family outing.

we hopped on our bikes last night and enjoyed the new chilly autumn air while riding around the district (although today it was hot again. so confusing!) we stopped by taylor gourmet for sandwiches and ravioli on our way home. we can’t wait for more autumn weather!
*MY BABY IS ALWAYS IN A HELMET. this last photo was taken before the helmet was put on as we were leaving taylor gourmet.
  1. michelle

    Naomi: please, please, please tell us where your sweater is from? I need it!

  2. Kirsten

    Cute photos! :)

    Really funny to read people's reactions to your biking trips. I'm from Denmark (Copenhagen) and our normal way of getting around is biking – all the time!! Yes, that also means in party dresses and HIGH HEELS and when it's SNOWING (sometimes combined)!

    Nothing beats the sight of a woman on a bike in golden stilettos and wearing a helmet. I <3 Copenhagen :)

    Quick question: Where's your adorable yellow scarf from? :)

  3. love your outfit in that last pic. so darling! now imma hafta go out and shamelessly copycat! ps darling family as always (;

  4. What a lovely night! Nothing better than fall bike rides.
    What an amazing outfit, too!

  5. Oh my goodness, her outfit is too cute! Love it! :-D

  6. whimsy

    ok you guys are so darling! i love it all.

  7. Hi! Good that you use a helmet on Eleanor, but you too should use one. Really! Even though we adults think dearly of our little ones, we forget ourselves.
    Helmets are a must :)

  8. Lulu B

    I LOVE Your blog! it always brings a smile to my face xx

  9. Rudi

    Awwwww check out that baby fall fashion!!
    I can't wait until my life is at this point. You make me want a husband and baby even more than I already do.

    love, rudi

  10. steph

    Can't believe some people are asking you to justify yourself … (sigh)…
    Anyway, cutest baby ever, cutest baby outfit ever, and I'm sure E. has the cutest helmet EVER.
    Love from France


  11. Adorable! I need a bicycle with a basket… and maybe in a few years too ;)

  12. I want EVERYTHING you dress your little one in! She's always so adorable.

  13. Wendy

    Super-de-duper awesome outfit you're wearing!

  14. Lauren

    Eleanor is such a cutie pie! I definitely think that you need to show us pictures of her helmet, because it has to be adorbs on her!

  15. Chelsey

    Oh… your baby's outifit is seriously adorable.

  16. you dress her so well! she always looks like such a rockstar baby.

  17. Strbuck4

    taylor gourmet is great! you should get the island avenue next time, one of my favorite sandwiches!

  18. Katie

    your sweater is so cute were did you get it!!!

  19. Aimee

    I love your Linus bikes!