rockstar giveaway! (closed)

today our sponsor emmadime knitted is giving away a tiny bow headband and two tiny bow pins to one lucky reader in any color of their choice! see all the color choices here.
the shop emmadime knitted is full of the most beautiful knits for the coming season! my absolute favorite is this chunky scarf, but you already know what a sucker i am for anything yellow. ;) the knitter behind the shop is the adorable emma who you might know from the equally adorable blog, emmadime.

to enter to win, please visit emmadime knitted and comment below. the winner will be drawn at random and announced this friday! good luck!
UPDATE// friday, oct 7th.
congratulations to our winner below:

please email me your contact info

  1. I've been so hooked on headbands lately– this is perfection!

  2. Sabrina

    The bow ear warmer is adorable! I would love to win this giveaway!

  3. s a m

    I'm such a fan of Emmadime – and her knitted wear! I love the little bow headband pictured … and have also been coveting the bow ear warmer on her site (that red color!)

  4. Emma what a gem(ma)! everyone knows winter is better with bows! <3!

  5. Ooh, these are beautiful! I wear hairbows everyday and would love to add this to my collection. :)

  6. gee

    i love her blog. <3
    fingers crossed..

  7. Kylie

    Adorable. So many opportunities to prettify and jazz up my fall and winter outfits!

  8. Everything is so adorable, Id love to win these bow accessories! I love the website and the photography is awesome, the model is GORGEOUS! I want to win but don't how on earth to decide on only one color!

  9. alli

    I'd like a tiny bow in dusty blue.

  10. Laura

    I love the bow scarf! So cute!

  11. Sofie

    Love at first sight!

  12. Ana

    Emma scarf i am a sucker for scarfs!

  13. kylee

    ohh my. please oh please let me win. i'm just a little obsessed with that headband.

  14. *amber*

    how adorable are those?? I would love bow headband in yellow or the bow pins in black. I can think of so many ways to wear them.

  15. i love the bow pins! they're so precious!

  16. Chelsey

    Such cute stuff. Love the bow scarf. Lovely giveaway!

  17. What a cute giveaway! The harrow in mustard or oatmeal would be so cute for fall! :)

  18. Jordan

    I love all of her things! I can't decide what I like most, they are all so cute!!!

  19. those bows are so cute!!

  20. i love all of her stuff and the photography is beautiful too!

  21. ridiculously adorable!

  22. cbl318

    gorgeous!! I love these :)

  23. everything is so lovely! the tiny bow headband is my favorite! :)

  24. NaLia

    They are just so cute! I would love to wear these!
    My name is Naomi and I am all the way up on the west coast of Canada

  25. L. Scott

    oh these are just sooo adorable! I'd use them on my soon to be born babygirl too!

  26. Love the Emma Scarf!!

  27. Alyssa

    Everything is just so pretty! I want it all!

  28. Love! Need something this cute to dress up my pixie hair cut :)

  29. so sweet! love the bows for the coat, and the scarf that ties into a bow. (and how cute is her polka dot top!)

  30. Em

    So cute! Love the little bows!

  31. Britanny

    I really like these, in oatmeal I think they'd be so pretty:)

  32. Tania

    such pretty things. I love wearing knits throughout fall and winter!

  33. Melissa

    These are soooo cute! :)

  34. Mo

    The bow scarf is lovely! If only I could figure out how to do the hairstyle the model has in the picture. It kind of completes the whole look.

  35. Ellis

    I want the tiny bow headband and the bigger one. I hope I win, but if not I think I will have to buy them anyway.

  36. Unknown

    love these bows! especially the "hailey bow". cuuuuuutteeee!!

  37. the tiny bow headband is SO cute! I'm kind of partial to the wrapped ear warmer as well…a chic way to stay warm in winter :).

  38. Leah

    the tiny bow hair pin is precious

  39. Joanne

    i love emmadime's stuff! so cute!

  40. her shop is my favorite!

  41. So beautiful. And I just adore her photography. That model is beautiful!

  42. Grace

    So cute!

  43. mooK

    The pink ones are adorable! :)

  44. dalsee

    How sweet !, love the bows & blog

  45. wiley

    i absolutely love emmadime's work. her blog is also amazing!

  46. Arghhh so lovely! I think I have a new favourite shop :)

  47. Jennie

    I just looked at their merch and everything is so cute! I love this store.

  48. i love her knits! perfect with the weather changing up!

    [email protected]

  49. Tracy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I posted this giveaway for my readers, but really I want it for myself!

  50. Narumi

    I'm in love with her headbands, they are so cute !!

  51. Katie

    everything is so lovely! i'm fascinated by the bow ear warmer too!

  52. Arica J.

    Oh my, everything is so adorable and dainty! It seems so light and airy but also so warm and perfect for fall and winter! love love love!

  53. love love love all her knitted lovelies!

  54. such beautiful things. i love the bow scarf as well!

  55. *0* OMG this shop is AMAZING! I want ALL!
    Love this giveawayyyyy *_*

  56. Aww!!! I love the Isabella Beanie. It is just beautiful…as well as everything else at Emmadime Knitted!

  57. LOVE the bow ear warmer! Such cute stuff!

  58. So cute! Love the idea of bow pins.

  59. so cute! love the mustard color!

  60. lumi

    Oh man! I am growing out my pixie cut and these would be so perfect for fall!! So adorable.


  61. Amy

    those pins are ADORABLE! and that model's red hair is amazing!

  62. Everything on her site I want! My sister has been giving so much to everyone around her, I know if I win the contest those stunning pins are going straight to her! Thanks for showing your readers this site!!!

    [email protected]

  63. kd.

    Gorgeous bows!!!!

  64. SO Cute! I would love to win anything from this adorable little knit shop! I hope i win!

  65. oh i just love the mustard yellow ones! So cute :) I've tried to learn tricot tousands of times, with my grandmother, my mother, with a book, in the internet, on youtube… i think it's just not for me. I would love to be capable of doing my own sweaters :)

  66. cindy

    I love the Isabella beanie. Goodness the beanie is gorgeous.

  67. everything is so adorable! i've been obsessed with bows lately & the knit is perfect for autumn. what a great giveaway :)

  68. This is such an amazing fall giveaway (especially now that DC is finally heading into fall weather!)
    I absolutely love the bow headbands-so cute!

    p.s. your family is adorable

  69. Chrissy

    So pretty, and so 50's. Love these accessories!

  70. Elis

    these bows are so cute

  71. Jenny

    so darling! Hope I win!

  72. Choose me! Choose me! I have a not-so-secret love for knitted things, and bows. This would be the perfect birthday present! Oh and this model, may or may not inspired me to change my hair color to red. (:

    xoxo -rae

  73. Kalani

    love yellow scarf, too!!