lunch date.

the other day on our way to a doctors appointment we stopped by papa’s office and stole him away for lunch at johnny rockets. they gave eleanor her first ever balloon while we were there… which felt appropriate considering the last time we were there was on my due date (well, one of my due dates. i had like, 3. and none of them were even close. ugh.)
  1. Dianna

    your the cutest!

  2. Love your head band (scarf?)! Where is it from?

  3. meg fee

    you all get better and better looking (because you're so happy? that's my guess). and lately naomi i've been dreaming about that day (that hopefully not so far off day when i'll have a baby and our babies will play together). it'll be grand, won't it? xo.

  4. anna

    oh, i just wrote a comment on the post of 13 september…
    you are a fantastic family!

  5. What adorable photos! She looks so happy with that balloon!

  6. colleen

    when i was growing up, a big treat was for us to go to the johnny rockets in d.c. before going to a basketball game. i loved it so much. so i heart this post a lot.

  7. amber

    what a little cutie!! love me some johnny rockets too!

  8. Patti

    I love Johnny Rockets. You are part of a beautiful little family <3

  9. i still can't get used to seeing you without bangs. but i like it!

  10. Nicole

    is baby all so cutecutecute?! her smile is infectious!


  11. Love your iphone pics – looks like a fun lunch.x

  12. Jessica


    1) Johnny Rockets is AMAZING.

    2) Naomi! You look so pretty in that picture!!

    3) E is adorbz.

  13. I love eleanor! She such an adorable and happy baby!
    So much love!

  14. Zoë

    You are one of the cutests family I have ever seen…

    And your daughter is going to be a beautiful woman, after you :)

  15. Sini

    Cute photos! I love your hair, I'm trying sooo hard to have a long hair like that :)

  16. Love it! I love how close your little family is! And I love that head wrap!!!! You think of the cutest outfits!!!!!

  17. so fun! i have a three week old little boy and we met my husband for lunch last friday! i love that there are three of us now everywhere we go :)

  18. Bridget

    i love johnny rockets. i love their fries, i love their milkshakes, i love everything i get there, i think it's safe to say? also loving the scarf in your hair.

  19. Lidia

    she is such a happy baby!!! congratulations! xo

  20. Diana

    Eleanor always looks so happy in these photos. Her contentment really shines through. She sure is lucky to have you two as parents. xx

  21. look at those legs. remind me of mine when i was a baby <3

  22. Love your headband here!!

  23. I just LOVE that photo with you and Baby E. That smile! She looks SO happy :)
    Bisous :)

  24. mary

    ok so i normally don't post links to my blog on other people's blogs, but please forgive me this once! last week i wrote a bit about by son's balloon, his first balloon, that he also was given at a restaurant, and i think you'd like it. isn't it so fun to watch their excitement at such simple things?

  25. Anna

    ooooh, that bottom left picture of eleanor… the CUTEST!

  26. seriously, how is your baby so photogenic? balloons make my baby sooo happy too.
    the shakes make me hungry.
    so cute.


  27. Ooo this blog makes me crave family time! Lock up that baby before I eat her all up! :D

  28. Mmmmm! Love Johnny Rockets and love your photos! Looks like a wonderful lunch-date!

  29. Angela

    Johnny Rockets (and Ruby's) shakes are to die for. What a great lunch date! Your Eleanor has the most beautiful eyes! And I'm LOVING your headband!

    ~ Angela

  30. Katy

    i love lunch dates. ;-) and she is absolutley pumped about that balloon! so adorable. ;-)

  31. Amy Jane

    E is ADORABLE, which i am sure you already know. But oh my goodness! She is so cute!

    I love that headband/scarf you are rocking! So cute!!!!


  32. lunch dates are definitely the best. especially when milkshakes are involved.

  33. Linka

    Looks like you had fun! Such a beautiful family!

  34. oh my gosh eleanor is getting HUGE! my baby boy's 6 month check up is next week and wow did that time fly by!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  35. Ohhhh yummy salty fries.

