1. Eden

    i LOVE that jacket. where'd you get it?

    and i'm fairly certain eleanor keeps getting cuter and cuter!!

    xox eden

  2. Meg

    This looks so fun. What a lovely way to spend the weekend!

  3. @eden, thank you. it's by lauren moffatt and they have it at anthropologie.


  4. Eleanor is just adorable!!

    Wasn't it crazy that it snowed this weekend before Halloween?!! I live West of D.C. and we got about 3 inches! Luckily most of it has melted so the kiddos can trick or treat toorrow. :)

  5. I second Eden's question – that jacket is fabulous! And, Eleanor is such a beautiful baby! I always look forward to your posts!

  6. Oh, you guys looks so grown up! E isn't the only one growing :)

    You look like parents now

  7. It DOES just keep getting better and better. :) Great photos!

  8. Mrs. Ham

    i love her cute happy face! can't wait to be a mom myself one day!!! i have your coat! too bad it's still warm here in CA. i miss the snow in Utah, my hometown.


  9. Samantha

    I was just saying to a friend how important the simple things become when you have a baby. You will always have this image to show Eleanor when she is older-so much love!

  10. These photos are so cute! You're family is SO cute!

  11. Omg it snowed? We had 16 degrees in London yesterday! :D Love the pics, E is the cutest thing on earth!

    London Last Night

  12. You all are perfectly dressed all the time. I just love your family!

  13. Connie

    you guys are the cutest. Is Eleanor EVER grumpy? (: That SMILE! So darling.

  14. adorable. i've said it before, but i'll say it again: it's so sweet seeing how much you love your baby.

  15. Caty

    She looks like she loves it! Did anyone else think of the 'Friends' episode when Rachel and Ross take Emma to go swinging for the first time? :)

  16. oh my GOODNESS! SO adorable. And yes, that Friends episode!

    Naomi, you just make me want to be a momma someday :)

  17. Jennifer

    Baby E really has got to stop getting increasingly adorable… I don't know how much more of her amazing cuteness I can take! ;)

  18. ok. these are friggin cute. love how happy she looks to be swinging!

  19. Amy

    so freakin' cute!

  20. It defintely does….my girl has just gone a year old & the fun we have!

  21. Mags

    Is it weird that I'm drawn to your blog even though I don't have children? You all look so cute and like you're having such a good time

  22. so precious i can't stand it!

  23. Ellie just gets prettier and prettier. She's going to be a beautiful little lady when she grows up! You all look like you're having so much fun at the park.



  24. seeing eleanor in the baby swing makes me so excited to find a park around here where I can swing my little guy, too! because in salt lake city, it's still autumn, not winter :) thankfully!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  25. She's all smiles,love the photos! :)

  26. been a silent reader of your blog and this is the first time i'd comment. your family is just adorable. your pictures are full of love and joy! such a bliss.

  27. oh wow. she looks so so adorable!!

  28. Gorgeous pictures as always… I'm jealous that you guys have snow already!
    A question: do you always use Eleanor's full name (which I love!), or do you have nicknames for her?

  29. Lottie

    I love your photos of your family…they make me so excited about being a parent when I am ready. But sometimes they make me wish I had a little Eleanor right now to make memories with.

  30. Eleni

    I'm sure you only show us the best photos but she always looks like such a happy baby! A joy to see, you must be so proud :)

  31. Laura

    so adorable! x

  32. Olivas

    you are adorables!!!!

  33. She is adorable! Happy to hear you are enjoying parenthood! And you look fab :)

  34. These photos make me happy! They remind me of photos my mom took of me having a blast on the swings at the park when I was a baby! :)

    p.s. Those shoes of yours! Love! Mind sharing where you got them from?

    Happy Halloween!

  35. amanda

    so precious. i am in love with her tiny booties! where did you find them?

  36. She is seriously THE cutest thing alive!!!!

  37. chloe

    I loooooove Eleanor. Hands down the cutest baby i have ever seen in my life. I want her sooooooo bad! She juz keeps smiling away doesn't she???its sooooooo cute i can't take it…honestly i just cannot handle her cuteness!! Love your family.
    Love from India.

  38. SarahAnn

    I feel the same way! Iris was a gorgeous baby and I felt like motherhood was such a tender experience then. But now that we're hitting 8-9 months and she's interacting and crawling and showing her little personality, it's the most AMAZING feeling! I just keep getting so excited for all of our "nexts."

  39. Laurie

    she is so sweet!

  40. Regan

    Oh your shoes are gorgeous. Who are they made by? Eleanor is just getting cuter and cuter. Happy Halloween!

  41. ezrazoe

    E is at a beautiful age… enjoy it! and it does just keep getting better and better. Just WAIT til she can tell you that she dreams about you, or that you 'make her heart warm'(I got that quote last week!)

  42. Love the pictures! Eleanor is so adorable! :)

  43. Sarah

    you are such a gorgeous family! happy halloween!

  44. Eleanor is soooo cute! I love how your fam always looks so happy playing together:) She's going to have the best photo album to look at when she gets older! Happy Halloween!

  45. I love how E's little hands are holding onto the bars.

  46. Mariana

    We (My Little Boy and his Mommy and Daddy:)) just love park playgrounds!!!

    You have such a beautiful family!

  47. that last picture is just so darling. she is so happy! love it!!
    xo TJ

  48. Oh my, the picture of Josh and Eleanor on the swing? It doesn't get any better. Cutest ever.

  49. Where are your shoes from?! they are gorgeous!

  50. naomi! your shoes are adorbs and i really would love to shamelessly copycat! puh-lease lemme know where you got them!

  51. fefi

    Ahh!! Eleanor's moccassins! Where are they from? Soooo cute

  52. I always love the treatment you give your photos! Any chance you'd share what filter you use in instagram?