1. janis

    so crafty + perfect! happy halloween! :)

  2. adorable! what a unique idea! you're so creative mrs. davis!

  3. Oh my goodness! This is TO amazing! I would have never thought to do this but now I want to one day when I have a family. I love, love, loooove the Nutcracker!

  4. cade

    um that is the cutest thing i've ever seen!

  5. Argh you guys look amazing! Love the crown on the pup!

  6. Omg your family is so awesome! The baby is a little sweet princess :)

  7. love it! such a cute idea!

  8. Nathalie

    So adorable! :)

  9. Lainey

    You are the cutest little costumed family! Gorgeous.

  10. So cute! And Kingsley's costume is making my life right now.

  11. very cute. we are the egyptian family. hooray for family themed halloween costumes.


  12. bethani

    you are so freakin creative! oh emm gee!!!! like cutest family of the year goes to.. um thats a no brainer after seeing these pictures.

  13. Laura

    you have the cutest family I've ever seen! your baby, your dog … awwww :)

  14. Laurie

    i love it! such great costumes! (maybe your little sugar plum fairy will grow up to be a dancer too!)

  15. Catt

    This is too adorable! I love the Nutcracker so much and this is just beautiful!!

    I hope you had a wonderful time!

  16. Best costume I've seen this year!

  17. gorgeous costume! i was so curious when you mentioned yards and yards of tulle on twitter.

  18. Krysta

    love it! How fun and creative! I wish I could get my bulldog to wear a hat… or anything at all for that matter!

  19. Ooh, these are such creative & gorgeous costumes! You all look great; I adore The Nutcracker.

  20. Haley K

    oh I adore this!! how creative are you? :) And can you believe Christmas is in just about 7-ish weeks??? woohoo! :) Happy Halloween!!

  21. nicole

    This is soooo good, you guys! Very well done! xo.

  22. Alex

    This might be the most adorable family Halloween costume ever!!

  23. Holly

    Oh My Goodness! That has to be the cutest thing I have every seen!!!!!!

  24. So so so cute!!! You guys win for cutest family costume!!!

  25. So adorable! Seriously, your family is so darn good looking! ;)

    Callie @ A Chance To Die

  26. Great costume idea!

    Hope you decided to post a great Christmas music list, I'm drawing a blank and was hoping to find new music!

    Happy Halloween!

  27. AMAZING! <3

  28. brilliant!! Such beautiful costumes & no doubt abt it the cutest sugar plum fairy!

  29. tori

    Best family costume I’ve seen yet! So cute and crafty!

  30. Jenni

    How lovely, a great idea for a dancer's family :D

  31. Love this! You 3 look great. This is one of the cutest family costume combos i've ever seen.

  32. Kari

    Oh my goodness!

    Wow, this looks like something right out of a magazine. Eleanor looks so darling…and all of you just look PERFECT!

    I still think my baby boy is the cutest little owl today for Halloween, but this is definitely the cutest family costume I've seen in the blogosphere!

    Happy Halloween!


  33. you always come up with the BEST halloween costumes! i LOVE this family costume idea… very clever.

  34. Haha your family is darling. I'm not very good about dressing up but this year I helped carve 100 pumpkins to create a giant jack-o-lantern! Here's the link if you want to see how it turned out: http://youtu.be/b_iDwn8ldTU

  35. Anna

    you are the sweetest thing i've ever seen! one day i want to have a family as cute as yours :)!

    lots of love,

  36. Jennifer

    These are so cute!

  37. Samantha

    That is just perfect!!

  38. Laura

    such a cute halloween family!!

  39. Bri

    I love it! Great idea :)

  40. Loulou

    Fantastic! You guys look so good. You're right … she is the cutest sugar plum fairy. Love her little shoes.

    Loulou @ Loulou Downtown

  41. Ainsley

    oh my gosh, kingsley's costume is amazingly perfect! ahahhahahahahahaha

  42. so crafty!! Everyone looks great!

  43. Oh my god that is seriously amazing! I saw your post on twitter about the toile and I was wondering what you made. Josh's costume is great!


  44. you are sooo cute!!! great costumes!

  45. Mrs. Ham

    Soon cute!! I love your top!!


  46. OMG! You are SOOOO talented. Fantastic, just fantastic. I would love to see more — did you make all of it yourself?

  47. Jean

    awww. i love the nutcracker! <3 this is awesome!

  48. Jodi Ann

    Oh I think this is my favorite costume of all. You guys look so cute!

  49. oh this is just too much. SO cute!

  50. your costumes are amazing. you all look fantastic and eleanor is very cute!

  51. Erin

    omygoodness! such adorable costumes! way to go!

  52. Love the originality! The four of you look great!

  53. So dang adorable! A picture perfect family, as always :)

  54. This is just TOO LOVELY.

    So love it.

  55. awh how cute you all look!

  56. I'm not sure how your family could get any cuter…

  57. Hanna

    You all look fantastic!!

  58. Aren't you guys just the cutest family!

  59. Devin

    Oh my gosh, this is just about the cutest thing I think I've ever laid eyes on. Your little family melts my heart :)

    Happy Halloween!

  60. Kimber

    So, so cute and fun!!!

  61. Ash

    I will SHAMELESSLY be stealing this idea for next halloween! I bet I even have my old pointe shoes somewhere… I LOVE this soo much! you guys look adorable!

  62. This is most certainly a cuteness overload.

  63. Carly

    how adorable are these ideas and you four?! and Kingsley, naturally, being The King, ahah. love it :)

  64. you all look amazing, great choice, great style.

  65. Liesl

    So cute in so many ways, I love it!!! Happy Halloween!

    Liesl :)

  66. omg love! i made the same tutu (in black) for my ballet inspired black swan costume!

  67. Mariana

    Great idea!
    You are gorgeous.
    And Kingsley… :)

  68. Sonja

    gahhh! you four are too much! :o)
    this is the cutest family costume I ever did see!!!

  69. Perfection and fun! Beautiful family.

  70. This is amazing!! and you look so pretty!

  71. I am in love with this! So original!

  72. You guys are ADORABLE! Ah! So cute! x

  73. You all look absolutely adorable. I love The Nutcracker, it is my favourite ballet! Also, I have that same top from Anthropologie. Love it!!

  74. your outfit is definitely the most creative and perfect outfits i have ever seen. those two shoes are fabulous!! i hope you didn't wear those beauties out on the town!
    xo TJ

  75. This is probably the cutest family costume I've seen so far! Way to go!

  76. Lauren

    I was honestly dying to know how you three would dress up. The icing on the cake is little kingsley! So clever!

  77. seriously these are the best costumes eva. y'all look amazing.

  78. brittany

    the nutcracker is my favsies! and y'all look fabulous. i hope you maybe got to listen to a few of the tunes from the soundtrack that night!

  79. you look beautiful! and your little family is just so squeezable :)

  80. Kelsi

    Oh, how pretty! I love that shirt you're wearing! And everything, really! :)

  81. Jenna E

    haha adorable!!

  82. So cute! I love the Nutcracker as well. Your pointes look so well maintained! :P

  83. Caty

    This is perfect! Seriously my favorite costume collection I have seen this year so far.

  84. Joy

    Haha this is the best!