evanston, wyoming: the scoop.

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on our way to fort bridger to meet up with my family last week, we stopped in evanston wyoming to see what their little downtown had to offer. we happened upon the cutest little ice cream parlor called the scoop. and since we were on vacation, we decided the best way to celebrate such a thing was with ice cream and a milkshake for dinner. :)
  1. I seem no shame in that. Any decent ice-cream lover would have done the same.

  2. You have the cutest little family…maybe…ever?

  3. how on earth is e so cute! her faces just make my day when i stop by:) cannot wait to havea family like this.

  4. MellyB

    Genius, probably the best decision you made that day. Almost as good as Iceream for breakfast and lunch too.

  5. Striped pants – so cute!

  6. oh my gosh you guys are just a gorgeous super cute family. i am new to your blog. how do i get 10,000 followers? u r amazing!!

  7. Good choice! What an adorable little shop.

  8. The scoop is very good!!! I love going to evanston its one of the perks of living in wyoming 24/7 ha :)

  9. ice cream always makes a trip more fun! and usually tastes better as dinner, too :)

  10. Sheryl

    Your daughter smiles so much. It's adorable.

  11. Mallory

    Just got back from Wyoming! Love this beautiful state!

  12. abby

    oh, does that make me crave a scoop or what?! love how much your baby is turning into a little girl. so expressive!

  13. Yum! Gotta love a dessert dinner :)

  14. You have such a cute little family! It makes me long for a little one!
    Glad your vacation was wonderful!

  15. Sarah


  16. Sonja

    mmm.. who needs more for dinner?
    Such cute photos! :o)

  17. lovin' the colorful, striped, fun, phone cover**
    the little table is too cute! but these pictures are even cuter((:

  18. erin

    i had a softball tournament in this town when i was 12! seeing this post brought back tons of great childhood memories. thank you for sharing.

  19. Samantha

    Perfect! I bet traveling with a baby is a challenge, but you seem to make it work.

  20. Nicole

    way to go on enjoying the little moments.

    cutest fam ever!

  21. Diana

    Are those jeans you're wearing, Naomi? Leggings? Either way, you look so chic. Bonus points for adding red to an already awesome ensemble.

  22. That's where I'm from :) It is a fun ice cream shop. That's about all we have though.. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  23. Jessica

    your family is so cute!

  24. Naomi

    Your family pics are so cute and giddy, I love them!

  25. mmm!! it's so hot today, maybe i'll just treat myself to ice cream for dinner too! now if i could only find a quaint little parlor..

  26. Mrs. Ham

    i love that place!! fun trip!


  27. yes, it is cute! we've stopped there before on our way to jackson hole!

    you guys are darling.

  28. Alyssa

    I'm seriously about to go and get some ice cream right now :] There aren't really any decent ice cream parlors in my city, but there is Ben & Jerry's! Mmmm. ♥ Btw, can you please hurry up and become a model if you aren't already? You are downright gorgeous, one of the prettiest women ever!


  29. What great photos! I'm loving that one of you and Eleanor outside the ice cream shop. Ice cream is ALWAYS a good idea! :)
    ~ Angela

  30. Alanah

    Your family photos are the greatest! And I love that you and Josh have almost matching glasses now.

  31. Oh geez! I was already craving ice cream and this just made it worse!
    Also, Little E is getting cuter by the day!

  32. Jennifer

    I love the Eleanor-sized wrought iron table set–she looks so at home in that photo!

  33. Love your cute red shoes! are they thrifted or might I be able to find a pair for myself somewhere?

  34. emily

    ben and i do ice cream for dinner sometimes… probably too often.
    but i love it.

  35. Kortnie

    SOO crazy! I was in Evanston Wyoming and Fort Bridger this last week too!! Gosh what a small world! I would have loved to see you….you are like a celebrity haha! I love your blog!

  36. Whitney

    never, ever, ever can there ever be enough ice cream in the world.
    Eleanor is adorable…but we already know that! :)

  37. Katy

    how fun! ;-)

  38. Gretchen

    I also went to Fort Bridger this weekend to spend time with my family. I saw this guy at church that looked just like your husband and he was holding a baby that looks just like your little cutie. I thought it couldn't be you because you are all the way in D.C. I totally freaked out when I saw on the blog that you were there. Your family was sitting in the row in front of my family. I almost said something to you, but like I said, I didn't think it was really you. (Is it weird to have stranger say hi?)

  39. the scoop is the most perfect name for an ice cream shop!

  40. Mmmm, I love places like that. :)

  41. What a gorgeous little ice cream shop! I love those types of old-fashioned, vintage/homey restaurants and wish we had more around the DC area :)

    P.S. I almost bought that same phone case this weekend…simply gorgeous…but had to go with my heart and get the one with a Yeti :)

    Have a fabulous trip!

    Jenn xo

  42. Victoria

    Ice cream AND a milkshake? Sounds good to me ;)

  43. what a cute little ice cream shop! ice cream for dinner always sounds good to me, vacation or not :)

  44. tRiSh

    this looks like a place to be! miam!

  45. oh my gosh look at her sitting in that little chair. too precious

  46. That place looks awesome :) I love having ice cream for dinner in the summer :)

  47. I spent a few weeks of the summer in Evanston and we stopped at The Scoop quite frequently! My fiance is from Evanston and I've been visiting family there for all my life making that little town a very special part of my life!

  48. emkat28

    You look so happy! Thanks for sharing photos of your little family. You are so blessed.

  49. Oh my gosh! My husband's whole family lives in Evanston, Wy as did we for a while. Small world. All the Utah people come over for our firework stands :)

  50. ~L~

    Ha we were in fort bridger this weekend too for RENDEZVOUS!

  51. she is becoming more of a little girl and less of a baby! her legs are so long!

  52. Milkshakes are the perfect way to celebrate anything! Cute pics as per usual!

  53. caroline

    ahh, eleanor is awesome.

  54. joa jean

    bah! your husband is so handsome, and you're so lovely. and that baby? oh goodness. i don't know you, but i love you guys. this is all lovely lovely.

  55. I'm glad you stopped in Evanston and discovered this gem. We always drive right on through Evanston and have never really seen what it has to offer. Cute little ice cream shop find :)

  56. Um. You're family needs to stop being so cute now. Thanks. :)

  57. whimsy

    so fun. you look darling!