and I have the same hat! I feel so hip now!

  44. Joy

    This is too precious! Awwwws!

  45. colleen

    i love eleanor and kingsley's pictures together. and yes, her first christmas will be great!

  46. ohh…that first christmas (and every single one) are so special. there's just something about celebrating christmas with children. the magic seems to reappear.

  47. How sweet to look back and see you with your bump last year! Seems like yesterday!

  48. carissa

    eleanor's dress! so adorable.

    i feel silly, but i am getting a little emotional right now… i miss you guys and cant believe it when i think of how this time last year eleanor was still inside you. she's such a beautiful sweet little lady, now.

  49. love your pics, nice family!!kiss from Spain ;)

  50. in this world itnot always easy to be positive – your blog inspires… what a beautiful family.

  51. Lovely photos!

  52. little E looks like she knows what she is doing!
    love that her and the King are buds. too cute!

  53. Kourtney

    Where do you buy her hats? I love them all! I need a cute winter hat for my Evelyn.

  54. @kourtney, i get them all over. this particular hat is from a consignment shop called clover in richmond. but babyGap and etsy shops always have a lot of great finds.

  55. i love all the little pictures of baby e reaching in to the pumpkins. so precious!!
    xo TJ

  56. Cute pumpkins! E and I have the same little hat :)

  57. Teacher

    Love Eleanor's outfit. Too cute. She and Kingsley are cute together.
    I love your outfit as well. Where's your cardigan from?
    Happy November!!

  58. Tara

    I can hardly stand how cute you dress Eleanor. And I LOVE that she keeps her hats/sugar plum fairy wings on! What a sport!

  59. d'awwww! eleanor's outfit is fantastic!

  60. emily

    the one of kingsley and E is priceless.

  61. alex

    Gosh I love those pumpkins! Haha they're adorable!