over the weekend…

hello! hope you all enjoyed a relaxing labor day weekend! that extra day was sort of really wonderful over here. we just returned to dc from a long weekend spent with family and friends in wyoming at fort bridger, the mountain man rendezvous. we really enjoyed ourselves and i can’t wait to share some photos later on in the week.
eleanor and josh are asleep beside me as i write this and i’m so tired, i really need to join them. baby girl cut her first tooth last week and has 3 more coming in at the moment… so we had our fussiest day yet over here today with one too many connecting flights and lost naps and a slightly sunburned baby nose (my fault. i’m so so sorry, eleanor.) anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hello and also announce our giveaway winners below from last week! hope all is well, and have a wonderful night…. xo

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  1. aw sweet little baby:(hopefully everyone there gets lots of rest!

  2. My baby is cutting his first teeth, too! After the fuss is over, little baby teeth sure do look cute though!
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  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Plans to travel out to that area, myself.

    Hope Eleanor feels better in the coming days :(

  4. so uper coolio! hope your little angel feels better soon! (teething, sunburns, and little sleep…so fun!)

  5. so uper coolio! hope your little angel feels better soon! (teething, sunburns, and little sleep…so fun!)

  6. Erin

    Get some rest, then tell us about those Wyoming adventures! I was also far from my normal reality this weekend, hanging out in small-town missouri instead of my usual chicago. Fun adventure, but good to be home :)

  7. Hope her sunburn goes away quickly and you guys get some rest!

  8. Traveling with a baby adds to the hectic nature of the whole experience; glad you're all back safe and sound! An extra day off is always a good idea! :)

  9. janel

    I love that picture! I can't wait to see more. Teething is the worst (the teething tablets that you can purchased at the grocery store became my best friend).


  10. Looking forward to more pictures! Wyoming is gorgeous, and so is your family… should make for a good combo :)

  11. aww poor baby. my baby girl is in the process of cutting her first tooth and the whole process is so torturous. i feel their pain…hope Eleanor is better tomorrow!

  12. Eleanor

    Cutting teeth is always tough and combined with a little sunburn is definitely a recipe for crankiness.
    Hang in there…this too shall pass!

  13. i'm glad you had a great labor day weekend!

    I hope the teething process will go more smoothly for your sweet little one!

    Have a great Tuesday!

  14. Amy

    Sounds like a fun weekend. We went to Tommy's last night and had a Chicago dog. Thanks for the recommendation! Very tasty!!

  15. yay, Kristie is my fave person ever!! so glad she won. :) Now if I can only win the NEW giveaway…

  16. I always feel bad/dumb leaving comments on awesome blogs such as yours because mine is private…but, I couldn't not say something! I love Rendezvous! We used to go to Ft. Bridger every year when I was little, and my dad before that and my grandpa's the one who got everyone in on it!! Although I haven't been since high school, if we ever live in the west again, I'm totally taking my family! How fun! And good luck with teething…it's never fun! We live about 45 W of DC, and all the amazing things you do make me want to live closer–or at least visit more often! You and your family are adorable! :D