over the weekend…

how was your weekend? ours was pretty great, although i think we’d both love a nap. ;)

on friday night we went out for dinner and i told josh to pick the place, any place! so naturally, we ended up at wendy’s. i swear we’d eat there every meal if it were up to him. but dipping fries into a chocolate frostie is sort of growing on me, so… saturday morning i threw a baby shower for my friend julie.... Read more

while at bridger…

…we ran into the cutest little froggy. and we threw her up into the air. because we noticed that makes the little froggy laugh so loud. and we love it when she laughs so loud. it’s the best sound. especially when we pretend she’s a froggy.

*i know her outfit and hat aren’t period correct, but it would get so cold when the sun went down at night at bridger that as a first time mommy, i was certain she’d get frostbite… or something.... Read more

about that time last week where i didn’t have a baby in my arms. or on my hip. or even, in sight.

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so there were a couple of days last week where i felt entirely overwhelmed with the whole mama thing. we’re in this new phase of crawling everywhere, standing up and falling down (sometimes hard), sticking everything in our mouth, and biting down really hard with two new little bottom teeth that are sharp! (as her mama and current food source, trust me when i say those things couldn’t be sharper!) i love this little munchkin to death, but last week almost killed me.... Read more

bicycles and (almost) autumn!

on sunday mornings, josh has meetings before church and by the time he runs home after they end to pick up me and eleanor, plus swinging by any homes of the youth in our church to see if they need a ride, we often end up late! so today eleanor and i decided we might as well bike to church so we could be on time and save josh from coming home to grab us… just as we were out the front door with my foot literally on the pedal, josh shows up and is all, “waiiiiiitttt!... Read more