rockstar giveaway! (closed)

we have a number of fun giveaways lined up for you today from our sponsors!
the first comes from our sponsor bonlook! bonlook is offering one lucky reader a pair of prescription glasses of their choice (a $99 value)! also, if you’re in the market for new specs, the 13th of this month is a great day to grab a pair as bonlook is donating $25 for every pair sold to ChildSight. how cool is that?

our sponsor back yard baby is giving away a $100 gift certificate towards their online shop! back yard baby creates children’s personalized tees and more that look cute and play hard!

our sponsor nicole’s classes is offering three photo card templates of your choice from their new holiday photo card template line!
and our sponsor shabby apple is giving away a dress of your choice from their new sidesaddle dress line! (see all the options here.)

to enter to win, please visit our sponsors shops above and comment below telling us what item you’d love to win and why. the winners will be drawn at random and announced friday, october 14th!
good luck!
update// 10/14:: congrats to our winners below!
please email me your contact info. naomi.megan{at}
free pair of bonlook glasses:

back yard baby $100 gift card:

free holiday card template:

shabby apple dress:

  1. April

    I would love to have any of these items! Especially the side saddle dress from shabby apple to wear to my son's baby blessing :)

  2. Tiff

    I would love to win the gift card from Back Yard Baby, we are expecting our first baby in May and we are so so so excited!

  3. Milly!

    Oh my goodness! I've had my eye on some glasses from Bonlook for ever now! I really could use some new glasses. I love love love their style!

  4. Amanda

    The bonlook wire frames! cause my tortoise clunkers need a break ;)

  5. JenLee

    Any of the dresses from Shabby Apple! I love that store!!

  6. I would love to win the jungle chic tortoise shell glasses! They're so perfect & by the way I've been squinting lately…I think I could use a new pair.

  7. Ashley

    i mean, obviously i would like to win any of these FABULOUS prizes but, i've always had a weak spot for shabby apple and the new side saddle is especially gorgeous. i think i could definitely rock it :)

  8. Great giveaways! I could use some cute Christmas cards.

  9. I LOVE the bonlook eyewear! My job involves me working with a microscope quite frequently and it would be lovely to have a new pair of glasses that aren't ruined by the microscope lens!

  10. A side saddle dress in that smoking grey would be nice but alas I am a sucker for a new pair of specs!

  11. i've spent hours on BonLook doing virtual try ons, I'd love to win a cool pair of glasses for the Fall!

  12. I LOVE the glasses from Bonlook…especially Urban Daddy in tortoise! I've been searching for new frames :)

  13. Kari

    My glasses recently split down the middle, so an adorable new pair would really give my poor contacts a rest. On the other hand, my friends' wedding is coming up so a new Shabby Apple dress would be divine!

  14. Jessica

    Ooo, I love the bonlook glasses! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I am in dire need of a new pair of glasses! Thanks for this!

    A shabby apple dress will also be nice :)

  16. rori

    I'd love to win a shabby apple dress. I don't even know which one….i'm indecisive….:)

  17. I would love to win the pair of glasses! So many amazing options!

  18. Emily

    The Hackney dress is the prettiest color! And I wouldn't mind a new pair of stylish glasses. :)

  19. jennie

    Shabby Apple Side Saddle Dress size S
    & Thank you!

  20. Gwynne

    The glasses and side-saddle dresses look amazing!

    How could I choose a favourite?!

    I am loving the blue Hackney dress from Shabby Apple and love (j'adore, even! ;P) the J'adore, Jungle Chic, and Drink the Kool Aid frames! They all look great!

  21. mmmm shabby apple please! so perfect!

  22. joslin

    I would LOVE the pair of bonlook glasses. I want the square one style in tortoise. I just barely started needing glasses and would love these cute ones!

  23. C-Bru

    I'd LOVE the tourtuise shell round glasses from bonlook! sooo cute.

  24. I am in love with all of the bonlook specs but specifically anything tortiose! I love the Just Fabulous that's featured here. Just a lovely giveaway!

  25. Sofie

    I would love to win a lovely dress from shabby apple.

  26. Jeni

    Love the dressage from Shabby Apple, and a photo template from Nicole's would be awesome for my holiday cards!

    Thanks in advanced for picking me :)

  27. That dressage dress from Shabby Apple . . . I die. I may even buy a horse.

  28. Okay, with over 1400 people dying for awesome free stuff, how do you ever choose?! I just started following your blog and love it! I'm learning that I love everything you endorse too, and would especially love to be picked for a shabby apple dress! The "dressage" dress looks like a fave so far and I like it because of the color and simple, flattering lines. Thanks for inspiring me to start blogging myself, I've opened an account and am on to step two this weekend!

  29. The Grand National dress is just heaven! I would adore that :)

  30. Lauren

    I would love any pair of those Bonlook glasses! So cute!

  31. H.x

    I'd love a new pair of glasses, so I'm commenting for bonlook.

    Bonnie & Clyde in black! x

  32. anna

    i'd like to win the glasses…they are very similar to your ones and i find them so special!
    kisses anna

  33. Summer

    My husband needs a new pair of glasses so desperately. It's a joke. The glasses would be awesome! Although, if I won I might just get a new pair for myself!

  34. Lieta

    I would love a new dress, Im so into wearing dresses because its a complete outfit and a good dress is hard to find.

  35. if i won the shabby apple contest i would definitely buy the hackney dress. it's such a rich and bright blue color that i would love to wear!

  36. Wow! The dresses are stunning! I love the aintree and side saddle dresses!! So sophisticated! And the Honey Badger glasses! With either of these, I'd be ready for the working day!

  37. kreganb

    I would love to win the Hackney Shabby Apple dress. I've always, always wanted a dress by SA! :)

  38. Ashley

    i hope i'm not too late to enter. i would die for some bonlook frames. i've also been lusting over shabby apple for a while. i love their modest design and would love to add the hackney dress to my closet.

  39. Marissa

    I love those glasses from Boonlook. and the photo cards too.

  40. Amanda

    I love the bonnie and clyde frames from bonlook! I also love the side saddle dress from shabby apple!

  41. Monica

    Glasses or the photocards–hard to choose!

  42. Oh nice! I was actually just on Bonlook's site before I saw this giveaway post! I would love a pair of Simply Fabulous glasses! Thanks for the chance :)

  43. I love the side saddle dress!

  44. sarah

    i should say shabby apple but i will say backyard baby because i am a selfless mother who always gives gives gives to her children while neglecting herself. ;P
    stigay at

  45. Adrianna

    I would live new frames! Love the square one frames!

  46. Momofsix

    not sure if it's too late, but I love the shabby apple dresses–can't decide between Aintree or sidesaddle–have some boots that would go great with either one

  47. CKE

    I love all the Shabby Apple dresses! It's so difficult to pick just one! I love the classic look of the Grand National dress! Very pretty!

  48. Lexi

    I am in love with the Side Saddle dress from Shabby Apple!

  49. Erika

    I would love some glasses! So nice!

  50. Michele

    The Grand National dress from Shabby Apple is fabulous! Perfect for the girl with a little oomph in the hip area, and would be wondeful for the upcoming holiday parties!

  51. I would love the Aintree dress from Shabby Apple because of the nice details in the back.

  52. i would LOVE the aviators in tortoise– i'm supposed to wear glasses and have been putting it off til i find the perfect pair!

  53. Courtney

    Oooww! I would love a new pair of specs from Bonlook, or a dress from Shabby Apple. I can't decide which would be better!

  54. Jennilyn

    Love the dresses, I would love the Aintree dress, very simple elegant.