1. favorite video of all time for me! So timely

  2. haha then i'd spend the entire time being productive worrying about how i'd get my precious item out safe;)

  3. i'm so nervous for her white dress!!!!

  4. What a great idea, haha! :) I really do need to be unplugged for a while I think and more productive :)

  5. Natasha

    lol…this was wonderful to watch. I'm new to blogger, but was lucky enough to find your blogs. So fun and refreshing. You and your family are adorable. Thanks for sharing with us on here. :) God bless and goodnight!

  6. Lyndall

    Hehe, so clever! I wonder how she will move the juice when she is allowed to have the distractions again? I'm picturing a big straw…

  7. Jessica

    I need a form of this that blocks google reader/twitter/etc hahaha.

  8. This is exactly what I need to do (considering I should be writing a paper as I type this), but I'd be a little more delicate with the hostage situation because my white dress would never escape from that one undamaged!

  9. I agree- I'd be so worried about my hostage item!! great idea though haha

  10. I just got rid of cable and my productivity levels went way up! Love this!


  11. Jasmine

    brilliant. defiantly something I need to do all semester long!!!


  12. Jasmine

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  13. Monique

    yes i love this film and that clip. i went to the opening of the film and she said this was her favorite part that didn't make it in the film!

  14. Caty

    I hadn't seen this before now. Great video! Sometimes, you gotta do whatcha gotta do.

  15. holy funniest thing i have ever seen! I would do this, but i would end up ruining my hostage. haha oh technology.

  16. Gaby

    so funny, i adore miranda july :)

  17. Crystal

    I FREAKED when I saw her pour the juice!

    …just comes to show this would totally work haha

  18. I think I may have just found a new level of sympathy for those people who are easily distracted.

  19. I love that clip. Saw it on bleubird too!

  20. Samantha

    Great video, I almost lost interest at first (shows how distracted I am) but I stuck to it and got the punch line. Having a baby is a little like this because my little man distracts me from doing productive things all the time.

  21. Adrianna

    i saw this on bleubird's and loved it! it's fabulous.

  22. i am a huge fan of miranda july.
    this video is fantastic.

  23. this is adorable! made me smile :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  24. Ginny

    This is the second place I've seen this today and it is awesome! I love how she carefully pours the grape juice in the pan, and I was really trying to think how she'd get the pan off without ruining her dress!

  25. Lili

    OMG LOL! A lady of consequence, she is! I hope she has a thirst for grape juice after being all productive and stuff ;-)

    Relatable Style

  26. Erin

    This is very brave. Just thinking about it makes me nervous. lol I might have to try it.

  27. Coco

    i just am curious how she gets her hostage out… does she invite some friends over and they stick straws in the juice?? seems like too much juice for one person!

  28. vanessa

    I love Miranda July.

  29. Oh I love Miranda July so much. Can't wait to see her film when it finally comes out in the UK