here’s to happiness {by astrid}

10 things that make astrid terribly happy: fall – all the pretty colours outside crafting – a bit obsessed with printing right now unexpected hugs the giddy feeling you have before a tour starts laughing till my tummy hurts family time the smell of cookies baking in the oven booking flights and train tickets lipstick celebrating the good and the tough times together thanks for sharing, astrid!... Read more

apple picking!

on saturday we drove out to the homestead farm in maryland and picked apples and pumpkins together. while eleanor hasn’t been a big fan of applesauce (gosh darn those solid foods, we’ll have a break through moment one of these days i sure do pray and hope) she was in complete heaven chomping on apples the entire time in the back of our wheel barrow.... Read more

rockstar giveaway! (closed)

we have a number of fun giveaways lined up for you today from our sponsors! the first comes from our sponsor bonlook! bonlook is offering one lucky reader a pair of prescription glasses of their choice (a $99 value)! also, if you’re in the market for new specs, the 13th of this month is a great day to grab a pair as bonlook is donating $25 for every pair sold to ChildSight.... Read more