eleanor’s first rock concert :: beirut.

earlier this summer, josh surprised me with tickets to see beirut! (ahhh!) after months of anticipation and excitement, so we drove down to richmond virginia on tuesday to see them perform.
we debated what to do with eleanor. leave her in d.c. with a sitter? no. how about with kingsley? no. maybe find a sitter in richmond? noooo. so…. what about taking her? and take her we did. i guess her little baby banz noise silencing headphones were comfy because she fell asleep before it even started and didn’t wake up until the last song. somehow you can’t take photos at the national theatre (where beirut performed) but i very quietly snapped these two during the last song anyway because i am a mother who wants to annoyingly document everything for my baby…. and also, this way i can kindly remind her when our taste in music clashes someday that once upon a time when she was 9 months old, she had really good taste in music and shows. ;)
  1. Sarah

    those head phones are too cute on E!

  2. Gacuchna

    it might seem weird, but when i have children i want to be as good a parent as you are :D and i mean both of you :D

  3. she looks so cute with the headphones :)

  4. emma

    I have to hand it to Elaenor, great choice of first concert! We've bought our tickets for Halloween night and I am soooo excited!!! I love seeing babies at concerts with those big headphones on. Its comforting to know that when my husband and I have a little one, it won't mean an end to all the fun! haha! I know thats silly, but it really is a concern and something that makes me wonder if we should hold off, even though we want kids so badly. Its nice to see young parents still being young people- just with the addition of a baby!

  5. Ciara

    Awww thats so cute! I'm seeing Beirut tonight and I'm so excited! Glad you had a good time!

  6. Awww this is so adorable! One day when I have my babies I want to take them to concerts too! Beirut are amazing aren't they! Saw them playing at a festival over here in Ireland! I read your blog daily Naomi its the sweetest! x

  7. I'm sure she'll have great taste in music when she gets older! I mean, she already has a fabulous sense of style. ;) I wish my parent would have taken me to a concert when I was 9 months old…

  8. how fun! we have been to many concerts but we have never taken the kids. we debated, but we both have parents in our home town to help out.

    i think we're seeing beirut in november!

  9. This is so neat! :) You're just leading her in the right musical direction… hah.

  10. colleen

    love. and love that she slept through it. too sweet.

  11. sin

    my fav band and my fav family what a cute couple. i found your blog with Postcards From Italy video. love you guys.

  12. Very jealous of Miss Eleanor!
    Beirut is my favorite.
    What a great time.


  13. HANNA

    Oh I love Beirut!!!

  14. julia

    you are a good mother.what an amazing start!
    she has really great taste

  15. Samantha

    Cool, where did you get those headphones from? I wanted to get some for 4th of Julys and any other loud event we might take little man too.

  16. Rinda

    Saw Beirut last summer. Such a great show! Claire's (my daughter)first concert was The Arcade Fire, in April.

  17. Beirut are one of my favourite favourite bands! I bet they rocked.

  18. a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!!! and what a great first concert to see too!

  19. so jealous you got to see them! they're so talented, and yes, i have every CD. Thats awesome that Eleanor got to share that with you guys even though she was mostly asleep :)

  20. bethani

    as usual e is as cute as can be with those pink headphones on.

    glad she enjoyed herself and allowed mommy and daddy enjoy themselves too.

  21. Burgess

    We took our 9 month old to the Foo Fighters and he loved it. He did so good that a few months later we took him to the Rolling Stones and we only made it through 2 songs before we had to leave. I'm still sad about it to this day!

  22. Sonja

    Awww she's so cute! What a cool baby, going to such an awesome concert at 9 months! :o)
    Those noise silencing headphones are a genius invention!

  23. nicole

    Oh wow! I love Beirut. Eleanor clearly has excellent taste! (Good job, parents.) xo.

  24. Devin

    Hahahaha oh my gosh that picture is adorable :)

  25. Naomi, This is so cool!
    I hope I can be such a good mama someday!

    … and I'll definitely take my baby to my favorite rock concerts.

    PS. btw, beirut rocks.


  26. Connie

    I'd sneak a few pics too (;

  27. Sarah

    This is so great! I've heard of those ear phones. It's good to know they work. I'd be afraid my baby would tug them off. What a great family outing!


