1. I love Eleanor's sweater! She's such a stylish baby.

  2. Those eyes! My goodness!

    ~ Angela

  3. Liesl

    She is too darling for words…how lovely for her to have father daughter bonding time!

    Liesl :)

  4. Goodness Eleanor's hair is getting to be quite long!

  5. hahahahahahaha
    those little hands, so cuuuuute!

  6. She gets cuter and cuter by the day! And I love BOTH their shirts!

  7. jeands

    Lovely eyes. Lovely.

  8. Her eyes are so pretty and green!

  9. Kate

    Gosh, she's beautiful. Such gorgeous green eyes!

  10. Crystal

    You two created the prettiest little one! As many have already said, her eyes!

  11. ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness. i love her. i can't get over what beautiful eyes she has.

  12. Haylee

    I just bought that same exact top for my newborn niece! Wow now I officially like it 10x more now that I know you dressed your daughter in it. ha, and she's adorable by the way, but that can kind of go left unsaid.

  13. Love green eyes!

  14. hannah

    she is adorable! :) I love how effortless you make motherhood look. Something to aspire to!

  15. brittany

    oh my goodness, that precious little face! that fishing, that is pretty serious business!

  16. makall

    my baby girl wore that exact shirt yesterday! its one of my favorites :) your girl is just so precious.

  17. Mrs. Ham

    her angelic face is so dang cute! what a sweet papa!


  18. jkd

    aww so cute. she has such beautiful eyes!

  19. Sini

    She is so beautiful :)

  20. LoXeT

    daddy can u join on my site?? :D

  21. Mariana

    Her eyes… So beautiful!!!

  22. Olivas

    Jejeje!She´s beautiful and very nice!!!

  23. It's been said by everyone but, oh my gosh, she is the cutest baby ever!
    Thanks for a great blog by the way, I love you pictures. I just started following you from Spain!

    // Jessicainmadrid.wordpress.com

  24. Katie

    Honestly, I'm starting to think she's the most adorable little girl in the world..

  25. bethani

    e has some AMAZING eyes! she'll be capturing a boys heart with them one day. til then ice "fishing" and apple gnawing. :)

  26. Samantha

    Even simple moments, when you have a baby, are picture worthy. I feel like I never put my camera down. Who would ever have thought sticking your hand in a water glass would be cute…but Eleanor proves it!

  27. She is so gorgeous! I want to cuddle her so tight!

  28. Those eyes are killing me! She's so precious :)

  29. OH MY GOODNESS! Look at those eyes! such a gorgeous baby girl! You guys are so lucky!!

  30. Cassie

    oh goodness! I don't know how I never noticed the color of her eyes! So stunning!

  31. Cassie

    oh goodness! I don't know how I never noticed the color of her eyes! So stunning!

  32. awww those eyes, and love the stripes! what a darling!!

  33. Brie

    She has the sweetest face! Ahh, and that sweater! So stinkin adorable!



  34. Alex

    She has the most beautiful eyes!!

  35. WHAT A CUTIE!! Her eyes are stunning!

  36. I can't get over how beautiful her eyes are!! Such a pretty color!

  37. those beautiful big green eyes are just absolutely stunning!! can't wait to see her grow into them!!
    xo TJ

  38. kelly*

    those eyes!!!! we green eyed girls are a rare and wonderful bunch!

  39. Frieda

    her eyes are amazing :) she is such a cutie anyway :)

  40. her eyes are incredible! my baby loves playing with ice too. this morning it was my cereal.


  41. Skye

    can't get over that adorable face and those beautiful eyes!

  42. Karin

    hee, hee…she's such a little cutie! :)

  43. Bettina

    Wow !
    This eyes !


  44. From her eyes to her sweater to her cute red pants, she is simply adorable!

  45. Hannah

    aww Eleanor looks adorable



  46. Kayla

    those eyes! she's going to drive the boys crazy!

  47. Sarah

    I just recently found your blog, and I love it. Your family is so sweet, and your little girl is just gorgeous – those eyes, my goodness!

  48. Hanna

    this is so sweet

  49. Rheana

    Oh my goodness…what beautiful eyes!!!

  50. Look at that precious face! I just want to kiss her chubby little cheeks. What a DOLL!

  51. Carly

    Ugh, I think I have the same shirt as Eleanor…