pancake morning.

on saturday morning we both woke up craving pancakes
so we made blueberry for me and plain for husband.
it was my favorite part of our weekend.
whipping up pancakes together in the kitchen in our pj’s.
listening to music and singing along for eleanor in her high chair
(she still *thinks* we are the best singers ever…bless her)
it’s moments spent like this with my family
that make me feel pretty darn lucky.
spending happy moments with my two people (and the king)
are always a pleasure.

also, eleanor tried her first mini pancake and… loved it.
  1. Lauren

    They look delightful! I'll have to put blueberries in next time I get my husband to make them! Great photos, looks like a lovely little morning.


  2. Natasha

    Mmmmmm… looks tasty!!! You should have shared the recipe =))))

  3. We had chocolate chip pancakes on Sunday AND still made it to church on time!!

  4. Pancake mornings are the best!

  5. Kate

    I love this so much!!
    Is this an iPhone photo app or were these from your dslr?

    I can't wait till my baby is old enough to eat panackes!!! :)

  6. I am sad for the day when my Clara realizes we cannot sing. Because right now she thinks we're pretty much the best. Love a pancake weekend morning :)

  7. Berni

    Yummo those pancakes look amazing!

  8. so cute!!!! i can't wait to do this one day with my own family!!!!! you guys are just adorbs.

  9. @natasha, they are aunt jamima! we love them.

    @kate, we took these on my iphone with instagram.

  10. Samantha

    What a perfect morning. I heart pancakes. We just gave my little one a baby rice rusk for the first time. It's funny how something like that becomes a big deal. Have a great week.

  11. well I must say your pancakes look pretty good!

    you've a beautiful family, and I am sure it might not be all roses and sunny days but appreciating small things like this make every rainy day worth overcoming.

  12. Alivia

    Those. Look. Delicious. And E somehow gets more adorable everyday!

  13. the picture of E and her first pancake is adorable! what else are you feeding her these days?

  14. abby

    my FH and i love the process of making pancakes with family after sunday service . . . so much that we decided we wanted pancakes at our wedding reception. such a fun family activity (and taste soooo good)!

  15. bethani

    loving e in the bottom right picture. her tongue hanging out makes that picture 10x better :)

  16. Missy D.

    Eleanor has to be one of the cutest babies I've ever seen.. those big eyes and adorable cheeks are too much.. and Kingsley… ugh! They both kill me with the cuteness!!!

  17. Olivas

    Mmmmmm!!! Pancakes are delicious!!!
    I like E´s bib!!

  18. What a fun Saturday morning! Can you post the recipe for these? They look delicious!

  19. these photos are so sweet!

    happy monday, noami! xoxo

  20. pancakes on the weekends are such a fun tradition!

  21. Wow these Iphone photos look amazing!

    Did you use some PS to edit them as well?


  22. looks like E likes it!! love a good pancake morning…it is the simple things :)

  23. MellyB

    Pancakes might be god’s love manifested on a weekend morning. Especially when you throw in best friends and babies. I’d say I wish everyday could be like that, but then it wouldn’t be as special.

  24. So cute! One time someone told me to add half a can of blueberry pie filling to a normal size batch of pancakes and it was INCREDIBLE!

  25. they look delicious!!! xo

  26. breakfast with your loves is always such a blessing. glad you had a good weekend :)

  27. Mags

    OF COURSE your little one loved pancakes, they are irresistible! Haha. This sounds like one perfectly lovely morning

  28. Isabel

    You writed that you learning german.
    When you can speak good this language, can you please write in german,too?
    Bacause my English isn´t really good and i can´t understand all your text.
    But i will understand it and google translator isn´t good :D

  29. Eliesa

    Absolutely nothing finer than pancakes on a saturday mornin'. PS: your baby girl is the most precious thing ever. for real. the most darling little person ever.

    Eliesa @ Good Day, Sunshine

  30. Mrs. Ham

    she's just too dang cute!!! lovely weekend!

  31. Mini pancakes looks so fun! :)

  32. aww…I love this!

