sharing an orange.

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yesterday, eleanor and i shared an orange together (on my bed. oops. don’t tell papa.) it was her first ever orange and she loved it. we sat close together, facing each other, with the orange inbetween us…. i would take a bite and then hand her a mini bite to hold and eat whenever she was ready. she kept looking up at me scrunching her nose towards her eyes while she laughed and talked as she ate. it was like we were sharing secrets. or old stories. or something better than an orange. it was my favorite moment from yesterday. i try not to use this word, but i think it’s safe to say it was perfect.
  1. this post was honestly the most precious thing i have ever read! you can just feel the love between you two!
    xo TJ

  2. sounds like such a perfect moment!

  3. I think "perfect" is the perfect word to use for that experience! :)

    ~ Angela

  4. my baby boy is just starting to eat solids and it really is like you're sharing a secret…letting them have something really, really good!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  5. Gosh, what a sweet post! And a sweet moment. You and Eleanor make me so look forward to one day having my own little one!

  6. So, so incredibly sweet! Cheers to a lifetime of perfect moments with your little girl :)

  7. kate

    a beautiful moment!

  8. Sarah

    Love it. Such a sweet moment. I had a similar moment when I gave my baby her first cookie. Or chocolate milk. Their sweet little ways the interact is so precious you just want to freeze time for a little while to savor it =) So happy for you.

    Hey if you get a free sec, I'm doing a mommy style blog over at The Short and the Sweet of It. You should stop by if you get a chance =)

    Have a good day!

    – Sarah

  9. I think this is my favorite post you've ever written. Thank you.

  10. well if the moment was anything like those toes, then it was perfect indeed!

  11. Such an incredibly precious moment. It makes me so very excited for motherhood (even though I'm terrified of it too). Those toes are too cute. They made me smile, when I'm going through such a hard time at work!

  12. Gaby

    you make me want to be a mom :)

  13. colleen

    well i think perfect definitely describes it.

  14. Jessi

    Be careful with the citrus. It hurts their little hinies coming out. Best to wait until they're a little older :) I only know because a friend made the mistake and her daughter had a terrible rash.

  15. Anna

    Those baby toes. I can't look away from the baby toes!

  16. *sigh* the most precious post ever.

  17. This is by far the sweetest post I have ever read!! It {almost} makes me want a little of my own :) looking forward to those moments someday!

  18. I can't wait for moments like that.

  19. geri e.

    Those little baby toes…. I die.

  20. Emily

    my 15-month-old little girl loves to eat oranges with me, too! just shared one together tonight. it's always the little things in life… :)

  21. Lyndall

    It does sound perfect! You are such an inspiration, and you make me look forward to these moments so much, next year when I will have a little one of my own~

  22. Bridget

    i love those moments. where you're just like, "man. i am blessed."

  23. those little toes are too cute.
    my baby loves oranges and it surprises how much he does.

    I love perfect mommy/baby moments.

    cute picture.


  24. sounds pretty perfect to me!

  25. This makes me so excited to become a mom :)

  26. holy cow. just imagine in 10, 20, 30 years when you're both sitting there, really sharing secrets? this is your little girl- you're destined to become friends.

  27. janis

    love this little story! imagine when you'll actually share secrets & old stories :)

  28. Lex C.

    eeee!! This picture is so cute!!! Those little toes are so cutsies!! :)

  29. As I read your blog I think about how I look forward to sharing these kinds of moments with my daughter. She is 9 weeks old now and starting to show some personality. I can't wait until she gives kisses and hugs. so special. Your love for your daughter truly melts my heart.

  30. So
    Sweet! She's the cutest!

  31. Mrs. Ham

    her little toesies!!! sounds so fun and sweet!

  32. too much cuteness….i can't read anymore!

  33. def perfect

  34. Haley K

    perfect indeed :) Doesn't it get you excited for when she really will share secrets with you? :) and that photo is absolutely beyond adorable. xo

  35. jkd

    aww, the baby feet are so cute. precious moment indeed. they grow up so fast!

  36. Rhianne

    it sounds perfect :) I love the picture of her little adorable feet too

  37. Chrissy

    This is lovely…it's the little tiny moments like this that truly make life grand! xo

  38. Hannah

    aww that is so sweet!


  39. Sini

    So beautiful moment, there will be many of this kind to share :)

  40. It sounds perfect to me :)

  41. My grandma used to do the same thing with me when I was little and I STILL remember it as perfect.
    She called it having an orange party, (and don't tell grandpa) We made a juicy mess and it always made me giggle.

  42. super lovely! very cute moment!

  43. Lottie

    That moment sounds perfect to me and I am sure it will be the first of many such moments for you.

    Her feet are so cute and gorgeous in that picture!

  44. Perfect. I bet you will remember this forever.

  45. it's so wonderful to think of passing on a love for the little things

  46. May

    I absolutely love, love, love your blog. I am from Brazil, and i am always looking for cute style blogs to follow. But when i saw your blog and you awesome family, with this cute little baby, i couldn't help it but to follow your everyday life adventures! I admire your style a lot too, but eleanor is the main attraction here! hahaha! But seriously, when i see a family like your, i start to believe again that things like finding true love and start a family are real and can be achieved by anyone who really wants it. thank you form making me believe in love and in family again!
    Kisses from Brazil!


  47. that is so darn sweet. i can't wait to meet my baby in a few months!

  48. Hehe I'm going to go ahead and say it.. I think her toes are perfect :)

    Sounds like you had the most amazing time :)

  49. i can't wait for these moments to interact with my son! he's 6 weeks old today. i've gotten some smiles and a few giggles out of him, but i want to play and talk with him!!

  50. Oh that picture…LOVE!!

  51. I'm pretty sure perfect is the best word! Your little girl is precious and I love that you enjoy every little moment with her. It makes me excited to have my own someday :)

  52. Erin

    Just imagining this scene is perfection.

  53. it's those special little moments that make motherhood so amazing.

  54. robyn

    love how you framed the picture – such a precious moment. can't wait till i have some with my own little ones someday…

  55. such a beautiful moment :) thanks for sharing.

  56. this is my most favorite post ever!

  57. So beautiful! I'm simply inspired even more because you are taking motherhood in complete stride!

  58. oh my goodness. about two months ago I made an orange jelly for my then ten month old son. with only the juice of a just-picked orange and a little gelatine powder, set into ice cubes. i, too, got such a strong reaction… his little face squished into startled surprise at the tartness but then chubby fingers kept coming back for more, more, more. introducing a little person to the wondrous pleasure of new foods is beyond perfect; it's sublime!

  59. Perfect and absolutely beautiful!

  60. Megan

    Isn't that the best? I have an 18 month old and treasure little moments like these.

  61. Johanna

    Thank you for sharing this little moment with us. So sweet.

  62. Kristin

    Oh wow, you two are really too cute to handle. Thank you for sharing that moment with your readers!

  63. Oh my goodness.. How stinkin adorable are these! I absolutely die over anything knitted. I'd snag any of her items in a heartbeat. So darling!

  64. This is why I want a daughter one day. xx

  65. is there a such thing as better than perfect? because i think you've found it.