rockstar giveaway! (closed)

Today we have a giveaway for you from one of my favorite people…. my mother! and her new shop, Pillows by Poppy™! My mom made a few pillows for Eleanor’s nursery earlier this summer and after seeing them and persuading her all summer long, we finally got her to open up a shop! The detail work on these pillows are out of this world. I can’t believe the creativity and time that go into each one. I am so proud of her and excited to share her shop with you!!
Pillows by Poppy™ is giving away a pillow of your choice to 2 lucky readers! Click here to see all of the pillow choices. Each pillow is hand sewn, one at a time by my mother (some take her hours to complete!)
(Here are my two favorites in Eleanor’s nursery.)

I wanted to include these two little quotes from my mom shop because I feel they are so special:
Pillows by Poppy™ celebrates all that is good at home. Each pillow is unique in beauty and individuality. They are expressed in varied designs, like different people from different homes. Poppy wants each pillow to remind us of our youth and those simple days of childlike faith when a bandage and kiss would take the away the hurt of an ‘owie.’ Poppy maintains that these pillows represent homes, not houses. She truly believes a home is a place one wants to return to. It is about family, birthday cake, and feeling safe. It is the laboratory for learning and practicing fundamental principles and useful life skills. Indeed, it is the best place on earth to learn charity.
“And what about those frayed, raw edges on Pillows by Poppy™? Poppy feels those frayed edges are kind of like us… imperfect people living in imperfect homes. Mistakes are made and apologies are expressed. Home is a place from where we can start all over again and try to do better next time.”

To enter to win a pillow of your choice, please visit Pillows by Poppy™ and leave a comment below telling me which pillow you would choose. The winners will be drawn and announced this coming Friday.

Good luck!
Top photo by Josh.
All other pillow photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.
  1. Pamela

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO lovely!!! Haight-Ashbury speaks to my heart. So whimsical and fun. :)

  2. i love the walk up pillow! these are so precious! xo

  3. adriana

    Oh my goodness I love them all! Such a hard decision but I think the evergreen would look darling in my daughter Avery's room! I've always wondered where you got those pillows! Your Mom has a great talent!!

  4. Rachel

    UH-Dorable. The hanging flower basket and the tree swing. How sweet these pillows are!!

  5. Banshee

    Only hours? This would take me days (err…weeks!) They're fantastic!

  6. Maggie

    such a cute idea! I would choose the Manhattan=)

  7. Oh my goshhh! These are so cute! :) I love Cherry Lane!

  8. i'm dying! i saw you pin these on pinterest and just squealed at the cuteness… now to learn they are your moms?? if only i could afford them i'd own them all:) i love the barn! it's neat how she makes a pillow encompass so much feeling from childhood. i love them:) congrats to your mama!

  9. Super cute and fun! I am totally redoing our bedroom with ruffled comforter and all and the covered porch pillow would be adorable on it! Beautiful work taza's mom!

  10. these are beautiful!! i love them all, but the tipi and the evergreen are my favorite.

  11. These are beautiful! I love the Green Roof Log Cabin. Reminds me of one of my favorite places to go relax. Thanks!

    racergirl1313 (at) hotmail(dot)com

  12. sooo adoorable!
    my choice would be Cherry Lane Pillow :)

  13. christy

    I love them all! I would choose the Main Street Gray Stone. I'm sure the Three Little pig collection doesn't count as on pillow. :)
    yanuzo at hotmail dot com

  14. I think The Haight-Ashbury is my favourite…. It looks like the kind of house i would love to live in!
    Your Mum is very clever!

  15. yes please!

  16. I love the Green Eagle Nest Tipi pillow. If I were to win I would give it to my new niece who is coming next week(!). She and her big sister would have so much fun playing with it.

    Your mom does beautiful work.

  17. Oh, your Mom is so talented! I absolutely adore the Evergreen one….but they are all PRECIOUS.

  18. congratulations to your mom for opening the shop! all the pillows look amazing and i can tell she spent a lot of time on making each of them.

    though it is hard to choose just one, i think if i win, i will pick the "green roof in the woods log cabin"!

