here’s to happiness.

in light of president’s uchtdorf’s message on saturday evening about turning the mundane into the majestic, i’d like to bring back the happy lists which we used to have on this little blog. writing them always made me happy. and i love hearing about the little things that make you happy, too.
so here are
10 things that are making me terribly happy
as of late:
  1. hearing the tiny clinking of eleanor’s two bottom teeth against my glass cup as she takes a sip of mama’s water
  2. skyping with family and friends and having eleanor give them kisses via the computer screen
  3. when kingsley bathes eleanor in puppy-lick-kisses
  4. bike rides around the district with my little family in this new warm autumn breeze
  5. frozen snickers bars (thanks to that large case we bought in anticipation of hurricane irene the other month)
  6. josh’s hand on my waist
  7. making it inside with the car seat and 2 large loads of groceries just before the rain begins to pour
  8. the end of mosquito season (we’re so close!)
  9. preschool gems twitter feed (so sweet!)
  10. that blessed and fast carpool lane on the highway when bumper to bumper traffic begins
find more happy lists here.
what makes you terribly happy this week?
if you’d like, email me your happy list and i’ll try to feature it here.

  1. I love happy lists! :D I do a gratitude sunday post every sunday because it makes me happy. It's the small things in life :D

  2. my 6 month old is learning to crawl, little by little…and i'm fitting back into my pre-baby pants (finally!)
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  3. such a sweet post! Thanks:)

  4. Katz NYC

    Love your list! Mine would be going back home (Finland) for a whole three weeks and spending time with my grandmother! That's my number one priority and happiness of this entire year. XOXO

  5. Kendra

    That's so sweet.. pictures of Eleanor make my day :)
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  6. Goodness that picture is way too cute!

    ~ Angela

  7. maryp

    so glad the happy lists are back :o)

  8. I was having a rough time this past weekend, so I went to the link on the side of your blog and read so many happy lists. They cheered me right up, I'm so glad you have them here. :)

  9. Bri

    Such a sweet list :) Miss and love your little happy lists!

  10. I love your happy lists!!!! You are the CUTEST little family I have ever seen :)

  11. Yessss…happy lists were always my favourite posts on here!! So excited you're bringing them back =)

    That picture is adorable =)

  12. Ally

    I absolutely adore your happy lists! So glad you are bringing them back! :) made my day 100 times better

  13. Jacob

    I love happy lists.

    Chocolate pretzel ice cream and homemade soy chai tea lattes make me happy :)

  14. To know miles don't define my relationship :)

  15. colleen

    ice cream snickers bars are also amazing, and #6 is just so sweet. i'm happy that a scar on my chest is starting to heal and it doesn't hurt anymore.

  16. I am psyched these are back! Its nice to count your little blessings daily and this helps! I submitted mine and I cant wait to read everyone elses!

  17. Michelle

    I love how the focus of your blog is the love you have for your family. You aren't crusading for anything except to show how happy life can be. I really appreciate and admire that.

    My happy list right now includes my husband, my cat and my family. They are always on my happy list. :)

  18. i love that you brought these back. there were so many days when i was going to email you over the last few months to send in a happy list.

  19. Morgan

    she is so precious!

  20. Emily

    Wahoo for happy lists! I really like yours.

    Also, when I saw that picture of you and Eleanor on Twitter, I just wanted a little baby girl sooooo bad. Eleanor is seriously BEAUTIFUL!

  21. i love, love, love happy lists! & i'm happy that you've brought them back!

    republic of tea chamomile lemon tea is at the very top of my happy list right now.

  22. Linka

    YAY!! The happy lists are back!!! Love them and I'm very jealous of your bike rides!! I've gotta get my family up and out!

  23. Samantha

    a happy list is great. On my blog I have a running 100 things I love list. I actually thought it would be easy but I got to a slump around the 40s. It's harder than I thought so I need some inspiration.

  24. Norma

    awww great pic!

  25. yay I'm so glad the happy lists are back!