  28. Ahhh….so awesome :) I think it's great that you take her everywhere with you. It shows that you can have babies + still have fun + do the things that you used to do! She seems like such an easygoing baby because of it!

  29. Laurie

    the headphones are too cute, and such a great idea!

  30. what a great way to introduce her to concerts! i love seeing babies with headphones at shows. it gives me hope that i'll be able to do to the same someday with kids!

  31. Shan

    I'm so jealous! beirut is my favorite band of all time! how amazing was it live!?

  32. aw, she just looks so cute in her little headphones. so glad to know that babies actually like those things, and that they really do work. SO lucky!!
    glad you had fun!
    xo TJ

  33. abby

    gosh, your kid is already cooler than me!

  34. jordan

    aw she is so adorable!!!!

  35. I love this. My first concert was the Ramones when I was five. My dad STILL tells the story because when he asked what I thought, I told him the band was "boring." The Ramones! Go figure…

  36. yayy for taking baby everywhere! and double yay for her sleeping through it!

  37. Kendra

    She totally could have spent the evening at our place! I can't believe she was so good for you guys! How lucky are you.

  38. She looks so cute with those headphones! What a blessing to have a baby girl that is not fussy during something like that! :)

  39. lina

    so cute & so amazing!

  40. Awmber

    That's so awesome that she wasn't fussy when you took her with you! I saw Beirut this summer the day before I moved 1/2 way across the country and it was so magical. Hope you enjoyed it!

  41. awww too cute.
    that's a good baby you have there.


  42. what a great first concert to go to! she will certainly thank you one of these days :)

  43. jenna

    I was there!! wasn't it a fantastic show? sounded just as good in person.

  44. magnolia

    i'm so jealous! a 9 month old e. is allowed to see BEIRUT (!!!) and me? 23 year old and never seen them.. buhuhuhuhuh.

  45. dardame

    tooooo cute! glad you got to take eleanor. your family is the sweetest family of all time :)

  46. Jenna E

    Jealous!!! I am so happy to see you take your babe everywhere. My girlfriend who is 6 months pregnant right now were talking and we totally want to be the cool parents who take their kid EVERYWHERE.

  47. Coco

    this is fantastic… i love it!

  48. Alicia

    Gah! I would have TOTALLY watched her! We live 10 minutes from that concert hall. Still cool that you guys took her though. Love the pink headphones. :)

  49. that's awesome and what a great first consert.

  50. Vanessa

    Nice choice! My parents were music lovers, and I believe my first concert (in my momma's belly) was Rush, haha.

  51. Jo

    This is sooo cool! She is going to love that pic someday!!

  52. We saw them when i was pregnant! It was wonderful and horrible at the same time. Too many smokers and a prego belly! Love them though!

  53. sinika

    We just took our boys to Flaming Lips last month- they are 5 and 8 and it was pretty much their first show. How lucky for Eleanor to start so young!

  54. Slightly a tad jealous you got to see them in concert.

  55. I am in LOVE with Beirut! "Scenic World," "Postcards from Italy," "Elephant Gun," "Nantes!"… I love it! = ]

  56. so glad you enjoyed yourself!

  57. Julie

    You guys are the coolest parents I know, besides my own!

  58. B


  59. Carly

    I'm so jealous of all of you! I arrived back in Richmond from a European trip the night Beirut was performing. What a great first show for Eleanor!

  60. Britney

    Haha what an awesome family getaway! I probably would have chickened out and kept my little man at home–I admire you for bringing your sweet girl with you and letting her enjoy the good music too!

  61. Nice choice for her first gig! Gotta love the ear muffs :)

  62. totally gonna do this with my bebe too, when the time comes. i would LOVE to see beirut – one of my favorites.

  63. Mags

    She looks so cute with her little pink headphones on!

  64. Hali

    I cannot believe she can forever say that Beirut was her first concert! She is going to have such a beautiful life and a wonderful taste in music with you two as her parents! Sooo precious!

  65. Ah! That's so cute – I love those huge headphones on her little head. She is going to have such good music taste!

  66. I'm SO glad you put those head phones on her! It's so sad to damage their little ears! Beirut must have been amazing!! : )

  67. Unknown

    First time commenting…but I just had to…I am from RVA and I was at that concert! I am still halfway dreaming. They were so magical…the music, the lighting, everything. Great choice for baby's first concert.

