1. kaydee

    that is freakin' adorable!!

  2. Oh, Kingsley. What an adorable video. Well done sir!

  3. Pretty sure you have the most adorable baby and pup, her smile :) melt. Does E look like you or Josh when you guys were babies?

  4. Carly

    oh my gosh i want a baby and a dog right now.

  5. Thats just so precious! I love those little doggie kisses!!!! Cute, cute, cute! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  6. Mariela

    Ha! very cute and funny!.

  7. This is THE funniest. How adorable.
    My favorite song too :)

  8. kingsley will be the death of me. i love it when he takes over.


  9. Shan

    I just want to squeeze them both!

  10. PS. The Black Keys video for "Tighten Up" rocks my world :)

  11. Probably the best video you have ever showed! Seriously adorable!!!!!

  12. Unknown

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  13. eleanor is just seriously such a happy baby!!!

  14. Unknown

    Why do dogs have a fixation on our faces? My dog loves to lick up into my boyfriends nose and in his ears! I bet he's trying to get his brain. So gross but so funny to watch :]

  15. Love seeing your furbaby with your little E! Double dose of cuteness!

  16. "baby i'm howlin' for you" how precious! i'm sure this video will be provoking lots of "awe's" tonight.

  17. Liesl

    Oh my goodness this is the cutes post and video ever…LOVE it!!! Thanks for making me smile! :)

    Liesl :)

  18. Molly H.

    that is BEYOND adorable!

  19. nicole

    such a sweet post, it's awesome how happy your world makes people!! i love that its positive and uplifting, all the "reality tv" that's so popular right now should take note, you don't need drama and raunch to be appealing!!

  20. AHH!!!
    So many kisses!

  21. i love seeing how much e and kingsley get along. so precious!!!
    xo TJ

  22. Gentri

    Absolutely adorable! So doing this when I have kids. Haha!

  23. so cute my heart melts!

  24. Diana

    Wow, Kingsley! I'm pretty sure you will be the next Spielberg with those mad directing skills. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. :)

  25. that video is precious. my parents already had a dog when i was born (a golden retriever) and i grew up with him. he was my best friend! i foresee the same happening with e&k.; :)

  26. Awww! This is so adorable! :D

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  27. Natalie

    That is so stinkin cute! He is so gentle with her and you can tell they are BFFs already. I can only hope when we have kids (soon I hope!) that our dog will be as sweet as Mr. Kingsley.

    Loved the video.


  28. Jenni

    Khihihi! It's so funny! E is the cutest lil thing, no wonder K can't resist licking her sweet face and she takes him so for granted. Love and kisses! You know, I'll probably visit the apple farm tomorrow with my kids who're out of school… Have an great WE!

  29. cait

    What a good pup! Love the sneaky little butt sniff in there.

  30. Samantha

    Love! It just goes to show you that your first baby (the dog) can get along and love your first child. We have a Rottwieler and she is so great with our baby.

  31. paula

    oooohhh so cuuuuuuute! Its a great thing they get along so well. Eleanor seems happy around him and he sure loves her! again..Very cute!

  32. Lily

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  33. Lily

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  34. this is too cute. love the video. sure looks like doggy loves baby.


  35. Caty

    Very cute! Love the music.

  36. Mariana


  37. ms_aly

    D'awww! I love puppy kisses!

  38. I think I just melted into hot chocolate.

  39. So cute! My pug was the same way with all of my nieces and nephews when they were babies – licking them and rolling around with them! You can't beat a dog's love!

  40. Katz NYC

    Awww Kinglsey really loves Eleanor! Must be the best life to spend your days with those two cutiepies.

  41. Rona

    When I'm older I wanna have a baby like Eleanor, who loves my dog so much, too! :)))

  42. I'm so jealous. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and I don't think I could trust my little one to do this with my dog!

  43. Katrina

    So adorable! E and Kingsley together just melts my heart!

  44. Peach

    this is too cute, remind me of my cat and baby :)

  45. Peach

    this is too cute, reminds me of my cat and baby :)


  46. this is so darling! and I love that you chose that song. it happens to be oscar's very favorite.

  47. maroon58

    that is so cute and funny! i love how he kept licking her and she just kept on playing. love the editing and music and of course eleanor, she is the cutest baby!

  48. angie

    oh my goodness. this video is so cute!!!

  49. There aren't many things that are cuter than a dog kissing a baby… i'm dying from cuteness overload.

    Eleanor is the cutest baby, ever. :)

  50. Mrs. Ham

    Way to slobber her with kisses mr. Kingsley!!


  51. Eeny

    This is so stinking cute.
    I adore your little Eleanore. Such a happy little girl. Always makes me smile.

  52. What a perfect way to start my morning! Love it!

  53. I love Kingsley's Diary! The video is adorable…

  54. Oh my goodness too cute! Im 14 weeks pregnant and my husband and I have a 2yr old English Bulldog who LOVES to lick ears! This just makes me flash forward to what he with be doing to our baby someday soon! Love it! Thanks for sharing! :)

  55. Anuszka

    how cute!!! :)

  56. adorable! great video of those 2!

  57. Sarah

    Yay for Kingsley posts and for the Black Keys. We are HUGE fans. We discovered them on XM a while back. Seriously this video is so fun!

    – Sarah

  58. Olivas

    Jajaja!!! Very cute and funny!!!!

  59. Depirox

    Oh my gosh! Doggie baths are the best, I love how she doesn't even seem to mind. <3

  60. kristin

    That's great! So cute!

  61. Meg

    I love how his constant licking doesn't even faze Eleanor. They are so cute together!

  62. oh my goodness that is adorable! it is so funny how kids will just let dogs lick them all over and not even blink! the little boy i nanny does the same thing, only he sometimes tries to lick them back (he's only two so i don't think we need to be worried yet:)


  63. About the cutest thing I've seen this week!

  64. Sonja

    Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! that is the cutest, sweetest most adorable thing ever!!!! This actually just made my day, week and maybe even month. I think I might just sit here now and press replay a few more times :o)

  65. I love how she isn't scared of him or anything. SO super cute!

  66. hahaha, she is very tolerant of his licking! so cute.

  67. Jenna E

    lol oh my gosh!!!! I LOVE it, they are both too cute

  68. Patricia

    I love your taste in music so much! Do you have any other good band recs?

  69. Awww, look how much he loves her, so many kisses! This rocks, Kingsley.

  70. so sweet! Baby/puppy love is the best!!

  71. oooh my goodness.

  72. KateK


  73. They are sooo sweet and i love The Black keys!!

    Great blog by the way!


  74. Jennifer

    i LOVE it