here’s to happiness {by caroline}

10 things that make caroline terribly happy:
  1. pumpkin in everything- pies, lattes, soups & cookies
  2. hearing my favorite song come on the radio
  3. the smell of freshly cut grass and freshly squeezed lemons
  4. reading a book that leaves a lasting impression
  5. bins of fresh flowers at the farmers market
  6. having a reason to wear my new trench coat and rain boots
  7. splashing around in said trench coast and rain boots
  8. being greeted by my husband after a long day’s work
  9. the feeling of the wind in your hair while riding a bike
  10. knowing that my favorite holidays are just around the corner
thank you for sharing, caroline!
ps. caroline made the rain boots illustration, too. how darling, right?
  1. i loev my hunter wellingtons, and splashing in them also :D

    this list is such a happy one :D

  2. Love this! And the picture is absolutely adorable!

  3. Hannah

    gorgeous post!! i love this illustration


  4. Yes! holidays are coming up! So excited! i love the illustration!

  5. coolness! (i love the up-coming holidays too)! :)

  6. what a sweet little list.

  7. I could have written this myself. I agree with every single item (especially #1!).

  8. I could have written this myself. I agree with every single item (especially #1!).

  9. ezrazoe

    wow… where did you find Caroline? She is amazing.. love those illos!

  10. Jacob

    i love these things, too!

  11. I love that illustration!! Freshly squeezed lemons mmm yes and yes

  12. Red Hunter Wellingtons and Daisies, my favorite flower, put a huge smile on my face. Definitely makes me HAPPY!


  13. Pumpkin season! Hooray!

  14. So glad you're doing these lists again!!

  15. ahh, i love that all my favorite holidays are almost here too! swoon worthy list girl!
    xo TJ

  16. happy lists make me happy! So glad you brought this feature back to the blog.

  17. kate

    I'm so glad you brought this feature back, it may be the reason I started following your blog. I stayed for the adorbs babe and family.

  18. Caty

    Great list! And I love that illustration.

  19. That's just so sweet :)

    And funny, too, because I just yesterday bought a pair of Hunter wellies!

  20. thanks for this post, it's nice to get to know other bloggers. c: ps: i love splashing around in water puddles too.

    [ blog | twitter ]

  21. whitney

    i love this! the list is perfect to sit back and reflect the little things that add happiness to life!

    and the sketch is adorable!


  22. love it! and that picture is too cute.

  23. Lauren

    Love happy lists! Happy lists make me happy. :)
    thanks for sharing!

  24. this is so cute! I love it! :D

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  25. great things and wow i love the illustration!


  26. Mmm now I want to make something with pumpkin in it.

    the drawing makes me happy :-)

  27. I SO agree with number 10! I am dying for Christmas to come back around. I'll get to go home for the first time in a year and a half (I'm in the military and haven't gotten to go home for quite awhile). Thanks for your happy lists!


  28. this makes me want some red rain boots just like when I was a kid… It also makes me want christmas to come faster cause the best presents always come in overstuffed red stockings :)

  29. Love 4, 5 and 8. Cute little drawings!

  30. any excuse to wear rain boots! i'm buying a new pair before we get a good snow this winter.

    we're not usually an area that gets a ton of snow but we've had a major snowfall two years in a row now, so i'll finally be prepared this time!

  31. Love all of this :)
    Really want some little red boots now!


  32. Haley K

    amen to pumpkin everything, favorite songs, splashing in fall rain, and the holidays being in sight! :) and that illustration is FANTASTIC :)

  33. Love her illustrations so much that I just went and bought SIX!
    Thanks for posting this, otherwise I'd be missing out!

  34. Lauren

    Hunter wellies!

  35. I really smiled at her "reading a book that leaves a lasting impression." I just read, "Peace Like a River" and can't stop telling everyone how beautiful it was!

  36. Erin

    Great list! And Caroline has the CUTEST drawings!

  37. Ainsley

    what a cute little drawing!