a baby lives here.

i’ll be the first to admit our house is never very clean….i’ve never been a very tidy person (why fold clothes in your drawer when you can just mash them all in there?) …and while i do make an effort to pick up my clothes on our bedroom floor now and again since marrying josh and learning it’s one of his biggest pet peeves, our home will probably always be a little bit messy.
adding a curious 9-month old baby to our home has produced even more little messes. but it’s quite endearing to follow a trail of gerber puffs across the nursery floor (and once upon a time find a handful inside my shoe) or to witness eleanor’s discovery of the toilet paper roll. i hear the messes get a little bigger and messier as the baby graduates to toddler stage. i’m kind of really looking forward to that.
…so long as marker never makes it to the wall or onto kingsley. :)
  1. Ha Ha! I can totally relate!

  2. tabian

    She's too adorable and cute to think more on the mess..:)

  3. Joelle

    Hehe why not? I think a colored Kingsley would be pretty adorable :)


  4. Sarah

    Yes, as I fold laundry my 13 month d unfolds the laundry and I don't have the heart to stop her. I like to think she's "helping" me lol


  5. he he he I am surprised Mr. Kingsley didn't go after the cereal. Actually, we have trouble keeping the house clean because our bullie. I am forever finding dried slobber in the most unexpected places.

  6. amber

    that first photo is just darling! look at her little determined face :)

  7. Jacob

    I hate messes, but 9 mo. year old messes are cute (:

  8. She's so focused on whatever she's doing there :) Sweet!

  9. I adore her little chubby cheeks!

  10. HAHHA…you sound like me, we're not so tidy either. why put away all my makeup and hair items when i'll just use them again tomorrow??! my poor husband. love your posts! come say hi to us sometime.


  11. Erin

    Too cute. It's neat that you actually enjoy something like this. Most mothers wouldn't realize that they might miss the little messes when their children grow up.

  12. i think kingsley would look smashing with a few extra "spots" on him! she is so adorable!

  13. this is so adorable! it just goes to show how curious and wondrous little E's imagination is. it only gets better…or so i'm told!
    xo TJ

  14. Kate

    Love this. I've thought this exact thing many times since baby made his arrival. Toys, baby seats, nose bulbs – evidence of his existence is everywhere from the coffee table to our closet. Love your "trail of gerber puffs" image. :)

  15. I feel the same way. Although the two poopy messes I've had to clean up in the last two days are DEFIINITELY less endearing.

  16. My mom says the messes don't ever stop, even when your kids reach that teenageer stage! Eleanor is such a cutie though, that I'm sure you won't mind "putting up" with the messes :)

  17. Alison

    At least you have the baby excuse; I only have the we work and go to school all day excuse for our messiness. :)

  18. oh, i'm sure at one point you'll have a run in with the markers of crayons ;)

  19. Just make sure you buy washable markers….because it WILL happen! And after you freak out a little, you'll take a picture to remember your artist's first masterpiece! ;)

  20. my baby is 8 months and just as you said, the messes keep getting bigger, but it's so fun to watch them learn and know it can all be cleaned up after the day. some days it's hard to remember though!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  21. Right there with ya. Working on my messes daily so as to not drive my husband bonkers. But I always feel at home with a little mess around. It's lived in. And that, to me, is happy.

  22. Britney

    Haha that's so funny about the trail of Gerber puffs–my little Jude is a month younger than Eleanor and just today I picked up a little pile of rice cracker he had crawled away from and found it odd that I thought it was just so darn cute! Haha I'm kind of a neat-freak because my parent's weren't, but I think baby messes are totally ok.

  23. Samantha

    I hear ya sister! My little one is 7 months and as I type this I can hear him playing with the dog's dish. I usually am a tidy person and I find it very difficult to keep up with this tiny little human.

  24. i absolutely adore your writing style. It's so descriptive and flows incredibly well :) You paint the prettiest word pictures of your family and your adventures.

    P.S. I would try painting a blackboard wall. We recently did it in our guest bedroom and it's my favorite part of the house.


  25. This is so cute! I think all of our homes get messy more often than most of us care to admit. I know mine does! Innocent baby messes are the best messes.

  26. Melissa

    Welcome to motherhood! :)

    My two-year-old has a 6th sense being able to find all the sharpies in the house and his favorite canvas is our sliding glass window…

  27. This is so awesome! She's definitely keeping you busy :)

  28. Astra

    I love that you see the magic in her little explorations, she's lucky to have you :)

  29. i know this is about the mess but all i can say is that her cheeks are tooooooo cute. oh, and her feet. oh, and her little hands. oh, and everything else about her.

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  31. Caty

    I love your positive outlook because I can tell it's really genuine! You aren't trying to put on a happy face just to seem strong; you really are grateful for the little reminders that your baby girl is in your life and in your home. So inspiring, Naomi!

  32. We will see if the marker never makes it to those white places, lol

  33. Emmy

    I am right there with you. Never been very clean- luckily my husband is and so over the years we have balanced each other out some.

  34. glad i'm not the only one!

  35. Sarah

    It's why they make babies and puppies so cute, right? How can you ever be mad at their messes with such cute faces!

  36. cleaning is definately not my strong suit… but picking up after my little miss who is now well into her toddler-hood is so much fun. i love seeing all of her books strewn across the living room into her bedroom as she finds different places to sit and "read"… love the little people scenes… papers strewn everywhere… abandoned block towers. being a mom rocks huh!?!

