1. Lauren

    your life is so cute. and these pictures make me want a baby. and that's a problem.

  2. Love your picutures!! Your baby girl is adorable! Love the one where she is asleep on you, Precous : ) And yes that is amazing he can do that, I would probably fall on my face! ha!

  3. Goodness, I just LOVE you and your little family. So precious and beautiful. <3

  4. Awww man, she has some mischievous eyes! Have fun!

  5. Julia

    I've been following your blog for some time and ever since the first time I saw your picture I thought, "I know that girl". I've been trying to figure out how I know you ever since…then I saw the picture of you holding a sleeping E above, and I realized why you look so familiar. You look like my mom, when she was young.

  6. I'm just dying over the first picture of Kingsley and Eleanor.

  7. aw. geez. too sweet for words. i'm envious.

  8. I totally agree with ^Lauren. Babies as cute as your baby make my ovaries ache. And I still completely adore Kingsley.


  9. whimsy

    so cute. as always!!! hey, so the husband and i are headed to DC and NYC next week! so so stoked! he has an interview at new york medical college and my brother and his family live in DC so we of course want to come say hello! i wanted to ask the queen of dc for some tips of what to see, where to eat etc! and of course if you wanted to meet up for a little lunch or dessert, i would love it! but i know you are so busy and totally understand if you wont be able to:) thanks!! loves to you!
    [email protected]

  10. I love the little mo hawk / cone hair!

  11. Jonni

    to adorable for words!

    and wow, he is on his way to becoming a yoga master :)

  12. Brittany

    crazy, it looks like he's floating! and wow, eleanor has so much hair! so cute

  13. I'm totally in love with your family! You're all so cute and wonderful <3

  14. Hey! I'm Maxine, and just started blogging, for the second time. I enjoyed reading you blog when I last was blogging. And, look forward to reading more! Check out my blog! <3

  15. Goodness! That photo of Kingsley giving Eleanor a "love" is absolutely precious!

  16. danica

    That is seriously impressive that Josh can do that yoga pose! All these pictures and your family are so cute! :)

  17. Haha your husband is out of control, that is the craziest yoga pose! Spiked hair in E: she can rock anything.
    Lastly, that adorable strawberry onesie, was it one of your French finds??

  18. Mrs. Ham

    Her smile! It's just so sweet.


  19. Holly

    that little one of yours….seeing her all smiley, warms my heart.

  20. i wish my baby still fell asleep on my chest…he's only 6 months but I feel like he is much, much older. I need to start doing yoga, then maybe I could have as good of a bod as you :)
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  21. she is looking more and more like a little girl and less like a baby! i think the matching blazer pic is my favorite.

  22. The picture with E looking at Kingsley resting in the cage is a good shot.

    What is going through her head; Wondering what he is doing there or being sad, that he can't come out to play or…

  23. Mri

    Your baby girl is the cutest ever ! I can't wait till I have kids myself ^^ But I guess I'll have to wait some more :p

  24. I love the picture of her sitting up so big in her stroller–I'm like you, she looks like a total grownup there, chest puffed out and all. Which is probably cute and sad at the same time, huh? I know I cried ugly tears this weekend packing away my Everett's first box of too small baby clothes :(

  25. colleen

    oh i love kingsley. i also love the photo of her staring at him in his crate. adorable!

  26. Beautiful photos! She's growing fast! I love instagram I'v recently taken some beautiful photos of my baby niece with this app thanks to seeing your photos!

  27. Jacob

    lovely photos!

    And, hip hip hooray for josh! I do yoga, but I can't perform movements that intense! bravo!

  28. tRiSh

    Even though I saw them all on IG, it's always a pleasure to see you put them together on the blog, it makes me smile! =)

  29. Adorable! Love that pic of you two being all matchy matchy!

  30. I love the style of your little girl! I make baby accessories by my self and sell them online!

    I would be so happy if you would have a look!


  31. andrea

    such great photos!

  32. bethani

    i love you and your cute little rockstar family! i must admit when i'm on break or whatever at work, i will go back and read all your journal entries (started at the beginning and now im at jan 2010).

