a few photos from our weekend.

i feel like the weekend flew by. and somehow it is october 3rd? time is moving far too quickly for my liking these days. here are a few photos from our weekend. we spent the entire weekend as a family… we enjoyed a lot of baking (mostly josh), watching general conference from our bed, a late afternoon breakfast at ted’s bulletin (who doesn’t love hash browns and eggs at 3:30pm?) and lots and lots of naps.
ps. my socks below have little bulldogs on them. they are actually josh’s socks. but i like to steal his socks and wear them everyday because he always has the coolest ones.

  1. Laura

    oh my, her eyes! she's a doll

  2. Super cute socks! Boys always do have the best ones…

  3. Wow Eleanor's eyes are amazing! and I really want a cinnamon roll right now… YUM!! :D

  4. Maddy

    I am making those rolls this week! I have to! and her eyes… they're such a pretty green! She looks so much like both of you now.. it's so neat!

  5. She's a heartbreaker for sure!

  6. and can I please be invited next time? Those look so delicious. I'm salivating.

  7. E's eyes are amazing and it looks like you had a great weekend. I love weekends when I can stay home with my husband and my golden retriever and not go anywhere at all. Those are what make it the good life :) Bravo on the cinnamon rolls btw. YUM.



  8. robyn

    sounds like a lovely weekend! mine wasn't quite as relaxing… i ran the st. george marathon! oh man was it hot! conference is always the best isn't it? especially accompanied by cinnamon rolls… i'm drooling.

  9. i know you're told this 20 millions times a day but man you two made one beautiful child.

  10. Good gracious, that baby of yours is gorgeous. Her eyes and eyelashes are just precious. Looks like it was a love-filled, delicious weekend!

  11. looks like perfect conference weekend to me :) sweet pictures!

  12. colleen

    wow. a man who makes cinnamon rolls. you are lucky!

  13. Sounds like a great, relaxing weekend! Conference was so great {as always!} I love E's onsie, so cute! Did you make it? Those cinnomon rolls look amazing by the way!

  14. @mindee, the onesie is from Lou and Lee on etsy! we bought it a few years ago and i don't think she's making onesies anymore (but she does have darling headbands).


  15. those cinnamon rolls look to die for and Eleanor is the cutest! I also can't believe it's October already.

  16. are we getting addicted to cinnamon rolls? well, you guys got us berlin kids on it a least. eleanore is cute as ever and your weekend looks just perfect to me!

  17. Your little one is so so cute… look at her eyes! :)

    Do you mind sharing your cinnamon rolls recipe? They look so good!

  18. @tammy, we used paula deen's recipe and it's linked on my blog in a few posts before this one.


  19. Ah her eyes are gorgeous! I love her! :)

  20. Diana

    After all your salivating photos of those cinnamon rolls, I just had to go bake some myself. They were (and are thanks to leftovers) delicious. Thanks for the suggestion!

  21. Eden

    such a precious family. :) eleanor is so blessed to have these memories for her to look at someday. <3


  22. Cassie

    What a dolly! And those cinnamon rolls are calling my name…mmm

  23. AndieLo

    Dear Taza what a wonderful photos and what a beautiful baby!!! :)


  24. Alyssa

    I think I'm in love with you. haha Such cute photos!

  25. Is that a doily on E's shirt? Absolutely darling :-)

    I was wondering where that breakfast place was in DC, we are always looking for new ones in the area

  26. You have got to post the recipe for those cinnamon rolls! I am dying here… mmm.

  27. Oh my goodness! Those cinnamon rolls look so good! You should definitely post your recipe. I would love to make some!

  28. Mrs. Ham

    I was so close to making those cinnamon rolls this weekend for conference….but we didn't have one ingredient and I was too lazy to go to the store! Cute socks!


  29. J.Lynn

    Oh man, I wish my boyfriend would make me cinnamon rolls from scratch ;) && love the socks!

