hey you! happy weekend!

this girl is cracking her mama up these days.
oh the faces! the constant chatter!
the obsession with her little gerber sweet potato puffs!
(she prefers no less than four in her mouth at a time.)
and that scrunching-her-face-while-breathing-hard-through-her-nose thing (pictured here.)
basically, i cannot get enough.
have a lovely weekend!
we don’t have too much on our agenda besides finding the perfect pumpkin to bring home and baking some homemade bread… mmmmm.
ps. the emmadime knitted giveaway winner is announced here!
  1. Kristen

    Could she get ANY cuter?? I don't think so!! She's soooo cute :)


  2. oh goodness this picture is adorable! no one could pull off the scrunched up face better than your little one.


  3. oh my goodness, she's too cute. you two are lucky to have such a sweet thing :)

  4. Meg

    gorgeous! kingsley imitations perhaps?

  5. Jennifer

    Baby E looks like she could be auditioning for 'The Sopranos'… sort of a "Fuggedaboudit" or "You talkin' to me?" look–SO cute!

  6. Isn't it so fun when they start to eat those puffs and things? Her faces are so great! Thanks for sharing and happy pumpkin hunting! We are buying pumpkins, too!

  7. Eleanor is so beautiful, she makes me broody and I'm only 19! Love you blog lots and lots :)

  8. Dianna

    this is the bestttt

  9. That is such an adorable photo! So, so cute!! xo

  10. alice

    amazing blog!congrats!alice (ottalovemuffin.blogspot.com)

  11. OMG…she is insanely adorable. That face is just too much.

  12. Jess

    My little baby bear makes the scrunch face also. Love it!

  13. ok she's the cutest *_*

  14. Lindsey

    OH MY GOSH, my daughter does the same thing…started at 9 months and is going strong through 13 months…everyone loves it!!!!!

  15. When I am having a rough day I always know that when I open your page my heart is going to be touched by the bundle of joy that you so graciously share w/us. What a beautiful God-given blessing.

  16. ha ha Judah has to have a mouthful of puffs, not just one but a mouthful :-)

  17. This is quite possibly the cutest and funniest little expression ever! I love it (and your description also)!

  18. Rhianne

    I just love how her little personality is starting to shine through, this might be my favourite photo yet :)

  19. Heather

    LOL!! My daughter makes the same weird breathing hard through the nose face. i think it's hilarious.

  20. I love seeing how little eleanor grows. I have a niece that's just about 1 1/2 years ahead of her, and it's so nice to have reminders of the different phases they go through! So so so adorable!

  21. Meg

    Naomi, this is really random, but where did you get Eleanor's fur-lined winter coat from your Beso featured picture? It is so cute!

  22. best photo ever!

  23. @meg, it is from zara.

  24. ashtyn

    in my family, we call that face that eleanor makes a "snicker-snort." my little brother did it when he was little! its such a cute face

  25. Mariana

    Sooo CUTE!!! :D

  26. Natasha

    Hahahaha… She's adorable!!!! =)))))

  27. db artsy

    That was my fave face of my oldest daughter. She was obsessed with it, and the hilarious way they breathe! Super cute, non? My second was/is the one that stuffs her mouth.
    Ahhhh, babies – they're the best.

  28. Anna

    Best.face.ever. She is so adorable!

  29. This is the cutest thing everrrr. Oh this girl is going to have attitude! :)

  30. Tasha

    it's ridiculous how adorable she is and that expression is priceless!!!

  31. JennySue

    oh my goodness, baby girls are so yummy. my one year old is my 3rd baby (first 2 are boys), and i'm relishing these cutesie baby looks as much as possible bc i see how fast they grow up. i enjoy each and every day though bc it gets more and more fun as they age!! yours is a cutie- love the baby puff stage!

  32. I love her outfit and hat, so adorable. Would you mind sharing what the brands are called?
    Many Thanks

  33. She is so cute. I love the outfit and little hat so adorable. Do you mind sharing where they are from?
    Many Thanks

  34. Your daughter is so adorable and pretty!

    Votre fille est tellement adorable et mignonne!

  35. Reminds me of the famous photo of Johnny cash!!