september at beso.

i am so thrilled and honored to be partnering with beso this month as their guest editor! i like how beso brings all the brands and stores i love into one place. it makes shopping online a lot easier… i can favorite different items as i go, search for a specific product online and see similar products available from different stores. it’s all easy to navigate and use and i’ve discovered a lot of new brands and stores through their site.
i’ve gathered together my favorite picks for the new season over at beso if you’d care to take a look. a little bit of fashion, home goods, baby products… everything i’d love for autumn. i also answered some fun questions on the beso blog if you’re interested in reading my answers.
you can sign up here for a free account if you’d like!
thanks again for having me, beso!
  1. congrats! I loved all of your picks, and I loved all of your answers!

  2. Jessica

    Congrats, Naomi!! That's so exciting!

  3. tRiSh

    We have the bodum fyrkat picnic charcoal grill, it's GREAT!

    I love all your choices: the tones are so lovely!

    Congrats on being the September guest editor, it's brilliant!

  4. Congratulations! I lovelovelove your picks :)

  5. Love your picks! I've been lusting over the Michael Kors watches for way too long and need to pull the trigger.

  6. Thank you for sharing! I loved your recommendations!

  7. So awesome, I'm happy for you! And I am your newest follower, I can't get enough of your blog!

  8. Flora A.


  9. Ainsley

    yay! congrats! xo

  10. Congratulations – so nice to see the opportunities blogging brings to wonderful people!x

  11. love your picks for fall! Daisy by Marc Jacobs is my favorite! worn it everyday since my wedding day 2 years ago :)
    thanks for sharing!

  12. Love all your picks. That latticwork chandelier is to die for! And I loved the "q&a;" feature Beso did. How fun!
    ~ Angela

  13. Jessica


  14. Michelle

    I'm so excited for you but I'm mad at them – they mentioned Kingsley's name but not Eleanor's? Weird.

  15. Mrs. Ham

    i loved everything you picked!! can't wait for fall!

  16. i clicked on it yesterday. you had some great picks! very fun.
    And i love the picture of you three!

  17. would it be shameful to say i've never heard of beso? man! i've been missing out! i'll go check out your picks, but CONGRATULATIONS!

  18. would it be shameful to say i've never heard of beso? man! i've been missing out! i'll go check out your picks, but CONGRATULATIONS!

  19. Such great fall picks! Love the season!

  20. Sarah

    I love it! Some of my favorites was the gold watch, the pinic BBQ, and the Scout bag. If I had a boy, I would have gotten the Scout bag instead of my Orla one. So fun!

    – Sarah

  21. Woah! That is too cool! :D

  22. that must have been so fun to choose your favs. i love eleanor's red coat. i have one exactly like it! in an adult version, that is…

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  24. yay, I love it!

  25. How neat! what an awesome opportunity!

  26. How neat! what an awesome opportunity!

  27. how fun! I'm excited to read your posts!

  28. Bridget

    your picks are awesome. not limited to my diaper bag. the ppb scout… which i love. but i'll take everything else too.

  29. Liesl

    Woo Hoo!!! Congratulations on your guest post editor spot…you deserve it!

    Liesl :)

  30. C and M

    What an adorable family pic! Can you tell us where Elanor's red coat is from? I absolutely love it!

  31. Samantha

    That-is-so-cool! I did not create my blog to be well known, but if it leads to the success you have I would be really thrilled. Keep it up!

  32. yay! congratulations – I'm sure you're gonna be a great editor!

  33. Congrats on being a beso contributor! I always love checking the first of the month for the latest picks and I was so so excited to see you featured!! I loved the items you picked. Congrats again! :)

  34. Good for you!!