eleanor’s first rock concert :: beirut.

earlier this summer, josh surprised me with tickets to see beirut! (ahhh!) after months of anticipation and excitement, so we drove down to richmond virginia on tuesday to see them perform.
we debated what to do with eleanor. leave her in d.c. with a sitter? no. how about with kingsley? no. maybe find a sitter in richmond? noooo. so…. what about taking her? and take her we did. i guess her little baby banz noise silencing headphones were comfy because she fell asleep before it even started and didn’t wake up until the last song. somehow you can’t take photos at the national theatre (where beirut performed) but i very quietly snapped these two during the last song anyway because i am a mother who wants to annoyingly document everything for my baby…. and also, this way i can kindly remind her when our taste in music clashes someday that once upon a time when she was 9 months old, she had really good taste in music and shows. ;)
  1. i channel my inner european listening to beirut. something about the driving folksy guitar and accordion that take me back to italy every.single.time. this kid is gonna have great taste in music!

  2. Kristen

    e looks so cute with her headphones!

  3. Woah!!!! seriously wishing I could have traded places with Eleanor for the day! What a lucky little lady (and mommy and daddy)! I love Beirut like no other.

  4. beth

    that is so sweet! hope the concert was amazing!