hey you! happy weekend!

this girl is cracking her mama up these days. oh the faces! the constant chatter! the obsession with her little gerber sweet potato puffs! (she prefers no less than four in her mouth at a time.) and that scrunching-her-face-while-breathing-hard-through-her-nose thing (pictured here.) basically, i cannot get enough. have a lovely weekend! we don’t have too much on our agenda besides finding the perfect pumpkin to bring home and baking some homemade bread… mmmmm.... Read more

here’s to happiness {by caroline}

10 things that make caroline terribly happy: pumpkin in everything- pies, lattes, soups & cookies hearing my favorite song come on the radio the smell of freshly cut grass and freshly squeezed lemons reading a book that leaves a lasting impression bins of fresh flowers at the farmers market having a reason to wear my new trench coat and rain boots splashing around in said trench coast and rain boots being greeted by my husband after a long day’s work the feeling of the wind in your hair while riding a bike knowing that my favorite holidays are just around the corner thank you for sharing, caroline!... Read more

family outing.

we hopped on our bikes last night and enjoyed the new chilly autumn air while riding around the district (although today it was hot again. so confusing!) we stopped by taylor gourmet for sandwiches and ravioli on our way home. we can’t wait for more autumn weather! *MY BABY IS ALWAYS IN A HELMET. this last photo was taken before the helmet was put on as we were leaving taylor gourmet.... Read more