rockstar giveaway! (closed)

Today we have a giveaway for you from one of my favorite people…. my mother! and her new shop, Pillows by Poppy™! My mom made a few pillows for Eleanor’s nursery earlier this summer and after seeing them and persuading her all summer long, we finally got her to open up a shop! The detail work on these pillows are out of this world. I can’t believe the creativity and time that go into each one. I am so proud of her and excited to share her shop with you!!
Pillows by Poppy™ is giving away a pillow of your choice to 2 lucky readers! Click here to see all of the pillow choices. Each pillow is hand sewn, one at a time by my mother (some take her hours to complete!)
(Here are my two favorites in Eleanor’s nursery.)

I wanted to include these two little quotes from my mom shop because I feel they are so special:
Pillows by Poppy™ celebrates all that is good at home. Each pillow is unique in beauty and individuality. They are expressed in varied designs, like different people from different homes. Poppy wants each pillow to remind us of our youth and those simple days of childlike faith when a bandage and kiss would take the away the hurt of an ‘owie.’ Poppy maintains that these pillows represent homes, not houses. She truly believes a home is a place one wants to return to. It is about family, birthday cake, and feeling safe. It is the laboratory for learning and practicing fundamental principles and useful life skills. Indeed, it is the best place on earth to learn charity.
“And what about those frayed, raw edges on Pillows by Poppy™? Poppy feels those frayed edges are kind of like us… imperfect people living in imperfect homes. Mistakes are made and apologies are expressed. Home is a place from where we can start all over again and try to do better next time.”

To enter to win a pillow of your choice, please visit Pillows by Poppy™ and leave a comment below telling me which pillow you would choose. The winners will be drawn and announced this coming Friday.

Good luck!
Top photo by Josh.
All other pillow photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat.
  1. Meghan

    I love The American Barn (The Equestrian)

  2. Oh gosh – what adorable pillows! It genuinely took me so long to decide on my absolute favourite – which would have to be 'cherry lane'; saying that each of them has some individual quality which is just beautiful.

    I wish your mum the best of luck with her creative endeavour – talk about talented! xxox

  3. ky3405

    I love the cherry lane pillow!

    Pick me :)

  4. I love the Evergreen! So adorable. Your mom is very creative!

  5. hilly27

    Those are the cutest things ever! I want one so badly, but the price tag is too hefty for me! :(

  6. Julia

    Oh my goodness! These are so sweet, cheerful – what great piece of interest to add to a room!

    Covered Porch, for sure!

  7. Chloe

    so neat! I love the tipi…would look amazing in a little humans room!

  8. I don't think i have ever seem anything like this before, these pillows are so beautiful!!

    I would def chooseThe Green Eagle Nest Tipi i love it i love it! i'm sure my darling boy would love it too<3

  9. Wow! I'm so glad that you guys convinced her to open a shop. I hope she sticks with it, because I'm sure she'll be a big hit! My favorite was by far 'Cherry Lane.' It's just too precious.

  10. Liz

    I LOVE the Cherry Lane pillow. But then, it was really hard to choose just which one was my favorite. I've never seen pillows like these before, they are absolutely adorable!

  11. Love the cherry lane pillow. They are all so adorable!

  12. These pillows are wonderful! And if I had to only choose one, I'd pick the Cherry Lane because what kid doesn't love a tree swing? I know I still do.

  13. Courtney

    How ever could you choose just one? I Love the Main Street Grey Stone so much though!

    What a fun treasure!

  14. Sunjay

    i would love The Covered Porch! The dog house on the back is adorable! :D

  15. They are all so amazing, but I'd have to go with the Evergreen – reminds me of Christmas, family, and home!

  16. I love the teepee! I would have adored that when I was a little girl – I used to run around my front yard with my mom's lipstick drawn all over my face as war paint. These are so great.

  17. KayBee

    I am in love with the Covered Porch pillow….I know my neice would love it too! What a gorgeous idea.

    Also, that photo of you and Eleanor in her room is absolutely gorgeous- you post some amazing photos of you as a family- all very beautiful that you will have to look back on in the years to come!

  18. Eileen

    oh my word i am in LOVE LOVE LOVE. wow. each are so breathtakingly beautiful. i would love evergreen for my mom and manhattan for me. such beautiful work!!!

  19. Eileen

    love them all! wowowow!!

  20. I would love the cherry lane pillow! It's very charming.

  21. Kristen

    so cute!
    either the cabin or the barn or….

  22. Seriously your mom is amazing. How can I pick my favorite. I love Red Hawk Tipi and the Haight-Ashbury and Cherry Lane and the Red Homestead Log Cabin. EEK they are all so wonderful.

