an afternoon together in richmond, virginia.

last week, when we drove down to richmond virginia to see beirut perform, we arrived a few hours early so we could explore richmond together as a family. did you know josh lived there for a number of years when he was little? it’s such a beautiful little city. i’d love to get to know it better.

hope to see you again soon, richmond!
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  1. melanie

    Richmond is awesome! Do you know the area I assume you were exploring with all the shops etc is called "The Fan"? "The Bottom" is more where all the bars are.

  2. I keep meaning to ask this–where in the world did you get your pink jacket!?!? It's to die for!!!


  3. bethani

    richmond looks beautiful! must visit one day!

    e looks soo enjoying that luxor doll :)

  4. becky

    That close-up picture of you holding the cupcake–with your wisps of hair falling into the frame–is divine! So beautiful. And the colours of them all are so incredibly rich.

  5. nicole

    Ooh, Need Supply! Love that shop. What a quaint little town. Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing. xo.

    p.s. I love your coat, too.

    p.p.s. Josh always looks so dapper. I'd love to see his tie collection!

  6. Suzie

    where did you get those perfect jeans?

  7. I hope you went to Bygones!!!! FAV VINTAGE STORE!!!!!!

  8. Alex

    That coat of yours is to die for!!

  9. Cassie

    wondering which camera you used for these photos? I know you used to use an elph, but I'm wondering if these are all iphone photos?

  10. Cassie

    wondering which camera you used for these photos? I know you used to use an elph, but I'm wondering if these are all iphone photos?

  11. emkat28

    I love those shoes! I noticed you wearing them in a couple of other photos…would you pretty please share the brand name? :)

  12. Ciara

    Beautiful photos! I saw Beirut two weeks ago and it was an amazing show! I hope you enjoyed it!

  13. Gaby

    Looks like such a cute town! And i'm so jealous that you got to see beirut!

  14. Sara

    oh I love Richmond. I used to live there when I was little, too ('82-'86). These pictures make me want to take a weekend jaunt down there too. Now if it would only warm up a bit again!

  15. Kayla

    Looks like a beautiful trip! Thank you for the slug bug picture- I'm sure my coworker thanks you as well (; heehee!

  16. Melu103

    what a beautiful place!

    =) You look really cute
    with the pink coat!

    and Eleanor … omg those
    two bottom teeth how

    ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
    Have a great weekend!!

    ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

  17. Oooh gosh, I love the coat. AND it matches your lippy.

  18. Richmond is indeed a wonderful city! I've only been there a handful of times when I dated a guy who lived there, but there's so much more for me to explore as well.

    I'm sure Beirut was amazing live! Have a great weekend :)

  19. Question . . .?? I am looking for warm winter covers for my twins! They will be arriving in the cold winter. I noticed little Eleanor's stroller cover and loved it. Would you mind letting me know where you purchased it?

    Deirdre Davis

  20. Christie

    Dear Naomi,

    I've discovered your blog recently and readed it from the beggining till end! Your little family is so cute, I've just felt in love!!!
    Keep on rocking)

    Greetings from Ukraine!

  21. Ashely

    I've from Richmond! Glad you enjoyed your time there. I see you made it to Cary Town as well as the Urban Farmhouse. Well done!

  22. Britney

    How fun! I love Richmond. I actually had the best bagel of my life there–hmmm maybe I should go back. It looks like it was such a beautiful day for you and yours. Family adventures are the best!

  23. BYGONES is my FAVORITE vintage shop! My BF lives there so everytime i visit her I go nuts in that store! It is such a cute little town xo

  24. oh gosh…i need a pair of madewell jeans… (i think those are the madewell skinnies?).

  25. It does look beautiful, charming too. I bet the Beirut show was amazing as well!

  26. Elino C.

    LOVE these photos! such a cute town & e looks adorable! she has the sweetest smile ever (: love your coat btw , you always seem to have unique pieces of clothing..

    p.s. i was browsing pinterest a while ago & i came across this;

    & i was like 'heeey , wait a minute , she seems familiar' haha.

    do you have a pinterest account?
    because i'd love to follow you :)

    have a beautiful day! xo

  27. As if I don't comment enough and tell you how lovely I think your family is. Aggh you make me actually want to get married and have kids. (not that i never want to… just not now I suppose). Beautiful post! I love it in Virginia.

  28. i wish we lived somewhere beautiful…salt lake city is pretty, but back east is so historically rich i wish i was closer!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  29. Stacey

    I know this is not a fashion blog but seriously you have the best style I've ever seen. Where is that adorable jacket from?? Please don't say it's vintage because i LOVE it!! :)

  30. Holly

    looks like such a sweet place!!
    p.s. that lauren moffat jacket is amazing!!!!

  31. Aya

    Her coat is from Anthropologie.

  32. Kendra

    Ah, you went to the BYRD THEATRE?! I LOVE that place. I used to go there all the time with my fam. That pic of Eleanor in the rear view mirror is too cute.

  33. Such an adorable town! Love the pictures! And love your outfit!

  34. Morlee

    I love the picture of the cupcake & your feet! Stunning! Pinning it!

  35. that town looks so incredibly quant! and i can't get over how amazing your shoes are. dying!!
    xo TJ

  36. the mirror picture is just too cute. i i love that she is interested in the dolls. what a cute little girl. looks like you guys had fun. and you got your cupcake. :)


  37. really lovely coat :)

  38. TNKY

    hello!!!! i like very much your fotos!! :D

  39. these are so fantastic! cobweb cupcakes? a cheery baby? it's so fun to see your family's adventures. it's a great example.