  19. The Walk Up. These are gorge!

  20. brighton

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  21. brighton

    these are all so unique and adorable! i would choose the covered porch or cherry lane. so pretty.

  22. Andie

    I must say "The Haight-Ashbury" caught my eye!

  23. Connie

    Oh my gosh these are the most darling things I have ever seen! I would choose the Tipi or Cherry Lane because I've slept in one (a Tipi) and all my childhood I lived on that street (It was really "Sherry lane" but I don't hear well and so I told all my friends it was Cherry Lane, because that's what I thought it was for so long lol).
    Love these!

  24. I love the idea for pillows, its so cute! I really like the Main streen grey stone.

    k_rampersad03 at hotmail dot com

  25. junebug

    My sister really lives on Cherry Lane! These pillows are the sweetest, most clever things. Thank you for introducing us to your mom's great shop/talent with us. (And I love that Manhattan is just b/w.) Gush! Gush! Gush!

  26. lisa

    i love the evergreen. they are all beautiful!

  27. oh my goodness… your mom is amazing! my favorite has to be the covered porch pillow. the little dog house on the back melted my insides just a bit :)

  28. Erika

    Love the pillows!

  29. I would have to pick The Evergreen pillow, because it reminds me of growing up in Maine <3

  30. Megan

    How do you choose!?! I love them all! The Lincoln Park is darling along with Cherry Lane. What a awesome giveaway!

  31. The Cherry Lane & Evergreen are my favorites! Beautiful pillows! Wow!

  32. Amy

    I love the Dairy Farm pillow. This would go great in my little guy's cowboy room!

  33. Teiva

    I love the Green Roof Log Cabin pillow. ALL of them are adorable, though.

  34. a. pike

    Ah! I love it! Your mother is so talented. I have a six month old nugget named Emma that would love to have the whimsical Cherry Lane pillow in her nursery. Plus her mommy adores these timeless little pillows. ;0)

  35. drea

    Probably the cherry lane… but they are all so lovely ;)

  36. Amber

    Wow, I am in love with these pillows! So beautiful. I adore the Cherry Lane, Evergreen, and Lincoln Park. Thanks so much!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  37. Emily

    Darling, all of them! If I had to choose just one I would pick Cherry Lane.

  38. Valerie

    I love the Cherry lane! Would look so cozy and remind us that we live in a home and not a house!

  39. Melissa

    I have no idea how to choose, but I love the cat house because I'm a cat lover!
    She's so talented!

  40. Alicia

    So adorable – I love the cherry lane pillow!!

  41. Emily

    I love love love the Oregon Trail (Covered Wagon) Pillow. It would be an amazing piece to craft a baby boy's nursery around! You mom is so talented!

  42. ashley

    Lovin' the Manhattan pillow! Your mom is so talented.

  43. Unknown

    I would choose the Cherry Lane pillow! My baby girl is almost 6 months old and I would love her to grow up with a treasure like this to pass on to her kids and grandkidlums! Glad you convinced your mom to share this amazing talent!

  44. WGS

    country collection!!!

  45. How could I chose just one!? They are all so lovely!

  46. Ayley

    your mother is using her talents so very well. what a beautiful thing to do!
    my favorite is the covered porch pillow.
    i adore these!
    so wonderful.

  47. Beth

    Incredible! I want them all! I think the Cherry Lane pillow would be the perfect finishing touch to our nursery makeover. So lovely!

  48. cate e.

    i love these! My favorite is the Evergreen. It reminds me of my dream cottage home. Beautiful!

  49. Charli

    These are all so beautiful. I love The Covered Porch… too cute.

  50. I love the Manhattan! Its a fun contemporary spin-off of the others. I also love that your mom is starting her own business with these adorable pillows!

  51. becky

    these are unbelievable! how amazing is your mom. if i were to win, which is a long shot, i would pick the red hawk tipi.


  52. Erica

    Adorable! My little 10 month old, Gracie, would love to hug one of these :)

  53. every single one of those pillows are absolutely adorable!!

  54. i love the soho and cherry lane pillows! your mom is amazing! they're all beautifully made!

