here comes the weekend!

thanks to my girl anna on twitter for sharing this video with me! i know it’s to celebrate the evolving fashion but i can’t get past the dancing and music. so great.
what are you up to this weekend? we have big plans for a little family brunch date, baking more cinnamon rolls (because i somehow only had one cinnamon roll from josh’s batch last weekend, not enough!) watching and listening to general conference, and checking out the solar decathlon on the national mall… plus, maybe a nap for mama? please please let’s hope there is a nap!
have a lovely weekend! and if you’re in dc, don’t forget to stop by truckeroo tonight and say hello! we’ll be ‘stuffing the bus’ from 7-8pm!
  1. Brunch dates are the best. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. It's been going round on the internet for a while now but I could watch it over and over again! So good!

    London Last Night

  3. I like the idea of brunch followed by a leisurely nap! Enjoy your weekend darlings!

  4. Leslie

    That video inspires me so much! I think it would be quite fun to re-create it :)

  5. Michelle

    check out the luminhaus! virginia tech won this year-it's a beauty :)

  6. I love that video! I've been playing it since it was released

  7. A nap would be nice for you and me! Yay for Conference!


  8. colleen

    sounds lovely naomi! i've got to go on a little brunch date myself.

  9. Inspired to bake this weekend, thanks to Josh. Have a lovely weekend!

  10. flor

    i've seen this before, but never get tired of it! isn't it crazy how much our fashion has evolved. frankly though, i'd rather still be in the fifties or sixties!! have a beautiful weekend :)

    xo flor

  11. Alicia

    Loved that clip! We will be snuggling for "pajama church" aka Conference as well. ;)

  12. Love, loveee that video. Any evolution of dance that also has period based-clothing is a WIN!

  13. Wow they are great dancers!

  14. have a great conference weekend!

  15. Mrs. Ham

    ohhh sounds so fun! i'm excited for general conference myself!! have a good time!

  16. Laura J

    The Solar Decathlon is amazing! My company caters for it and I literally just printed out the menu signs. Hope you enjoy!!

  17. Sarah

    Isn't this video amazing! I totally swooned over it when A Cup Of Jo put in on her blog. I couldn't help posting it on mine too. I think my favorite part was when she sent off her husband during the 1940's in the dance because it really happened back then. This was so inspiring to watch.

    Happy Weekend!

    – Sarah

  18. Maria

    LOVE LOVE family brunches! So jealous! Enjoy every last bite of that cinnamon roll!

  19. my plans look eerily similar to yours, except instead of cinnamon rolls, i'm working on a bagel recipe. wanna have a treat swap? :)

  20. lol awesome video. im actually going to a fashion show this wkd. im going to show this video on my blog and re-link it to here, hope that's ok!

    [ blog | twitter ]

  21. that was absolutely incredible! love all of the dancing. i'm just imagining how many times they had to run through the dance. insane!
    sounds like such a great weekend! hope you get your nap!
    xo TJ

  22. Lauren

    I love this video! It so cute and always puts a smile on my face!

  23. Amy

    One of my Facebook friends posted this video and I really love it!

    Cinnamon rolls + General Conference is a really great idea. I may have to copy it.

  24. Yes, that video IS great, I also love the dancing!
    Sounds like a fun weekend, enjoy the brunch/ cinnamon rolls (mmm, I think I'm gonna make some myself!) and I do hope you'll get your nap :)

    xx Viola

  25. Emily

    That video is so fantastic!!!

  26. Ooh, so snazzy and jazzy! Loved it! Have a great weekend!

  27. kLr

    My mom shared that video with me, too!

    Loved it! I am not sure if there was a documentary that went with it, but if so , I would love to see it!

  28. Awesome video! The dancing IS great! Wish I could go to the food truck thing! Hopefully the ones in NYC are just as yummy.
    Mmmm brunch reminds me of breakfast food :)


  29. Ayley

    sosososo adorable!!

  30. Diana

    All the talk and photos of cinnamon rolls is making me hungry. It's inspired me to bake this weekend…which is saying something. Enjoy general conference this weekend!

  31. Hello, I really like your blog! Your family is so cute! So, you live in dc? What ward are you in? My sister in law lives in DC. She was in the Capitol Hill Ward, but she moved into the washington dc 3rd ward.

  32. Jennifer

    I love that video!

  33. I love this video! Thanks so much for sharing it.

    Brunch dates are the best…and so are naps! Hope you get to catch up on some rest this weekend.

  34. Jo

    My gosh, that video is one of the coolest, most fun things I've seen online in a while! Yay for dancing through the years!! :)

    Happy weekend!!

  35. Joy

    you have a great weekend yourself. i have only just come across your blog and i rummaged through your archives. YOU ARE AMAZING and i swear i love this blog to pieces.

  36. erizabat

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  37. Thanks for the shout out, Naomi! I'm so glad you like it as much as I do. :) xo!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!

  38. Peach

    Hello from Sydney, Australia. We have a long weekend here…woohoo!

    p.s love this video


  39. Oh yeah! That commercial aired a little bit ago and I thought it was so cool.

  40. lovely video!
    strange question, but does your hubby know how to dance?

  41. I love the video! I can't seem to stop watching it – it's fantastic!

  42. ah! i love this video! i watched it a few weeks ago and promptly forgot about it, so i'm so glad you just reposted it.

  43. Dianna

    that video is awesome!

  44. Jacob

    loved that video!!!
    I have had a great weekend thus far, and i hope you have, too!

  45. love this video…the dancing is so fun! hope you had a relaxing weekend!

  46. rebecca

    ok. need to try the paula dean cinnamon rolls.

  47. robyn

    LOVE the video! thanks for sharing!

  48. The dancing in this video is great and i love the idea. Fun to see how the way we dance has changed (or not since we still do all the "old" dances as well I guess)
    I want to take dance lessons.