over the weekend…

how was your weekend? ours was pretty great, although i think we’d both love a nap. ;)

on friday night we went out for dinner and i told josh to pick the place, any place! so naturally, we ended up at wendy’s. i swear we’d eat there every meal if it were up to him. but dipping fries into a chocolate frostie is sort of growing on me, so…
saturday morning i threw a baby shower for my friend julie. when i say i, i should really say josh. he slaved away in the kitchen for most of the morning. here he is being as domestic as it gets with a baby on him while making homemade cinnamon rolls. i can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have him offer to help and then really just take over. plus it’s more fun in the kitchen with him because before you know it we’re talking in southern accents (we used paula deen’s recipe, so i mean, naturally, right?) and getting things done in half the time with half the stress.
also, as a girl who’s never really fancied the cinnamon roll, let me tell you i’ve never tasted better. thank you paula for using so much butter when you bake (i like you!) and thank you josh for executing these like it was your job.
i also attended my church’s general relief society conference for all the women in my church via a worldwide satellite broadcast on saturday evening. it’s always nice to gather just as the women of the church and listen to our church leaders speak to us. my biggest take away from the evening came from president dieter f. uchtdorf, the second counselor in the presidency of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints, who i often felt was speaking to me directly. it’s always nice to be reminded to “be more compassionate and patient with myself” and to always remember that “[i am] not forgotten. wherever [i am], whatever the circumstances may be, no matter how dark [my] days may seem or how insignificant [i] may feel, no matter how overshadowed [i] think [i] may be at times, [my] Heavenly Father has not forgotten [me]. he loves [me and] you with an infinite love.” how special is that? president uchtdorf’s talk got me so excited for general conference (when all the members of our faith from around the world gather to listen to our church leaders speak to us via satellite broadcast) this next saturday and sunday. i always feel encouraged, uplifted and inspired to be a better version of me as i move forward after listening to conference.
other highlights of our weekend included the best peach smoothie made by husband, eleanor crawling faster and faster everywhere she goes, sunday lunch in bed and homemade breakfast burritos for dinner, catching up with family over the phone and more biking everywhere we went.
have a beautiful monday! let’s get this party started….
  1. I THOUGHT THAT WAS JUST MY HUSBAND?? :) oh, wendy's.

    president uchtdorf WAS amazing. i just think those men are incredible! definitely what i needed to hear as well.

  2. Josh made cinnamon rolls? Impressive!

  3. I love that you bike everywhere!

  4. Those Cinnamon rolls look amazing! The picture of Josh and Eleanor in the kitchen is precious. You are one lucky girl. Hope the shower turned out wonderfully!

  5. yumm, can you pass me one of those cinamon rolls?

  6. Kirsteen

    Aww what a sweet narration :) Your husband sounds super sweet, my boyfriend's the same. He's amazing, he makes everything better and helps me out with everything (we're some lucky ladies)! Btw those cinnamon rolls look delish. I love Paula Dean's recipes too but I'm afraid she uses too much butter for me, since I'm trying to lose some weight. But they're great for a guilty pleasure allowance:) xx

  7. I just made homemade cinnamon buns too! So delish and worth the time and effort :)

  8. My husband loves Wendys too!! And thanks for sharing your thoughts from the Relief Society Conference! It was really uplifting! :)

  9. Awww! And cinnamon rolls? Wow. It looks too yummy.

  10. bethani

    nom nom those cinnamon rolls look absolutely delish! makes me want to run home and make a batch for myself and the hubs. but when is anything from our dear paula deen bad? after all butter tends to make everything betta!

  11. Drool over the whole cinnamon bun/adorable husband/adorable baby combo!!

  12. Kendra

    That is very impressive of Josh – baby and baking. I LOVED Uchtdorf's talk as well. He always hits home for me.

  13. I loveeeee the idea of homemade cinnamon rolls! I've always wanted to bake them and I think you gave me the inspiration that I needed. :)

  14. Katie

    'but dipping fries into a chocolate frostie is sort of growing on me, so…'

    It's chocolate and salt and delicious. You can't go wrong!

  15. Mrs. Ham

    president uchtdorf was amazing. he made me feel so special too!


  16. carissa

    so sweet of josh- and you! i'm sure julie and her baby loved it. and your kitchens looking so cute!

  17. colleen

    what would we do without paula deen – i mean really?! i also like the idea of being patient and compassionate with myself. i work so hard at doing this with others in my life, and then can be so harsh about my own shortcomings. this is a good lesson to remember.

  18. Those look so delicious! And wasn't the broadcast awesome?? I am so thankful that they have a broadcast just for us women in the church!

  19. Cait

    yum! i will definitely be making those this weekend. can't wait for peaches to come into season in Chile so I can try a fresh peach shake. too much deliciousness to handle.

  20. Nessa

    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Oh and btw you are one of the people that inspired me to start my own blog.


  21. Your posts are always so sweet and uplifting.I love how you incorporate your spiritual side and share that with others. Uchtdorf is so amazing. I will stop waiting for my "golden ticket" instantly.. haa

  22. renata

    so nice, josh is awesome, i always remember that video on which he was playing with one of these things you use to hang clothes (sorry, the name doesn't come to my head in english this time), as if it was tentacles and a beard, and you were laughin so hard haha, i loved that video, you seem so nice peole, guys! And through this time seeing your blog it's so weird to feel i know you and to feel close when you don't know me! Bloggy stuff :)
    Well and about the conference, i am not a mormon but the videos are really really nice, they produce the same effect on me, and i feel so great about that because even i don't believe in the exact same things my heart is open to whatever makes me feel closer to God, reminding me that He is always holding my hand.

