a little q&a with the washington examiner.

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last week i had a little phone chat with the washington examiner about my faith and motherhood. the q&a was featured in this past sunday’s paper. i think eleanor looks pretty darn cute mid-wave in her first official newspaper photo. ;) also, always a privilege to get the chance to talk about what matters to me most, and motherhood in a positive forum.

if you’d like to read my q&a conversation, go here.

  1. How cool! Love that picture they used!

  2. Thank you for representing our church so well in this article. You are so well spoken and your testimony is beautiful. Thanks for sharing Naomi!

  3. Amazing. Thank you so much.

  4. Gentri

    I love this so much! You did wonderfully. :)

  5. You handled that so well! I have to tell you how much i appreciate you and the fact that you are putting the church in a positive light. You and your little girl look adorable.

  6. jess

    congrats, lovely article!

  7. Wonderful! I couldn't agree more with what you said about people being able to appreciate the positive spirit and intention that you live by and share throughout your blog. It is a real joy to follow, Thankyou!

  8. Great job!

  9. melissa

    Seriously, what a great interview.
    You both look wonderful in the photo as well!

  10. Wonderful article! I'm not mormon, but I really appreciated the article and I love your blog!! What a privilege!

  11. becky

    I agree–you handled some difficult questions well! I'm not religious myself and it pleases me that you recognised others who admire your blog for the family and marriage values away from the church. I realise the church promotes such values and your Mormon upbringing was what tethered them in you, but it frustrates me so often when other readers cannot get past the fact that you're a Mormon and don't look at the bigger picture, at the traditional and approachable ideals you have. I really, really admire that about your blog. And you're right. I had believed those preconceptions because I had absolutely nothing to go on–I had never met a Mormon before. But I feel I have met you through your blog, I have seen what daily, Mormon life is about and it isn't THAT different from the life I have experienced and hold dear. Family and sanctity of marriage is so very close to my heart as a young woman and I so often think it is being lost in this age. But then I read things like your blog, I see that it is there, glimmering, stemmed from religion or not.

    However, something that has always puzzled me about religion and indeed, has kept me from fully understanding the individual churches I have visited, is taking on every one of their views (i.e their views to other religions or sexualities or races, etc). Do you have a problem with that, personally? Sorry if this is too public a domain to talk about it and I hope it doesn't offend–I've always just been curious.

    And on other matters…Eleanor's little expression in that photo is lovely and I do certainly love her wave!

  12. Cyntia

    One of my favorite things to read about in your blog is your family and how strong you can be in your faith in the world we live in. It's very inspiring.

  13. Please explain how Mormons interpret this verse:

    Matthew 22:29-30

    But Jesus answered and said to them, “You are mistaken, not understanding the Scriptures nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven."

    From my understanding saying that marriage is not "til death do us part" is not Biblical so I am really interested in knowing what Mormons believe.

    Thanks :)

  14. Ashlee

    I love love all that you said. Being a member of our LDS church is so helpful and amazing in our lives. I agree with everything that you had stated and having an eternal marriage and family is the greatest.


  15. Oh wow! Congrats. That's amazing. The two of you look so cute too.

  16. what an amazing experience. you both look great! and look at eleanor! in her first article debut!!
    xo TJ

  17. Kendra

    Beautifully said.

    To the lovely person inquiring above about lds views on Matt 22: there are some great articles in the link below that I hope can answer your question. To quickly summarize, the verse states that during the resurrection marriages will not occur, but it does not mean that the institution itself will be invalid. Those who are given in marriage on earth under the authority of god prior to the resurrection will still be eternally bound. Thanks for your interest in better understanding our faith :)

  18. Jacob

    How awesome! Congrats on the spread!

  19. Lori

    This was so beautiful, and you are very eloquently spoken. I love that this will help people understand more about our faith. You're so amazing!

  20. very very very cool.

  21. awesome article! You're famous ;)
    Thanks for being a great example.