  40. Look how cute your family is! I am digging your outfit! :)

  41. It IS such a lovely city! I used to visit all the time when I went to college in Virginia. I'm glad the three of you had a good time.

  42. i served my mission in richmond. it was the best area i ever served in. the members there are seriously fabulous, you'd love it there. i dream of moving back there.

  43. Carytown! I live in Charlottesville and love having RVA only an hour away. Bygones is always a must, and I hope you also saw World of Mirth (if not, a must on your next visit) <3

  44. jess lee

    that is right where i live! carytown is the cutest. i am so glad your family enjoyed it. need supply is full of fun clothes and i hope you got to try clementines too:) oh and clover for Eleanor – best consignment shops

  45. Lisette

    Richmond reminds me of Alexandria, cute and quaint. I love an afternoon out in a new place.

  46. Alex

    where did you get your shoes?? so cute!

  47. Jessica

    I grew up in Richmond, and Bygones was one of my favorite window shopping stores! I think it's where my love of vintage began :) And of course, I do love and miss the Byrd… Thanks for the memories.

  48. Kimberly

    Where in the world did you get that stroller???

  49. Alyssa

    I'm going there tomorrow! I live about an hour away. Both of my younger sisters are living and going to VCU there. It's definitely a cool city, did you happen to check out Rumors? It's a cool vintage/resale shop on Harrison and Grace, I think. If not, you definitely have to go next time!

    Shop Vintage ♥

  50. I live in Richmond! Next time you visit you should take Kingsley to MayMount Park its absolutely idyllic in autumn! Also check out The Black Sheep! Love the Carytown pictures!

  51. Alicia

    where is your coat from? Gorgeous!

  52. Sarah

    Love the Lauren Moffatt jacket! So pretty :)

  53. I lived in Richmond, Virginia for my whole life before I moved away to Utah… Thanks for the pictures- they remind me of some fun times I had adventuring through the city!

  54. Astra

    Richmond looks like a lovely town – the kind that makes me want to come and do the American road-trip we've always talked about! lovely pictures :)

  55. richmond is a great city!
    these photos are beautiful, and i love your outfil ;) that coat!!!

  56. Mariana

    Great photos!
    And the three of you – beautiful as always! :)

  57. Carly

    I'm so glad you got to spend some time in Carytown! Hopefully Richmond showed you a good time. I'm so jealous you got to see Beirut!

  58. Abi

    do you edit your photos with anything before you post them onto your blog? i love your photos, eleanor is so cute! :D xx

  59. I live in Richmond! You went to some of the best places there. Urban Farmhouse is my favorite place to grab a quick lunch.

  60. So much fum! I just moved to a smaller town for college and I have loved exploring thrift stores and cafes and local places… There is nothing better than wasting away an afternoon moseying and adventuring!

  61. i LOVE the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) have a glorious day!

  62. Kristen

    i love e in the headphones. so cute! my first concert was neil diamond – i was 4. amazing.

    xx kristen
    mikie and kristen

  63. Rachel

    LOVE your jacket!

  64. I need to go away for a weekend in that lovely, orange beetle. But don't we all?

  65. What brand are your jeans?? they are so cute!

  66. M

    I've lived in a lot of places and I have to say, Richmond is one of my favorites. So happy the husband and I are living here now :)

  67. Connie

    i love the way you edit your photos. So pretty!

  68. rebecca

    I kinda sorta wish someone would tote me around all snuggly on a bike. :)

  69. i was just in richmond last week for a quick work trip and LOVED how charming the town was.

  70. zonny

    Love Love Love your jacket. x

  71. I like the filter you used on the above pictures. What post production software do you use?


  72. Caty

    Gorgeous photos! I love the low contrast feel. And super cute coat!

  73. janel

    I love your pictures, they always tell a good story! I'm also loving your shoes! Where are they from? I looked to see if you answered this already but I don't see it (sorry if I'm being annoying for asking)

  74. Quirk

    It's so lovely to see my hometown photographed from a visiter's perspective! (My friend owns the cute orange Bug up top), it always makes me happy to see it around town!

  75. Richmond would love to have y'all anytime!

  76. Charis

    Great pictures!

  77. Emily

    love all these gorgeous photos!! found your blog through the daybook, and i'm officially obsessed :) my hubs just got a job offer in richmond (we live in NC now), so it's so fun to see a post about it! looks so quaint and cute! xoxo

  78. Apt#34

    oohhh, i need your insider tips! This is where my sister in-law lives and we'll be visiting in January!

  79. shoes! where did you get them? love.

  80. just wanted to say: you have a lovely little blog, thats all

  81. i believe she got the shoes at but they appear to be out of stock

  82. Melanie

    Can you tell me where your closed toe wedge shoes are from?? I have been searching for them and am unable to locate where their from…also…your blog is now a regular of love it all : )

  83. Crikey, I feel like this is a sign. I have been thinking about a move, stateside, specifically to Richmond Va, as that's where our US office is. I have been talking to people about this today, and then randomly, having a read through your blog I find a post on Richmond! Spooky coincidence?!x

  84. manisae

    I lived in Richmond for seven years and just came across this post. You made me very homesick! Living on the west coast just isn't the same. Your blog absolutely rocks by the way. I love to see the little daily happenings of mothers with a baby the same age as mine:)