  23. nicole

    My husband picked the place for our lunch date last week… and he chose…

    Chick Fil A.

    Ha! I can't lie: That place is GOOD. xo.

  24. Sarah

    Yes accents in the kitchen with the hub make things way more fun and interesting. My hub speaks in the accent of whatever country we are visiting. It's hilarious.

    – Sarah

  25. There's not much better than a man who can cook well. Bravo Josh!

  26. Brooke

    That quote you included from your conference about "not being forgotten, no matter how dark your days are" was just what I needed to hear. God is so neat that way, that even through a random blog you accidentally stumble upon, He speaks the words you need. God bless you and your precious family and keep showing you the way to shine your light!

  27. I am SO sad I missed the Relief Society broadcast, I hope it will be in the New Era! I love watching General Conference, im so thankful for it and all the words that are spoken. I cant belive its almost Octoboer! Holy cow this year has flown…something to do with having a baby in the middle of it though, makes it go faster..ha. Im glad you had a great weekend! I saw a man pulling pulling a trailor full of bright bright yellow Tangent bikes and desperatley wanted to ride one with my hubby! Well see…

  28. Hannah

    sounds like a fab weekend, the cinnamon roll looks so good!!



  29. This sounds like such a lovely weekend, and it's really energizing to hear someone so passionate about their faith.
    I love your blog, I really do!

  30. beautiful post :) and I'M the one in our marriage that always chooses wendy's, haha!

  31. I love the sign in your kitchen! Where can I find it?

    Keep sharing and inspiring!

  32. Emily

    Loved Pres Uchtdorf's talk! Those cinnamon rolls look so good!!

  33. LMT

    loved the pictures of the shower (i visited her blog) hoping to see more. You always do a beautiful job with decor and making things pretty.

  34. Josh is such a great hubby! My husband helps me out in the kitchen, too, and I love it! Guess you and I are both lucky ladies. :)

    Love the "You will have your cake and eat it too" frame! Great motto.

    ~ Angela

  35. yummm those cinnamon rolls look so good. leave it to paula and her butter.
    and how nice your husband helped with baby! a male multi tasker?

    i too loved uchdorf's talk. just what i needed to hear.


  36. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Hope it continues throughout the week. AND those cinnamon rolls look awesome. My husband and I have been on a huge Paula D. kick…too much food network. :)

  37. What a great paragraph about the church. Although I grew up LDS (in Kaysville, Utah) I don't really go to church much anymore. Only for the occasional homecoming or farewell. But I always buy the general conference ensign when it comes out, and I read it cover to cover (with my pen and highlighter in hand- I cover that magazine up with notes). There are some wonderful words of wisdom in the talks, even if you're not religious. Everyone should be reminded to be kind every once in a while.

  38. that kitchen print is to die for. cute photos!

  39. ashley

    i love reading your blog. i'm so grateful that there are such wonderful people like you that are such great missionaries to the world through your blog :)

  40. I WILL be making cinnamon rolls for general conference next weekend and I WILL be using Paula Deen's recipe ;-) the more butter the better!

  41. Fries and Frosties are truly the perfect combination. :)

    I never get tired of your lovely pictures of your little family and your adventures. It seems like Josh might actually be the perfect husband! :D

  42. Carly

    haha, love that picture of Josh and E. my Monday has been a very sleepy, cloudy and rainy one and this post just cheered it up a bit :)

  43. EShanley

    you have such a great hubby! those cinnamon buns look yummy! can i have the recipe for peach smoothie??? btw its so nice to read about how much God loves us.
    thanks and God Bless!!!

  44. mekatsu

    oh fun!
    what a sweet weekend.
    Everything is always better with butter and lots of it!

  45. You have got such an adorable family!! :)

    Next time you are at Wendy's, ask for a side of mayo to dip your fries in. DELICIOUS. Yum!

  46. Missy

    Frosties and fries…cinnamon rolls…yum! I'm trying to lose a few pounds so these sound better than ever right about now! :)

  47. Nems

    I know what you mean about Uchtdorf's talk. I needed that one. Cute baby. Cute home!

  48. cait

    Really not sure if there's anything better than a handsome man, holding a baby, making cinnamon buns.

    You're one lucky lady!!

  49. Ooooh Wendy's! There's nothing better! haha!
    It was very sweet of your husband to "slave away in the kitchen" for you! :)

  50. thanks for sharing about the broadcast :)

  51. Lexie

    Those cinnamon rolls look amazing! Is that an Ergo that Josh is wearing Eleanor in? I want to try to wear my daughter Sloane like that! I always have my Ergo over my shoulders, too, but I've found that the more variety of ways I wear her, the less sore my back gets.

  52. His was my favorite talk too. I can't imagine someone as amazing as you would need reminding of those things. ooo I have been craving cinnamon rolls. I think I need to back some this weekend.

  53. KT

    1) I am hooked, absolutely hooked on the Monterey Jack Chicken Sandwiches. Hello? $1.00?
    2) I did not know you were LDS. No wonder you are so cool!

  54. those cinnamon rolls look incredible! so adorable baking together.

  55. Nicole

    Pres. Uchtdorf's talk was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. His talks hit home for me, every time. Especially when he shared the story of the teacher waiting for her future, because I could swear he was talking straight to me.

    Can I just mention how amazing you are? How reading a little blog about a girl and her adorable little family can be so uplifting? I'm stoked you brought the happy list back, btw!! :)