  23. j.peri

    The red hawk ti-pi is my favorite!

  24. I adore the Manhattan pillow! It would look beautiful in the home I hope to have soon :)

  25. Wow, your mom is so talented! I had a hard time narrowing the choices down! I would love any of the teepees, evergreen, or cherry lane!

  26. Darilyn

    Love the Cherry Lane pillow! They're all so beautiful!

  27. Kara

    The Haight-Ashbury is so whimsical and timeless. I'd love for my toddler to grow up with that on her bed! You mother's work is just amazing!!!

  28. I absolutely ADORE the Haight-Ashbury!!

  29. janette

    I love these pillows!

  30. kels

    I LOVE the house with the chimney from the three little pigs set! :) adorable!

  31. oh my, the main street grey stone is the one i would pick! (though they are all beautiful; your mum is incredibly talented! and i love the description of her pillows!) i just moved interstate, and have come to appreciate having a home all the more during the period i spent looking for a new one. to me, your mum's pillows remind me of all that home is: baking, bicycles, blankets and too many books. thank you for sharing about them (i also think one of these pillows would also make the perfect gift for my goddaughter for christmas!) xo, rachel

  32. Kiasa

    May I please adopt your mom???

  33. Your mother is AMAZING! You can plainly see all the love and time put into these pillows! The Walk Up pillow makes me think of home and puts a smile on my face. Beyond sweet.

  34. Oh goodness I love these pillows!! It was hard to choose one, but Haight-Ashbury ended up winning. The colors would match my house perfectly and I love the little blue curtains! I can sew, but would never have the patience or the creativity to think of something sooo cute!

  35. The green eagle nest tipi is adorable! My roommate would die if she saw it, I think it would make a perfect birthday present for her.

  36. In love with the american barn :) I"m so excited for your mom – my mom and aunt recently just started their own online go moms! yay :)

  37. In love with the american barn :) I"m so excited for your mom – my mom and aunt recently just started their own online go moms! yay :)

  38. Bertha

    They're all amazing but I love the Soho. I would love to give my daughter a little reminder of home and how much I miss it.

  39. Ashlee

    I love any of the pillows in the country collection! So cute!

  40. Jessica

    First of all, I would like to congratulate your very talented momma on the launch of her new business!
    I was immediately drawn to Cherry Lane. For as long as I can remember I have dreamt of owning a home with a swing tied to a big tree out front. So picturesque. Now that I am a mom to a four month old daughter, I want to share that dream with her. Thanks, Naomi.

  41. loren

    I love the colors of Soho but am torn by the sweet swing detail in Cherry Lane. Congratulations to your mother for her creativity and talent!

  42. So adorable and creative, I loove the Cherry Lane one!

  43. Younglan

    Cherry lane is absolutely darling! I think it's wonderful that your mother is doing this. I am having a hard time convincing mine to do the same, with her paper goods. xox

  44. Brooke

    Ohhhhh I love "The Walk Up" and "Cherry Lane", beautiful!

  45. Alexia

    I love these pillows! I would love the Soho,modern and so homey at the same time. Best wishes to your mom on her new venture!

  46. Kate

    Okay, what?! I for sure need these in my life!!!!!!!

  47. WoW, your mom, she's good!
    I would love the evergreen pillow. I'm expecting a baby girl soon, would be great for her nursery!
    Alexis xo

  48. Denise

    Hard to just pick one! Cherry Lane is one of my favorites


  49. How special! And so unique! I love these!!!

  50. What adorable pillows! I love anything home made with love.

  51. Emily

    These are so perfect, i love them! I was immediately drawn to the Haight-Ashbury but they are all so amazing!

  52. oh they're darling! i love the soho and cherry lane! darling darling darling!

  53. What is in the water in Utah?? Your whole family is so talented. I'm obsessed with the country collection, and the covered porch house is incredible. What an amazing piece of work for Dylan's nursery!

  54. Holly

    I love the Green Eagle Nest Tipi pillow!! Your mother is so creative!!

  55. Bailey

    MY GOODNESS! These are SOOOOO adorable. i looooove the country collection especially the Haight-Ashbury and the Evergreen, because the remind me of where i grew up in Oregon. i miss it so much.

  56. tappens

    Cherry Lane! I love how the tree wraps around the back. Very cute :)


  57. The soho is my favorite!

  58. Katrina

    Your mom's words about home are so meaningful! Her pillows are incredibly charming and sweet. So many great lessons to learn from The 3 Little Pigs! :)

  59. Kristie

    My favorite is the three little pigs collection. These pillows are so beautiful and whimsical!

  60. Ohh they are so sweet! I have two favorites: The Green Eagle Nest Tipi (who doesn't love a tipi?) & The Covered Porch (so lovely!).