    PS. I had the same with my due dates! She came five weeks earlier than any of them. A mind of their own, these ones.

  36. Eleanor has gotten so big! :)

  37. The BabbyDaddy and I used to love Johnny Rockets, so color me jealous ;) Wish I could grab my mister for lunch!

  38. Mo

    Johnny Rockets! Love that place!

  39. that's so cute! :D I love Johnny Rockets!

  40. kwistin

    gosh, can your baby get any cuter?! i submit that she cannot.

    …but i bet she will.

    and i have shake envy. i want those johnny rockets shakes right. now.

  41. eleanor is getting so big! lunch dates are the best. unless you're a baby, then balloons are the best:)

  42. Mrs. C

    Omg she is just the absolute cutest!!! Oh my gosh!!! And yes very fitting she gets a balloon! Check out my jewelry giveaway :)
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  43. Mrs. C

    Omg she is just the absolute cutest!!! Oh my gosh!!! And yes very fitting she gets a balloon! Check out my jewelry giveaway :)
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  44. Johnny Rockets is always so much fun! And little E is adorable. I love your hair too!

  45. awww, she's such a sweetheart, she seems so excited to have gotten a balloon! c: it's nice that you can have lunch with your hubby, mine works in a town 1.5h drive away… so i dont have that luxury. enjoy it!!!!

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  46. LeeLee

    Beautiful family and post. :)

  47. Sonja

    Wow! Isn't it crazy how time flies! Yet feels so long ago! I don't know where I'm going with this, other than to say that time passing is crazy, and you guys are the most adorable family! And that Eleanor's never fading smile is just the best!!!

  48. Samantha

    You are inspiring me to find the connection with my husband again. I was thinking of your blog just the other day, when I found myself incredibly annoyed that my husband didn't know what to feed the baby and had to call me to ask… I had to think…I need to relax so I can have what they (you) have.

  49. i would like whatever happy pills she seems to always be on :)

  50. Beautiful photos! And that is one adorable baby. :]

  51. Wow! Its such a miracle… not long ago you were sitting at the same place, with a big belly, waiting for a baby…
    And now: There she is! Happy, beautiful Eleanor.
    I am still so in love with your name choice.

  52. Janna

    What a sweet set of pictures, you guys all look so happy.

  53. After this post I have a hankering for fries and a milkshake…vegan friendly fries and a milkshake of course.

    Fab pic of you and Eleanor. You can see where she get's that vibrant smile.
    One good deed EVERY day {124 days so far!}

  54. vintch

    aaah. nothing quite like those shakes. i'll always remember finding a johnny rockets in santa monica and sitting there people watching on the promenade. looks like such a fun lunch date!

  55. vintch

    aaah. nothing quite like those shakes. i'll always remember finding a johnny rockets in santa monica and sitting there people watching on the promenade. looks like such a fun lunch date!

  56. Birdie

    Arrgh I love Johnny Rocket's! I know it's wrong, but I do.

  57. you are the cutest family ever! johnny rockets is called Eddie Rockets here in Ireland, i don't know why but it's just as delicious!

  58. Libby

    she honest to goodness has one of the cutest little baby faces I have ever seen, and I promise i'm not just saying that!

  59. anamaria

    i would like to buy my husband a pair of sandals and boots, and for myself a workdress.or maybe the beautifull autumn beso username is cristeana.

  60. jana

    sometimes i cried by reading your texts because your blog, your pictures, your husband, your girl and you are the cutest couple i've ever seen and i'm so touched by watching these pictures, reading your texts and seeing how much you both love eleanor, she has to be so happy and blessed to be your child! It makes myself happy to see this and i think you're a kind of role model for me and also for many other girls, mothers or parents :) .. greets and compliments from germany, jana

  61. You're little girl is so beautiful! She's got a superb name too (I'm also an Eleanor!) Love your blog x

  62. Lindsey

    You're little girl is making me want a baby more and more. You look gorgeous in those photos. What a smile!