  37. Mrs. Ham

    i love her little curled baby toes~


  38. Bridget

    do you use photoshop for your pictures? if so what edition do you use. Love all your pics

  39. My little guy is just STARTING to get into things since he is mobile!

    I can't wait to see Kinglsey with some color on him! Ha!

  40. Jessi

    Yes! So fun.
    ps- we have the same whale foset cover :)

  41. How adorable!! I cannot wait to have my house this way once our baby is here!!

  42. Oh wow I know exactly what you mean! Our home will probably never be spotless! Anywhere my little girl goes it's like a tornado blew through!!

    Petit Monstree

  43. Bridget

    such a sweet post.

  44. Pamela

    cute. and here's a big "marker on the wall" tip for you… buy some Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!! they'll remove marker from just about everything! it's on my list of things to buy tomorrow. you'll seriously love the stuff. :)

  45. naomi this is the sweetest post ever! you make me want a lil baby girl (:

  46. this is brilliant. specially love the toilet roll!

  47. Oh yes that is how it starts….our girl is two now and our little house is always messy. I mean I clean it of course and every evening I try to put all the playing stuff in the boxes they belong to. Our boy is 6 month now and I really look forward to the mess when he starts crawling! But of course I know now what to clean for!


  48. The messes do get bigger. And we're dealing with marker rules at the moment, and they just do not get it!

  49. Tolle Bilder :)

  50. Katy

    your blog is just absolutely adorable. I had to give you credit on my blog. ;-)

  51. PRECIOUS! That's what the toilet paper looks like at our house, too…but it's from cats, not babies!

  52. Jessie

    Amen! The little messes are endearing. And it just keeps getting more and more fun! Yesterday, while I had guests over, my little boy came out of the bathroom with the plastic part of a tampon from the trash can. Gross! And so embarassing!

  53. I assure you marker will make it onto the wall. And the dog? Well, one of my children painted the dog green. And I promise you I'm NOT negligent. I swear!

  54. Shannon

    Every "messy" home I have encountered in life has been a home in which the inhabitants are too busy enjoying life to worry about trivial things like the sock on the floor. You keep enjoying your time with your family and worry about those clothes on the floor later.


  55. Mariana

    A little bit messy, but a lot of fun! :)

  56. Leticia

    don't you love those little snack bowls? genius! they are especially handy for church and in the car. And there are great little mom secrets on how to get crayon, marker and other things off the walls. the magic eraser will soon become your best friend. :)

  57. Jeanne

    Your blog is adorable!


  58. at least you'll always know where she is with her little gerber puffs in tow :)

  59. Sarah

    You're right!

    It makes even more fun to play with the kids than to clean the house.

  60. Maria

    She is too cute! And you're right, why should I fold my clothes if I can just mash them into the drawer

  61. Kristen

    she is so precious. can't wait for these messes. we just found out we are expecting. xx
    mikie and kristen

  62. good to know im not the only one without a perfectly clean and tidy household. although at least now you have a baby for an excuse, i dont (haha.

  63. Bonny

    I'm so glad your enjoying Eleanor and not getting to caught up I'n how your house looks, I think this is a sign of brilliance on your part!!!

  64. It feels good to know that somehow, somewhere in this world there is also a person like me who lives in an "organized chaos" manner (with a neat and tidy husband) and because of that I feel perfectly normal!

  65. your baby is so adorable! :)

  66. LeeLee

    Aww, love the toilet roll. So cute.

  67. haha, yes, they do indeed get bigger and messier. Elle is 21 months and STILL finds the toilet paper roll fascinating. And my once white table is now colored with crayon… I should get the magic erasure on it, but… eh.

  68. so sweet! there's nothing more endearing as the little surprises your littlest tenant leaves behind.

  69. oh yes, i know this well. my baby leaves all his little signs of love around my house.


  70. Olivas

    Jajaja!! I like the baby´s prank!!!

  71. at least you can blame it on a baby… I'm just straight up messy

  72. Julie S.

    I read once that a dirty house means you live in it, dirty dishes means your family is fed, and toys strewn about means you played with your kids. I tend to live by this!

  73. Devon

    I got a Ben Bridge Jeweler catalog the other day, and there is a picture of you and Josh on one of the pages! Did you know about this?? Just wanted to let you know :)

  74. Jillian

    I have a baby that is about two months younger than Eleanor (her name is Marin) and sometimes I feel like our house it out-of-control messy. It gives me anxiety to be honest. It is nice to know that someone who makes life look so lovely and effortless also has messes and might not clean then up right away. Leave the messes and enjoy watching your baby grow up, right? That's what I tell myself. :)

  75. Ayley

    this is the sweetest little post! i love your love for little eleanor!

  76. Megs

    LOVE the water color (11×16) calendar. It's beautiful, fresh, and just what anyone needs to start off the new year.

  77. Alexis

    Here's a tip for crayon on the walls: dip a wet sponge in baking soda and scrub on the wall. Comes off easily! Something I learned from my little ones:)

  78. Ah! SO funny! My little two-year-old thinks he is curious george because he saw him do the ol' roll the toilet paper trick. I just roll it back up and guests just may be weirded out. oh well.