    I'm trying to encourage my mom to get back into sewing & crafting so it's great to see that you've gotten your mom back into it too!

  61. what a darling and creative mom you have! to start up her own shop filled with these adorable pillows! i love this! go rockstar's mom!!! she's going to sell out fast, you know that right?? i just love all of these pillows! so unique! i don't even know which one is my fave… maybe manhattan, cherry lane, or red hawk tipi. so darling! good luck with your shop, rockstar's mom!

  62. I love any of the pillows above this post!

  63. marissa

    Amazing. I can tell lots of talent and love went into making the pillows. I love cheery lane's curtain detail.

  64. cindy

    I love her Manhattan pillow. Adorable.

  65. Tiff

    I love the cherry lane house, these pillows are just so cute!!!

  66. Meg

    I want to live IN Cherry Lane. The sing is magical. Thanks!

  67. Pilar

    Oh wow!! Totally was The Covered porch and the Cherry Lane!!
    Hope I win haha

  68. Those are beautiful!!! The Red Hawk Tipi would look great in my son's cowboy room.

  69. Madison

    How can you not love them all?! Your mom is amazingly crafty.

  70. kdub

    red hawk tippi or oregon trail. oregon trail was the first ever computer game i owned, on one of those classic cream boxy macs. the game was in 2 colours, and i just loveeeeddd it. these pillows are the cutest things i've seen in a while! what a talented mama :)

  71. So cute! I love the Green Roof Log Cabin Pillow. As always, your giveaways are awesome!

  72. Erin

    The three little pigs for sure! My daughter would love it. What fun pillows!

  73. Oh goodness, these are just adorable! I think the "covered porch" is so cute!

  74. s + b

    i love the walk up! so cute! your mom is super talented.

  75. Love them all but I'd probably pick Cherry Lane! Have a great night my friend :)

  76. Yay for Moms!
    I would choose The Evergreen. Feels like home.
    Amazing work Poppy!

  77. Cherry Lane! I wanna put it in my baby girl's room :)

  78. Beea

    These are awesome!! Kudos on the creativity and starting this up as a business. Wish her the best!! I would love the Cherry Lane. Will wait to see if I win and them maybe order another…hmm

  79. Lauren

    Your mother is adorable. I just LOVE the red hawk tipi!

  80. I love the Soho pillow! I could only imagine the stories my daughter and I could make up using these pillows as a base :)

  81. AV

    I would love The Manhattan & The Soho. I just moved to NYC from home down south & as much as I love it here it's a hard adjustment. These are just too cute & are such a great reminder that this IS home now & to cherish it all.

  82. Jess

    I love LOVE the Heught- Ashbury it would look so steller in my nursery! I love how ecclectic and different they are, just like our family!

  83. cluo

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. Linda

    I really like Oregon Trail!! They're all amazing and so detailed! But yes, Oregon Trail is my fave. :) So creative.

  85. Rie

    i love you wedges where are they from???

  86. Oh my goodness, almost 1000 comments. Well, someone has to win, right? I love the doghouse b/c we have dogs, and I love them. I'm also really digging the Evergreen b/c it makes me think of a little Swiss Chalet…but I love Cherry Tree b/c that reminds me of Mary Poppins, but the Brownstone and Soho are so my style. Ugh, I don't know. Maybe if I win 2, I'll just buy all the others?

  87. elaine r

    I love the Walk-Up Pillow! All the pillows are so unique and beautiful!

    Elaine R
    [email protected]

  88. nova

    Those are the coolest pillows I've ever seen!

    I would choose the Green Eagle Nest Tipi pillow. How awesome!

  89. Everygreen and Homestead are my absolute favorite! :)

    What a talented momma!

  90. This is so wonderful! I love the way the windows have curtains and the frayed edges are very nice! Good persuading (;

  91. Rachel

    Gotta have the country collection. These are fantastic.

  92. Mo

    I love the height-ashbury! It matches perfectly with my room, and it's beautiful!

  93. ms.mooy

    These pillows are so interesting, I have never seen anything like them! After a careful analysis…my favorite is the for sure the Soho!

  94. megara

    Oh I love the red hawk tipi!!! What talent! Go mom!

  95. Your Mother is very talented. I can tell these pillows take a lot of work and are so cute! The Cherry Lane and Main Street Gray are my favs. That is assuming that this baby in my tummy is a girl! Otherwise I may have to go with the barn, wagon or tepee because I already have three boys!

  96. Sofie

    I would love to win the red hawk tipi

  97. {b}

    i absolutely NEED the Red Hawk Tipi for my little boy's room! Too cool!

  98. Veronica

    These are great. I think the Covered Porch is my favorite.