  55. Kaitlynn

    Oh my goodness.. Such a talented lady she is! I absolutely love the Cherry Lane or the Red Brick House :) Soooo adorable!

  56. oona.

    The Manhattan and the Soho pillows are both amazingly adorable, either one would have a lovely home on my couch!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  57. Lovely lovely lovely! I would be thrilled to have the The Haight-Ashbury
    pillow because I am a big fan of San Fran & it would be a great reminder of all my visits there.

    Fingers crossed!


  58. These are amazing! My favorite is the Cherry Lane.

  59. These are wonderful! I'd pick the Haight-Ashbury most definitely.

  60. sinika

    So hard to decide but I LOVE cherry lane… so adorable!

  61. Ceridwen

    I love, love, love the Cherry Lane pillow. So cute!

  62. I really like "The Covered Porch" :)

  63. The Manhattan. What a beautiful art form. What a great talent!

  64. Your mom is amazing!! so talented. I love The Covered Porch one!!

  65. @nola727

    A ton of cute designs, but the soho is awesome!

    nolagirl727 at yahoo dot com

  66. Julie

    I love the billowy curtains on "The Evergreen" pillow. Too cute.

  67. stacey

    I love the tipi pillows, since I'm Native American and all :) I'd probably choose the Red Hawk one! So adorable.

  68. Katie

    love the soho! the fabric choices are beautiful and the love and care that go into each one is astounding.

  69. The main street grey stone is adorable. Good luck to your mom. What a cute little shop!

  70. htomlin

    These are so awesome! I love the haight ashbury, the soho and the walk up! They are all amazing though!

  71. i would have to say both of the Tipi pillows are my fav! How they would bring life to a chair in my babers room!

  72. Karen

    The American Barn is what I'd pick, so cute.

    sonflower277 at gmail dot com

  73. Sooo beautiful! The pillow named "Manhattan" is my favorite and would look lovely in my college apartment – in Manhattan! :)

  74. They are all so lovely! I think the Main St. Gray Stone would be wonderful. :) What a talent your mother is!

  75. Kathryn

    these pillows are incredible. I would love Haight-Ashbury. It reminds me of my home!

  76. Kirsty

    My goodness, those are incredible! I'd love cherry lane. Thanks!

  77. i love cherry lane. i love them all, really. you're mom is so very talented. oh how i wish i could sew…

  78. Aura

    they are all beautiful but I think cherry tree lane would fit best in my daughters room

  79. wow, these are lovely. I really like the Cherry Lane.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  80. Jenny

    Beautiful! I love the cherry lane pillow. Thank you!

  81. The american barn is an absolute classic!

  82. Katie

    Your mother is so talented! I love the Evergreen pillow. Reminds me of home :)

  83. sarai

    oh, the main street grey stone is so darling! your mother has quite a talent, and what an eye for detail!

  84. Oh My! The Covered Porch is so adorable. And the surprise dog house on the back.. *sigh* too cute for words! Go Mom!

  85. Breezer

    I love the Soho pillow. The colors are great.

  86. Heather

    oh my stars – anything from the country home collection. we would be an excellent home for one of these beauties. it would be properly appreciated and loved. and they would fit in ever so nicely with the decor.

  87. Ker

    Oh my, these are absolutely stunning. I love them all. The teepees and the cherry lane house are my favorites!

  88. i cannot believe how cute these pillows are! the country houses are fabulous. again and again.

  89. the green roof in the woods log cabin looks just like the house that me and my love are moving to. it would be perfect for the nursery for the baby that we will hopefully have soon! so sweet of your mom to be so generous.

  90. Rhonda

    Wow! What beautiful pillows. The Oregon Trail (Covered Wagon) would be my choice, though I loved them all!

    rendter at hotmail dot com

  91. BriAnne

    Since my little one is a boy…probably the tipi. These are really cute!

  92. Natasha

    My Favorite is the Cherry Lane- your mother is so creative!

  93. belle

    Wow your Mother is so talented! I would choose the cherry lane pillow!

  94. Lauren

    the red hawk tipi pillow would go quite well in my son's new big boy room!