  30. I wonder if I can get E's shirt in an adult size. :) Super pretty!

    Also, my boyfriend and I plan on getting a bulldog after I graduate college & I move out of this crampy apartment. Just to let you know, though…I may or may not have sent my man a picture text of the Kinglsey picture in this post with the words: "Be still my heart." He's such a cutie(!!).

  31. love the socks – and your baby, too precious! and those cinnamon rolls look sooo delish!

  32. I need those cinnamon rolls in my life!

  33. I totally agree. I feel like time is moving so fast!
    Oh and the cinnamon rolls look aaaaaamazing!

  34. Your family is just too cute! I melt every time I look at your pics! Glad your weekend was wonderful!

  35. Looks like a great weekend! I wasn't able to watch conference-had to go to a prep course for my LCSW exam, all day Sat and Sun. No fun!

    Love that one of Kingsley!!


  36. our weekend sounded very similar…but not as many naps as I'd hoped for! guess that's how it goes with a 6 month old though?
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  37. Carly

    goodness, E is darling! and those cinnamon rolls look sooo good!

  38. Yumm! My mother-in-law showed me how to make cinnamon rolls last Christmas and I have yet to try them without her by my side but you have motivated me.

  39. Leticia

    She's seriously such a pretty baby! And wasn't General Conference wonderful?!

  40. Those have got to be the most perfectly rolled cinnamon rolls ever. OH, my gosh.

  41. The cinnamon swirls almost had me salivating!
    Men's clothes are always more comfy and better in general, it's just a law of the universe

  42. I know this is echoing what everyone else has said but those cinnamon rolls look fab and I love that your husband bakes.

    Kingsley is the cutest doggie ever!!!

    Your little girly looks so much like Josh, I think that every time you post a pic.

    Adorable family!

  43. Olivas

    E have a beautiful eyes!!!!!

  44. M.R.

    i LOVE those socks- so cute!

    hubby gets mad when I steal his! :-)


  45. Hannah

    love these socks, such cute photos



  46. Did you ever noticed that Elenoar has pretty impressive brows for a baby?
    She is so beautiful.

  47. lovely pictures!
    and: you´re right! the socks are the coolest :D


  49. Eleanor is just absolutely gorgeous. Those cinnabuns look wonderful as well :)

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  50. Jacob

    sounds like you had a great weekend!!!

    I live for the weekend — to bad it's tuesday!

  51. nova

    Are you KIDDING! Freakin' bulldog socks? I need some NOW.

  52. Rachel

    LOVE Eleanor's shirt!

  53. i was wondering what those icons were on your socks. lol. cuuuute little bulldogs.xD beautiful pics as always! ps: i love breakfast in bed at 3:30pm too. eheh.
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  54. looks like a great weekend! :)

  55. you truly have one of the most adorable babies in the world!

    and an awesome hubby, those cinnamon buns look to die for!

  56. Rachel

    Your baby and my baby could be sisters, seriously.

  57. Anna

    beautiful, beautiful photos. i would about die to have one of those cinnamon rolls right about now… :)

  58. Your weekend pics are SO making me want to whip up some cinnamon buns! We had a waffle party – I bet I could incorporate some of the leftover toppings into the buns :)

  59. You have an absolutely incredibly beautiful child, although i am sure you already knew that :)

  60. haley

    My man doesn't like socks "over or touching the ankle" but I love it- but I bought those exact socks for him anyway since he has a beloved bulldog:)

  61. Cambria

    Her eyes are the most beautiful green ever!


  62. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!! Eleanor is so precious & a beautiful angel!!!! I love Kingsley's expression!! The cinnamon buns look absolutely delicious!

  63. tu y yo

    that all sounds so wonderful!

  64. Rachel U

    I love conference weekend. And I love your blog!:) Those cinnamon rolls look DELISH. Recipe???

  65. Ainsley

    those look so amazing and now i want to run home and make homemade cinnybuns!

  66. Those cinnamon rolls are to die for! …and I'm dying to make someon my own – Recipie?