1. Oh yumm! Loving your anthro coat. And E is just adorable

  2. Looks AMAZING! i hoped you enjoyed it!

  3. I am loving your coat!

  4. You guys look so cute with glasses :)

  5. savy

    Elbow patches. That is all. :-)

  6. so loving your pictures :)

  7. amber

    e's elbow patches are the cutest thing ever! looks like a perfect family date :)

  8. YUM. looks so delicious!

  9. I'm craving a nice big burger now! Looks delish.

  10. love your coat! where'd you get it?
    and Eleanor is so stinkin cute!

  11. Kayla

    Your daughter is just adorable! These are such cute photos! :)

  12. Oh. my. gosh. That looks sooo freaking good!

  13. Soph

    You were right by GW! Maybe I'll see you guys around sometime, I pretty much live on that block (Burger Tap & Shake, Whole Foods, Roti, and Sweetgreen? Swoon!)

  14. those elbow patches!!! so cute. and i love how josh dresses too :) i say this everytime i come here, but you're an adorable family.

  15. Her little beanie is SO adorable :)

  16. Kristen

    I love e's hat! And her cute little cardigan with elbow patches! Too adorable:)

  17. This place looks great. I love that you're still riding your bikes around!

  18. Jenna E

    Loving E's sweater!!!

  19. Little E gets more adorable each and every day. And I love that she wears hats! So cute.

  20. Mrs. Ham

    I have that same anthro coat!! I love it!! I wanna try this place! Wish they had one in ca?! We ate at a really good burger place this weekend too! 25 degrees. It was hands down the best burger I've ever had!

    Have fun w the twins!!


  21. your girl is too cute! And you always look so beautiful!

  22. Becca

    i miss D.C.! we lived on Capitol Hill before moving to Sicily and I miss it like the dickens. there's amazing food in Italy, of course, but D.C. has some incredible spots…


  23. ummmm…I'm drooling :) Love E's hat!

  24. love a good burger! and being from ND we know a lot of people who raise cattle and get our choice of some great beef!

  25. Ashley C

    Oh my goodness these are some of my favorite pics you've posted to date. Burger Tap and Shake looks like a must try and your fam looks adorable here!

  26. Alexis

    loving your new glasses!

  27. carissa

    oo that looks yummy. cant wait to try. we'll have to go on a family date!

  28. Oh gosh a burger and shake would be so appetizing right now xxxx

  29. María

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  30. María

    OMG, Eleanor is so darn cute!
    I remember when I first started reading your blog, and you were just about to make kingsley part of your little (and getting bigger) family.
    Even if I haven't commented at all, I have learnt a lot about love and family from you, which is much to say coming from an 18-year-old girl. Anyway, I wanted to thank you both of you for having such an awesome family, and for letting us know that happiness is not a utopia, but POSSIBLE!

  31. 1- your coat? insane. love it. 2- i want to be little e, riding on the back of a bike! it looks so cozy & scenic!! :)

  32. I do love a good burger. Your hair is looking gorgeous!

  33. Oh that looks gewd! I've had an incredible obsession with burgers and fries lately. If you're ever in Long Beach, Ca you should try Slater 50/50, it's delicious! And Baby E is as cute as ever!


  34. a burger and shake sounds so good right now, and this just made my craving even wilder!

  35. her had is so freaking cute. and i love that you bike there.

  36. sigh. i can only aspire to have a family as cuteee as yours.

  37. Ayley

    naomi! i'm so jealous you got that pretty anthro coat!
    your little family could NOT get any more adorable.

  38. Melu103

    i wish i could eat
    burgers all the time and
    look fantastic like you do all
    the time!

    Eleanor is adorable with her
    little hat!





  39. What a cute family =)

  40. Daphné

    This coat is amazing!

  41. Olivas

    I love E´s wool cap!!!!

  42. We love the burger tap and shake too! What is the brand of E's stroller and bike bundle/puffer? Our does not have individual feet, so wont work on the bike. Thanks!

  43. Oh man!! We were in Washington a few weeks ago and ate there. Delicious.

  44. looks like its time for another trip back to Washington.

  45. Stacey

    Love the new glasses!

  46. It was fun to see Josh again last weekend. He's got to be the most complimentary person alive. Made my last-minute pizza dinner feel like a million bucks. If you guys ever join him out here it'd be fun to all go out to the Smith's lake house

  47. looks like a total dream! xo

  48. alissa b

    what adorable photos & family! and she's such a styling little baby, with her cute hat and sweater with elbow patches.

    just too darn cute!

    great photos, great post!

    alissa b

  49. rachel

    You are all adorable. p.s. Does your sponsor VAGIMA know their name looks just like VAGINA?

  50. I totally agree! That is absolutely my fav. new place! I go to GW so it is on my walk to and from school every day…those milkshakes taunt me! ;-)

  51. Caty

    I know I already follow you on Instagram, but I love your photos when you blog them (seeing them all come together). Love your style, too, girl!

  52. Taylor

    you are one stylish couple & baby!

  53. Now I want a burger. Love Eleanor's hat!

  54. I love reading your blog and seeing your guys' life in DC. I also love your style! We are from SLC and would love to visit DC/NYC soon.

    I recently created a blog this weekend too. You should check it out!



  55. Looks great!! And I must say E is so adorable <3

  56. Sarah

    Your posts about burgers always make me think of my hubby. He is ALWAYS on the search for the perfect burger and usually has to try the same place multiple times just to "be sure." Haha.

  57. adorable photos. and, um, yum! a burger sounds pretty good right about now!

  58. Delicious photos :)

  59. Lottie

    What a good looking family! Add a burger picture and I don't think I could love any pictures more!

    I love your family and hearing your stories…hopefully one day I will have my own little family and if it is half as happy as yours I will be the luckiest girl alive!

  60. KY

    MMMM! Something about the way that burger looks reminds me of an old-school burger shop. Where are your rootbeer floats!? xo :)

  61. Rinda

    I've been looking for a cute sweater for my little baby girl. Where did you get E's?

  62. ezrazoe

    E's hat is phenomenal! so cute! I see a burger fan in the making ; )

  63. Eleanor's getting so big! She's gonna be walking around before you know it!

  64. M

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  65. Erin

    I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful family :) or such a stylish baby!

  66. Rinda

    i just saw e's sweater on zara. now i know!

  67. kelsey

    Eleanor is adorable in her biking gear!!

  68. I have a good idea of why you might be hanging out in foggy bottom more….seeing how I met you. If my intuition is correct shoot me an email. I've got some important advice for you.

    Nurse Jenny :-p

  69. Betsy

    i love the fact that your baby is wearing a sweater with elbow patches. simply adorable!

  70. Bea

    Looks great! Gotta try this one soon!