  26. This is my first time commenting here but I've been reading your blog for months now. I love all your photos and I LOVE your style. Thanks for having such a great uplifting blog.

    My happy list includes free nights with chick flicks and husbands. Even if I have to force him to watch with me. :) Have a good one!

  27. Betsy

    1. I think that picture may be the stinkin cutest thing ever.
    2. Ever since I read one of your first happy lists a few years ago, I try to do a happy or thankful list on my blog from time to time. Thanks for the inspiration!
    3. the preschool gems feed on twitter always brightens my day. :)

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  29. Haley K

    Oh that photo made my heart skip a beat <3 You have one happy, loving little girl! I can see why that's your happy place :) Cheers to skyping far away family, puppy kisses, and husband's hand on your waist. I'm most definitely following your lead with a list of what makes me terribly happy. That part of President Uchtdorf's talk about turning the mundane into majestic touched me as well…can't wait to hear him again this weekend! xoxo

  30. I can't get over that photo!

    Happy list entry: listening to records after the baby goes to bed.

  31. I wish I had known about your blog awhile back. I just moved from the DC area to Boulder Colorado and from one Mormon to another, it is sometimes hard to find cool, young, hip, adventurous, ambitious, entrepreneurial mormon ladies. No dis on the whole female mormon population. I do think we could have been friends. Is that creepy to write? Anyways, love the blog.

  32. Aoife

    This has made my day I think. I'm so glad you're bringing them back!
    In terms of happiness, it's my boyfriend patiently trimming his beard, drinking tea in the evening, and summer flowers blooming. Among others of course. Have a wonderful day! xx

  33. oh man.
    1. big, bulky sweaters to assist in this new fall weather!
    2. a good man to cuddle with.
    3. work that i LOVE.

    thanks for bringing back the lists! i love them!

  34. That little face is sooo precious! melt your heart!

  35. loving that these posts are back! I even decided to join in the fun

  36. I'm like you, the little things my kids and husband do that seem insignificant make me so full of joy :) Like when my husband brings me home a candy bar, or when my son falls asleep on my lap… as for my new little girl, I'm just getting to know her… but when she opens her eyes, my heart melts :)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  37. Sheryl

    This beautiful baby girl poses so perfectly!

  38. Elaine

    Ok, that picture is just SOOO adorable!

  39. Olivas

    Ooooooh!!!! :D

  40. oh ! That's adorable :) touch wood.

  41. I really like this idea, it's definitely something I'm willing to adopt for myself and my blog! Thanks for the idea, Taza!

  42. Aww that picture is too cute! :D

  43. Goodness Eleanor just keeps getting CUTER.

    You probably know this.


  44. carissa

    i love this photo of you two. i think that's definitely e's happy place, too. she loves her mama alot. and for good reason!

  45. Awesome I've been writing happy lists on my blog each Thursday :) So glad you're bringing them back

  46. kwistin

    oh goodness. naomi, i love everything about this post. everything. way to incorporate elder uchtdorf's incredible talk and encourage us to do the same! i love your list (especially # 1, 4, and 6. so simple; so sweet). and i LOVE that photo of you and baby! absolutely perfect. goodness. thanks for your example. this totally just started my morning off right.

  47. Amy

    I'm super excited that you did this again!
    President Uchtdorf's talk was so inspiring. It's been really great to see so many people mention it in their blogs.

  48. i love it when my boyfriends moves my hair from my face. ;)

  49. Erin

    My new, efficient, amazing Subaru my hubby and I just got and that I passed my Statistics quizz, by a lot!

  50. LOVE that photo and, also, frozen snickers! Yum!

  51. Rhianne

    Hurray Naomi, I was just thinking it has been a while since I did a rockstar diaries inspired happy list :)

    I adore that photo, if I had a baby girl then that would be my happy place too :)

    will send mine over asap!

