while at bridger…

…we ran into the cutest little froggy.
and we threw her up into the air.
because we noticed that makes the little froggy laugh so loud.
and we love it when she laughs so loud.
it’s the best sound.
especially when we pretend she’s a froggy.

*i know her outfit and hat aren’t period correct, but it would get so cold when the sun went down at night at bridger that as a first time mommy, i was certain she’d get frostbite… or something. and that’s the only hat she won’t pull off her head at the moment. so…. we went with it.
  1. Meghan

    Where did you find the froggie hat?!

  2. Nicole

    Please tell where you got that adorable hat!

  3. i am 21, and i really enjoy this blog.. i've never really seen a successful happy, young relationship before, you guys just seem so lovely and it gives me hope to find love as well! your baby is def. one of the cutest i've ever seen too!

  4. oh my gosh. just read all about bridger and am *dying* to go. what a goofy, hilarious, wonderful celebration of history and modernity.