  22. MB

    I have to echo what others have said. I love it when people are brave enough to say what they believe! Good job!

  23. Great article! Thanks for speaking up about Mormons and motherhood. The gospel is such a blessing!

    Happy thanksgiving!

  24. Your faith & approach to family are two things I admire most about you! You are an inspiration to me & I feel like glimpsing your enthusiasm for life through this blog helps me focus on the same good things. Thanks!!

  25. excellent article & gorgeous picture. thanks for being so legit all the time.

  26. i love this article. I am a Christian who loves Jesus and I constantly praise woman who openly share how special he is in their lives and families.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  27. Cristina

    loved the article! you answered everything great– thank you for being such a good example and for helping others to put a positive light on our religion.

  28. Oh my gosh! You are famous! :) I love it! Fantastic article! So positive and sincere!

  29. good job naomi. you said everything perfectly and are a great example for us mormon mommy's.

  30. Lyss

    Naomi! This was amazing. It always makes me happy to see that LDS people are getting positive attention and I think that you said everything eloquently and perfect. Thanks for being such a positive example to so many people!

  31. i absolutely love reading your blog- and what a great article and picture!
    i want to add, along with all the above comments, what a great example you are. i hear of people that "used to be" mormon before they were in the spotlight, and it is such a joy that you stand up for what you believe and set such an example for the rest of us. thank you for representing the church so well, even in the spotlight!

  32. hey naomi! I am a new reader & fellow latter-day saint. I have received a heavy amount of readers on my own blog over the years, and I just want you to know how uplifting & encouraging to see you so open about the Gospel. sometimes, I fear putting a lot of my testimony out there, puts it at risk for disrespect & so I tend to hold back. however, you are an incredible example to me to be proud of the most beautiful part of my life. thank you!

  33. wonderful to read and you are always SO FASHIONABLE.

  34. Kelly

    beautiful article :) i love how well you described our faith. 'tis true, families are forever <3

  35. whimsy

    so impressed, as always. well done girlfriend. love it. way to be.

  36. Caty

    Fabulous article, Naomi! Your answers to the questions are so simple and touching.


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  38. mormons have their own set of rules that they follow (THE BOOK OF MORMON), so i wouldn't hold my breath that miss naomi will respond to a question about passages from THE BIBLE. (by the by, this same book of mormon is what separates mormonism from christianity. "Revelations 22: 18 I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. 19 And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll." do not add to the Bible, do not subtract from it. the book of mormon is an ADDITION to christianity and is therefore separate from it. and that's only in terms of scripture; there are also FUNDAMENTAL differences in what mormons believe in comparison to the beliefs of actual christians. consider this before you regard naomi as a "christian" woman with "christian" values.)

  39. Miss B.

    Wonderful article. Thank you for sharing such nice insights.

  40. Having been raised in the Mormon church I loved your Interview. I may not be currently a part of the church but I still stand up for it. It has shaped so much of who I am and I appreciate how candid you were about your beliefs. I loved the part about being a mother because I completely agree. Now the song families can be together forever is stuck in my head :) reminds me of primary.

  41. my eyes almost welled up with tears as i read this! it is just amazing to see what an impact you are having on the world. God truly is working through you!

  42. Eleni

    I don't share your religion but I admire anyone who has the confidence to be themselves, and stand up for what they believe is right.

  43. Mariana


    And – as someone have already written – I really like it, when people are brave enough to say what they believe.

  44. Samantha

    That is so cool!

  45. loved the article, such a great opportunity to share your faith with more people than you know! Hope you and your cute little family have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  46. Wow. What a privilege you have to share with so many about our faith. I hope it opens up peoples eyes to show that we really are "normal" and happy people. You're a great example. DC is lucky to have you :)

  47. Abby

    That is sooo awesome!! congrats. What an honor.

  48. It is so nice to hear someone my age talk about marriage and family as something that is sacred; sometimes I feel like the only person who feels this way. Keep up the good work!

  49. your beliefs on family and motherhood are truly lovely.