  52. i love your happy lists. it's been one of my favorite things about your blog over the years.

    this is a good one too. fun that e gets to be part of it now. :)

  53. That photo makes my heart melt!

  54. Selina

    Your happy list made me smile :)
    It also reminded me a bit of a site called "1000 Awesome Things" which I love.

  55. erin k.

    so good to be reminded how fantastic little things can be. my puppy got a new toy this week that makes her go berzerk, and it is the singular greatest thing to just sit and watch her play.

  56. Ahhh! Have you tried the Snickers ice cream bars? They are to DIE for!!

  57. good list!

    hmm…things making me happy..

    seeing one of my fave bands live
    knowing that I'm seeing old friends this weekend
    iced green tea
    the promise of fall
    head scarves
    the fact that I'm happy being single
    new york, always and forever :)

  58. Blicious

    yay, i love happy lists!!! emailing you now. :)


  59. aw, i've missed these happy lists! so perfect! all of these things are just so precious and so specific. you're family is just perfection!
    xo TJ

  60. this makes me happy. i love these lists.


    love this picture.


  61. Carolina

    so, so adorable your baby girl and you. :). love the happy lists.

  62. My happy list this week, so far:
    -squeezing my baby boy's thighs!
    -hearing my baby boy 'talk'
    -receiving a priesthood blessing so I can get over my cold.
    -dining at costco for dinner :)

  63. My favorite picture you've ever posted.

  64. T.

    oh my goodness…that picture is precious!

  65. Marce

    ok that picture is to die for. sweetest thing ever.

  66. this is a really good idea! great way to brighten a day!

  67. Molba

    loved number 6.
    someday i want to have a husband who is so ridiculously in love with me

  68. that was one of my mst favorite pictures of you and Eleanor. absolutely precious.

  69. Taylor

    I'm glad that in case of a hurricane, you bought a giant case of snickers ice cream bars. It means I'm not the only one who would do such a thing!

  70. she is so perfect and beautiful. your happiness is contagious!

  71. holy cow that picture is precious

  72. This picture is so sweet. I love, and can appreciate this list. Love a happy list!

  73. Jenna E

    this picture makes me happy. She just has the sweetest little face. xo

  74. Natasha

    Greetings from Russia!!!
    You kid is suuuch a cutie!!! =)

  75. Anna

    SO glad you're bringing back the happy lists. Love them. And love this photo of you and the babes, so adorable!

  76. J.Lynn

    Oh, this photo is so so sooo precious! She has got to be one of the most cutest babies I've seen in a long while :)

  77. i had to miss the general relief society meeting last weekend and i'm so glad you brought up president uchtdorf's talk in this post. i watched it between sessions today and, really, it was so beautiful and just what i needed. thanks for mentioning it!

  78. i finally got a chance to watch this. i love that man. and your happy lists. xo

  79. Emma

    I would love to read the talk you mentioned here but the link was not working for me. What is the name of the talk that inspired you to continue the "happy lists"? Thanks! Also, I just discovered your darling blog via The Day Book. I loved your sweet comments about the birth of your baby girl. :)

  80. jess

    THIS photo right here makes me so excited for motherhood. thanks for sharing this. <3

  81. she is beyond amazing! i've been reading your sweet blog for a few years now and have just felt so inspired to come out of 'lurkville' to officially introduce myself and say hello! so hello sweetest girl. i am so happy for you and your little family! i am a mama of 4 and my oldest is 18, my youngest is 5 – with a 13 and a 7 year old in between and your blog takes me back to the beginning of my mother/wife journey…so sweet, everything so new and exciting. i just love coming here and reading about the sweet days you spend together. your baby girl is beyond precious! i am so happy you are bringing back the happy list. i am going to email you mine, and i would be thrilled if you featured it some day :) :) God bless you and your family sweetie,

    shelbi xo

  82. …what a precious sweet face! i have been reading your blog for a time now and i wanted to come out of lurkerville and officially say hello :) :) :)

    your sweet little family is just adorable and i love reading your happy list. so thrilled you brought it back!