  33. big hello from Lisbon, Portugal :)

    dear taza, could you share the recipe you use to make pancakes? around here we only know how to make crepes and I've always wanted to try the american way for a good breakfast.

    thank you so much in advance*



  34. my mom used to make me pancakes everytime we visited home. (before we had the kiddos). now we make whatever they want!

  35. Yum! Now I'm craving pancakes….

  36. Can you put a link to your recipe on here?
    It would really help a British girl out!

  37. perfect, its looks so yummy <3

  38. You always remind me to appreciate the simplest things in my life… thank you.

  39. how adorable! i haven't made pancakes in ages…curse working early every weekend!! maybe i will get lucky soon and the boy and i can make some great breakfast. luckily our cat will never be able to not think that we aren't the best singers ever ;)

  40. Ana

    hahaha this is so cute! I love these little family moments :)

  41. those blueberry pancakes look incredible! all of these pictures are just so cute. and what songs were you singing to dear sweet E?
    xo TJ

  42. KT

    I swear being a parent gets better and better and more and more fun.
    Kudos to you for documenting it so well.

  43. Caty

    Fabulous! Now I'm craving blueberry pancakes. I think I might have them for dinner!

  44. LMT

    isn't it so cute feeding your baby mini pancakes! I love making them for Odin, they've become a staple for us!

  45. esther

    love that.
    your pancakes look so fluffy and divine! may i ask what recipe you used?

  46. Annie

    Yum! I almost made pancakes for dinner last night. haha.
    Also you should definitely try cinnamon roll pancakes. I tried them out a week ago and they were spectacular!!
    I used this recipe:

    she gives instructions for pancake mix from scratch but I just used the ready made mix that you just add milk/water to and then followed her recipe for the cinnamon filling and cream cheese icing.

  47. all about the little things…

  48. so yum! i had pancakes yesterday too, and it was definitely a weekend highlight. xo.

  49. rebecca

    i've been trying to start a waffle tradition on the weekends. that lasted maybe 1 week. though I think the winter will force me to stay inside soon enough and stop spending so much money at our fav brunch place.

  50. woah.. now I want some! How do you get 'em to be so fluffy?..

  51. um, i make your german pancakes near-weekly! thanks for the idea (even though these aren't the same, i was reminded of their delight:)

  52. Kendra

    my goodness, what recipe do you use to get such gorgeous, fluffy pancakes? Divine.

  53. Joy

    Too and OMG so adorable. She looks so satisfied :P

  54. Funny thing… my brother and I also had blue berry pancakes on saturday… .they where sooooo goood!! love blueberries!

  55. Connie

    Your blog is the cutest around! And Eleanor's smile is contagious!

  56. Mmm looks delicious! And Eleanor looks soooo adorable :D

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  57. Kristin

    so precious!!!

  58. My sister just asked for cinnamon bun pancakes for her birthday! They were delicious! Gotta love pancake days!

  59. Aww i love pancakes. Baby Eleanor is so cute too…

  60. Eeny

    Pancake breakfasts with the family are the best.

  61. There's nothing quite like a lovely, lazy morning with pancakes and a beautiful baby!

  62. Camila

    Saturday mornings are always pancake mornings at our house. It is a fun tradition. Daddy mans the grill (because he is a pancake maker like his father and his father before him). Nothing sweeter than to hear a 2 year old wake up and shout "pancaaaaakes!!"

  63. just came across your divine blog through a beautiful mess looking forward to wasting a bit of "my time" browsing it.

  64. Although they are ALL adorable, I REALLY love the Brownstone! Thank you

  65. Your blog is truly amazing and I absolutely love reading it! Not to mention your adorable baby Eleanor who makes my heart melt <3

  66. Astra

    i made pancakes today too! not with the hubby tho, for all the pre schoolers at work! yours look amazing :)

  67. Absolutely adorable! And the pancakes look delicious :)

  68. Can you please give me the recipe for the pancakes. I'm from Zurich and all the recipes I tried are ok, but the pancakes are not fluffy as are yours. Thanks, much appreciated, A.

  69. Ana

    Ooooh pancakes!! I think I know what I'm having this week-end! I love seeing little glimpses of your adorable family! I'm always reminded to cherish the little moments spent with loved ones.