  50. I think you did an excellent job responding to those questions…very inspiring!

  51. That was beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for always being such an amazing example of our faith!

  52. I always think it's kind of crazy when people say mormons aren't Chirstians. To Elizabeth… if you really want to pull that scripture then you have reconsider other books in the Bible as being added on after Revelations was written including the gospel of John. Other scriptures that state prohibiting adding onto the bible also are found on Deuteronomy 4:2, Deuteronomy 12:32,and Proverbs 30:6

    So even if you decide that I'm ridiculous and want to look at the bible based on how the books are published then clearly deuteronomy is in the very beginning of the bible which would then make everything after it an addition to the bible.

  53. Heather

    Thank you for being a positive and wonderful example. I love reading your blog.

  54. Sarah

    Nicely done! Nice to see brave women standing for what's most important.

  55. Moriah

    That's so fun! My church was just interviewed in the Washington Examiner, as well! It's so awesome to see people of faith portrayed in a positive light! :)

  56. alissa b

    that's too cool! i bet Eleanor will get a kick out of this newspaper ten to fifteen years from now!

    the photo they picked it cute too! off to go read it ;)

    alissa b

  57. Jennifer


    I adore you and your integrity.

    Love, Jennifer

  58. Fantastic article!! I loved the way you answered the questions posed to you, you are very well spoken :)

  59. such a great interview. you are so eloquent!
    nice job, woman.

  60. Latoya

    Naomi – I loved this article and post! You represent lds so beautifully and though I am not lds, I so respect your lovely voice and lovely faith.

  61. Darcie

    Congrats on the article! That is wonderful! I have to say I keep coming back to read your blog because you show great values and have helped me to become stronger in my faith and I am not a Mormon. Thank you!

  62. Liesl

    How exciting and so well deserved! Congratulations!

    Liesl :)

  63. Naomi – I just read your Q&A; and loved it! You go, girl!

  64. so awesome! You are the cutest! :)

  65. I've loved this about you from the first time i found your blog, you are such a wonderful missionary for our church, in such a perfectly non-invasive way. So proud of you!

  66. Theresa

    The more I read your blog the more I love it! I'm not Mormom, and in fact I struggle daily with my beliefs, but it is so refreshing and encouraging to see someone who is so strong in her faith and confident in the ways it guides your life. It's truly an inspiration.


  67. Clare

    Naomi – thank you for your blog, and giving me a little ray of sunshine in each post.

  68. Shan

    Awesome article!

  69. Unknown

    I have been following your blog for a while and admire your positive outlook on life. Like you, I married young and life an active Christian life with my husband.

    I found some of your comments in this article upsetting. I hope you realize that just because a woman works full-time doesn't mean motherhood isn't a priority in her life. I would love to be able to have a baby and devote myself to motherhood, but right now my husband and I could not stay financially afloat without my full-time income. We work hard and lead a modest life, but like many American families we are struggling.

    I just wanted to leave my comment here to share my point of view. I hope you realize that not all women who work are intentionally putting motherhood "second to careers or travel or whatever." We just aren't all as blessed as you to have a husband who can financially support the family on his own.

  70. Terra

    Loved the article!!!! My experience (as a mormon) has been similar in the fact that most people who hold strong negative beliefs about mormons have never actually met one.

  71. holtkamp

    love your article!

  72. Lindsie

    Naomi, you did a wonderful job on the article. I'm proud of you for being open and honest and real. You are a great example and I admire your convictions and your commitment to motherhood. Keep up the good work.

  73. You handled the questions so well! Loved it!

  74. Thanks for this article and standing up for what we believe in! Very respectable. You are a great example to many of us.

  75. Absolutely beautifully said, chickipoo!

  76. Amy Neal

    i really admire that you sport such stylish clothes that are modest too! thank you for your example to all lds women struggling to find modest, awesome clothes. you inspire me!

  77. Autumn

    People sure do put some nasty comments on articles.

    Thanks for sharing about our faith and being uplifting.