  68. haha so cute :) she's gonna love that you document everything. and her husband will love it even more :)

  69. What awesome parents!

    I went to Austin City Limits about a month back and I was so happy to see parents with their kids… Picnic lunches, temporarily dyed hair and all! Can't wait to experience new things with my babies someday!


  70. What awesome parents!

    I went to Austin City Limits about a month back and I was so happy to see parents with their kids… Picnic lunches, temporarily dyed hair and all! Can't wait to experience new things with my babies someday!


  71. Alyssa

    Aww, the last photo is really sweet. I personally don't like the idea of daycare and babysitters unless the little ones are being watched by close friends or family… but I'm not a momma yet, so maybe things will change if I decide to go that route. You totally could have left her with Kingsley, I'm sure he's an amazing babysitter :]

    Shop Vintage ♥

  72. Rie

    …and that is why your blog is called 'rockstar diaries'

    perfect :)

  73. aww that is so sweet! and I'd love to see beirut! I am sure our little Oscar would love it too!!!

  74. Hanna

    i must get some of those headphones! we would have taken violet too, it's not the same without them anymore

  75. This is TO cute. I would totally sneak pictures of my baby listening to music at a concert too. Even more so if it was Beirut! I love, love, loooove that band. Great taste Eleanor and Mama!

  76. Rhianne

    this makes me so excited, I want to be a parent that takes my children to gigs too – I saw so many parents with babies at the festival that we went in the summer (wearing the cute ear defenders) and it was great to think that you can share these things with your children and that they don't have to stop you doing things :)

  77. So I was waiting for this post to come up so I could comment…. I'm from RVA and I was at the show and I actually saw Josh at the merchandise table buying a t-shirt (I bought one too: http://agirlnamedleney.blogspot.com/2011/10/yesterday.html)! We exchanged a word or two but I was too star struck (I mean you guys are rock stars after all) to tell him I follow your blog and I knew who he was!
    So glad you guys had a good time though:) You introduced me to Beirut with your Postcards From Italy video and they have been my favorite ever since! This was my second time seeing them:)
    Sorry for the overly long comment but I just had to share that!
    Lots of love <3 Leney

  78. Grace

    I don't think she would ever disagree with your music taste. As you have just introduced me to beirut and I would think your 2 pretty cool cats and be excited by the fact at 9 months I was introduced to such musical talent. Amazing job and if anything she will be asking your advice on musicians :)

  79. absolutely adore :-)

  80. Awww, eleanor is so adorable with those headphones! I bet you caan't wait to show her these photos someday!

  81. What a sweet thing to do as a family! Props to you and Josh for taking Eleanor with you!

  82. My husband just interviewed for med school at George Washington in DC and even though I have never met you, I have been following your blog forever so I thought of all the pictures I see on your blog :).
    I have a question, I will be in New York City to watch my dad run the marathon next week and we want some good local restaurants to eat at. I know you lived there forever so do you have suggestions? If you are interested in sharing ideas could you email me? [email protected]. I'm embarrased to ask since I don't know you but I thought you would have good suggestions :). We aren't looking for super nice/expensive places for the most part.

  83. just saw them a few weeks ago in denver! excellent performance & theatrics, as usual : ] i do hope you picked up one of their concert tees this time…they're too cute & comfy!

  84. melissa

    My friends just told me about your (I have no idea how come I've never stumbled across it yet) It's become my instant new favorite.

    I JUST bought Beirut's album on vinyl. I cant get enough! They are on my list to see them live. Go baby rockstar!

    Simply, Melissa Ashley

  85. That's so cute! I'm she'll love the band in the future & she'll love to see her pics on the concert. You did right taking the pics, although it was forbidden.

  86. 7legs

    new to your blog and I'm in love with it! can't wait for a lazy weekend to read through your archives. And on topic: Beirut! Yeah! Fabulous inaugural concert choice for baby.

  87. This is adorable! I love that you brought her and were so safe with the headphones. You're great parents :)

  88. Sarah G

    i'm so jealous! i really wanted to go to that show but couldn't because of work.

  89. Kate

    So freakin' cute!

  90. tRiSh

    Hope you had an excellent evening!
    So happy to see parents doing things with their children no matter what! =)