life lately, according to my iphone pictures.

shopping for frames at ikea. a gelato date with papa.
a friend’s birthday picnic. our pumpkin-watching-guard-dog.
naps on mama {mama’s favorite thing in this world}.
chinese take-out on the floor because sometimes that’s more fun than the kitchen table.
  1. I can't get over how fast your baby girl is already growing! She is just to lovely for words!!

  2. harlin

    Your hair is looking awesome! Love it

  3. Ok…where did you get Elanore's mustard legging and sweater? I am looking for that EVERYWHERE!!

  4. all just so beautiful! i love following you on instagram!
    xo TJ

  5. @quinn and linds, the mustard leggings are from tea collection and the mustard sweater from babyGap boys section. :)

  6. harlin

    Sometimes i think the baby boy's clothing is far superior to the girls clothing. And Mustard is just the best colour in the world in my opinion!!

  7. her laughing face! i love it. she's just the happiest baby ever.

  8. Haley K

    looks like life for you 3 has been pretty sweet! :) naps on mama and enjoying chinese goodness on the floor were my favorite parts :)

  9. Your little girl is getting so big! This also gets me excited to go to the pumpkin patch tomorrow!!

    Petit Monstree

  10. Eleanor has the funniest and cutest facial expressions!

  11. Kingsley is a gourd dog – get it?? haha…ha

  12. Gorgeous family. Eleanor is the cutest!

  13. Cambria

    Could you possibly have a cuter family? It is picture perfect!


  14. Do you have a recipe for those baked pumpkins? They look amazing!

  15. You take the best iPhone pictures and you always look more than happy!

  16. Little elenoar has such a wonderful life!
    Dinner on the floor is so much fun (not on a dailybasis though)

  17. Bri

    Love these little moments you've captured. Especially the photo where Eleanor looks so peaceful sleeping on her mommy. Precious :)

  18. oh my adorable! isn't it crazy how big our babies get, so fast? It's unfair, really. I would like the clock to slooow down!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  19. Sher

    love seeing all these lil updates on instagram! they make my day:)

  20. Naps on momma are my favorite thing too with my 8 month old. Usually it means that it'll be short but it's worth it for the snuggly time :)

    If Work Permits

  21. that first picture of Eleanor is priceless

  22. super cute pictures! i love these little 'sneak peek' type posts!

  23. Love this! Such a cute family :)

  24. carissa

    i just showed rinah this post and 'introduced' her to all of you. when she saw E she got the biggest smile and said 'oo!' and she likes kingsley cause he's a 'young dog'. cant wait for the in person introduction.

  25. Victoria

    Ah this is lovely. The last photo of Eleanor is wonderful. x

  26. Eleanor has such a lively, expressive face – she looks like a real little personality!

  27. colleen

    she is so cute in that cart!

  28. Olivas

    jeje!! Your family,E,J,K and you, are very nice!!!!

  29. I have a slight crush on your whole family! I love these pictures, and E is growing SO fast!

  30. there's not one thing I enjoy more in the world than having a meal on the kitchen floor.

  31. Alyssa

    You are just the prettiest lady ever, and your baby girl is such a sweetheart ♥ Looks like you've had a fun week.


  32. Kelly

    I love all of Baby E's hats! She is the most fashionable girl I know!

  33. Liesl

    Love the iPhone picture posts…so full of fun, cuteness and character!

    Liesl :)

  34. Looks like so much fun!! What a happy fall!

  35. Mirthe

    i should do a post like this. really great :)

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  37. alissa b

    these are so great! top favorites: E in her little lion hat, you with your hair down…so lovely, and Kingsley on his way down the stairs lined with pumpkins.

    You are seriously the cutest little family!

    Great photos, great post!

    alissa b

  38. July

    you are a beautiful mother!

  39. Astra

    I love your 'life lately' posts, such a cute insite to your world :)

    If you dont mind me asking will you have to go back to work soon? what do you do for a job? or can you be a stay at home mama?


  40. sounds FUN!!!!!! she is SO c-u-t-e!!!!!!!

  41. Kate

    Bottom left corner ftw!! She is the cutest cutest little munchkin ever. :)

  42. Arielle

    You have the cutest, stinkin baby in the world. There, I said it.



  43. Louise

    Oh MY! She really is to cute for words!!

  44. wow, your babe is getting so big. cute, cute.
    you look beautiful, as always dear. :)
    yes, i agree. eating on the floor is just too much more fun not to pass up.

  45. Crystal

    I adore your blog! It makes me happy every time I read it. Beautiful baby, cute dog, happy family. Just love it. Thanks for sharing your life with us. :)

  46. Cortney

    That grip of Chinese food looks sooooo good right now.

  47. Tae

    what effects do you use on your photos? is this the same effect that you usually use with your pictures? i really like it!

  48. Mags

    Love your blog, you three always seem to have such a happy life

  49. dang girl! you and that hair!

  50. alex

    e is seriously the most adorable baby, i am obsessed with that lion hat. great collection… as a reader, i love peeking into your happy life xx

  51. Emma

    These are tooo cute!

  52. Ooh, how I miss The Diner in Adams Morgan! Great pics!

  53. Connie

    Chinese is the best. Seriously the best. You guys HAVE to try HO's in Alexandria. The General Tso's is to die for. Which reminds me… since we're headed back to DC for Thanksgiving I'm using your blog as my entertainment idea guide. haha. I think you've mentioned the greatest pizza place ever- so we'll most likely head there.

  54. alayne

    I've been reading your blog since right before your sweet girl was born and I love it. I don't comment often but I am in awe of how adorable your little eleanor is! I love her name too. You are the cutest little family and you inspire me. :)

  55. Harry

    how how HOW do you get your iPhone photos to look like this? Mine always look awful :L Love your blog, and your family has to be the most stylish ever! xx

  56. Ollie

    Hello! Whouah beautiful! I just want to know where do you buy your sunglasses? please please!!! tx