  33. You two make me very excited to have a family of my own. I love the picture of E looking at King in his cage…like hey friend…when can you come out and play. Too cute!

  34. Samantha

    Awww, don't you love when they fall asleep on you. It doesn't happen that often because they are on the move, but it feels so good when they snuggle.

  35. Missy

    You make parenthood look so peaceful. I love your little family. xoxo

  36. Josh is doing an excellent job! And E is too adorable for words :) Beautiful family!

  37. I love that bath time photo! My mom used to do the same thing to my hair when I was little.

  38. Meg

    I love the ones of eleanor and kingsley together. They look like little buddies. She is so happy and these just make me smile!

  39. you just have the happiest baby! she always looks so happy and pleased and ADORABLE!! and that yoga pose is impressive. i can barely squat down on two legs, let alone just one.

  40. Dainon.

    I love the beauty that is your life.

  41. what lovely little details :)

  42. Laura

    love the first picture of kingsley and eleanor! x

  43. Cruz

    Uh! Jealous. I can't do that pose without having a pain face!

  44. Super cute. I love your family life :D

  45. Olivas

    I love your family!!!

  46. You have the cutest baby I have ever seen! Her smile could melt anyone's heart.

  47. so adorable!

    (who makes that high chair?)

  48. Alex

    Josh is impressive! And that picture of Eleanor sleeping on you is one of the most precious things I have ever seen.

  49. According to the photos, life must be great lately! Loving that one of Kingsley kissing Eleanor!

    ~ Angela

  50. kristin

    I love the one of Kingsley in the sixth row. So cute. He really is the king.

  51. Props to Josh! Ha ha that is great. And your matchy outfits are perfect.


  52. You seriously have the SMILIEST baby ever!!

  53. oh my goodness. you look so happy :)

  54. Lainey

    Naomi, you have a perfect life. Hands down. And you probably have the cutest and prettiest baby on the planet! :)

  55. Great pics! What highchair do you have? We need one for our little mister and the one in your pics is way cute!

  56. i totally spied that you were number 55 over at styled magazine this issue….

  57. Sonja

    Awww these are so great (as usual)!
    That first one though… oh that first one , that is cuteness at its finest!!!!!

  58. Ria

    LOVE LOVE the Casey O connell hanging in the top right picture. =)

  59. Your husband has really good balance! I'd be super proud too :)

    and your little one.. so so adorable :)

  60. love these glimpses of life! enjoy your fall weekend :)

  61. Aw…Kingsley kisses. Happy Friday!

  62. Jennifer

    Hehe. I love the one of Josh doing yoga!

  63. Domino

    what a beautiful baby! you're such a lucky person! best wishes :)

  64. looks like some good times are taking place!

  65. my faaaaavorites are the one of your man doing yoga and she is just sitting there, playing…
    the one of you and baby girl in the mirror… y'all look sooo happy…
    and the one of eleanor just sitting there, looking at kingsley. too funny:)

  66. Katy

    your little family is just PRECIOUS! so perfect! love it!

  67. Catarina

    Naomi i can't believe this is the first time i read your blog, you make me smile :') Eleanor is so, so sweet *.* i can't wait for one day my husband and I have our baby in our arms, that will be the most wonderful moment :') have a great day, and sorry for any english mistake, i'm portuguese x) beijinhos, Catarina

  68. Love these pictures! Eleanor is so precious. Kingsley and Josh are pretty cute too ;)

  69. Look at Josh and his impressive hip opener/balance! Way to go!

  70. Chrissy

    Your family is lovely! And it looks like your husband is doing Toe Stand, and he's doing it very well! Do you practice yoga? Love your blog, so fun to read!

  71. Ayley

    your wood floors are so dreamy!

  72. Eleanor is too cute! She seems like such a smiley little girl. It's fun to see her and Kingsley getting more acquainted :)

  73. Lynette

    You make it all look magical.

  74. So nice! You make me smile :)

  75. Misha

    I was going to say that indeed that's some impressive yoga-skills! Beautiful photos, I adore instagram <3