fort bridger, part III.

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i think these are the last of my bridger photos. wheeew.
it was so much fun to be with my family for a few days i couldn’t help but take 5 million photos. my little brother was so annoyed with me and my camera. ;) but he’s 13. isn’t that required teenage behavior from a 13 year old little brother though? ;)
family time is the best time. we’re crazy and loud and dysfunctional just like the next family, but we always have a lot of fun when we’re together. i’m also glad i married someone who is willing to jump right into our family traditions, even if they are a little out there and silly according to some…
anyway, see part I here and part II here of my fort bridger photos if you missed them. and read what it’s all about here if you’d like.
p.s. i have no idea who this dude in the loin cloth is, but he had one in practically every color. his confidence killed me. but good for him, you know?

my little brother made that knife above out of a rail road spike!
um. coolest kid on the block.
the end.
until next year…
  1. Oh my goodness these pictures are amazing! Over here in Scotland we don't have anything like this, boy do I wish we did :)


  2. Ashley

    Love the photo of E grabbing her little toes! :)

  3. Wow… where can I get a polka dot loincloth?

  4. hahahaha – the guy in the red loin cloth is so funny! i just love all the pictures. family time is the best!

  5. Jessica

    Looks like a fun time!
    That guy in the cloth is hilarious! HAHAHA

  6. haha so cooool. love the pictures! :)

  7. Are you related to the guy in the loincloth? What in the world??

  8. Katy

    so much fun! i just can't get over what fun that would be! ;-)

  9. Katie

    great photos!

  10. mina

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  11. Diana

    The dude in the loincloth kills me! And your family is the cutest! xx

  12. mina

    yikes. i'd be afraid of a guy in a polka dot loin cloth… you got pretty close to take that picture!

  13. Always such a treat to read your blog. You have the sweetest Fam!

  14. Oh how I need to go there when I get close to Utah again….. Loin cloth man looks awesome, he deserves that confidence…. Love it!

  15. Angela

    Your pictures tempt me to try something like this out, though I think I'd fail miserably without modern conveniences! And oh my goodness, that man at that top! I wouldn't have been able to stop staring if I'd seen him. We see people like that at the beach all the time, except substitute loin cloths for tiny speedos.

    Your family is so cute!

    ~ Angela

  16. Mrs. Ham

    i love the twins!!!

  17. The guy in the loin cloth is KILLING me! And so funny that he picked such a LOUD fabric!

  18. {B}

    What a great tradition! Your family (entire family) is adorable!

  19. i'm reading the hunger games right now and i feel like your brother would do very well in that book.

  20. Melu103

    haha that first picture
    you sure made me laugh

    talk about being confident?

    :) and i totally understand
    about your little brother getting
    annoyed lol

    i take my camara everywhere
    and my sister (THAT IS 19 not 13)
    gets annoyed too .. but then again
    she wants the pictures for facebook

    so i guess its not so bad
    afterall :)

    have a great day!


  21. How can you resist taking so many pictures when you have a baby? I know people sometimes get annoyed with how much I take pictures, too…but…
    um guy in the loin cloth = awesome. 'nuff said.
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  22. What a fun family tradition – and the photos are gorgeous! Also – love the loin cloth guy. Hilarious!

  23. The gentleman in the loin cloth is very brave! Haha! Your photos look great! Lots of fun!

  24. Bonny

    I Love your blog Naomi…That guy in the loin cloth made my day, and if your cute family is dysfunctional I would have to say it's the best kind of dysfunction. Love your brother's socks!

  25. Bridget

    You are so cute and your little gal is about the cutest! She looks like she may be little mischievous! How fun.

  26. i LOVE the family-resemblance between you and your siblings!! are are all darling.

  27. Loincloth is hilarious. So much fun!

  28. renata

    So much fun! And i hold what you say about josh, it's so blissful when you feel you wanna jump into your beloved's family and he feels just the same, it's like it's meant to be :)

  29. this looks like so much fun! that is awesome your husband jumps right in on the family tradition.

    and does the guy really have to pick out a polka dot print? It is a little catchy and that is not what i want my eyes to be caught to. eek.

  30. How cool is your family?! This looks like the most unique way to spend a weekend I have ever seen! Love it…

  31. Ingrid

    love! what a cool fam you have to do this together :)

  32. i'm coming next year. love the old man tushy showing thru the loin cloth. go confidence. looks like a spendid time.cooooollll!!

  33. Victoria

    i have really enjoyed these posts :)

  34. You're pictures make the entire experience insanely fun, it's such an amazing family tradition to have! And applause to your husband for jumping into the family tradition :)

  35. I had to delurk to tell you that Fort Bridger looks like so much! I am now trying to convince my husband and his fam to do it next year! :) Also, loincloth dude definitely gave me a giggle. Thanks.

  36. Libby

    I seriously think that this looks like a lot of fun! Not sure how long i'd hold up but i'd try :) And the man in the loin cloth would give me nightmares..that is sick!! One gust of wind and you'd all be loosing your mamas dinners ;)

    Libby on the Label

  37. Jacob

    I think this is a super rad family tradition!

  38. amanda

    what a NEAT NEAT NEAT thing your family does. i love the outfits. and the tents. and the campfires and warm blankets.

  39. tRiSh

    It really looks like an incredible family adventure! Thank you so much for sharing all of those great memories you've made. All of it is really beautiful!

  40. Eleni

    I also love the fact that you married a man who is willing to jump in and be silly with your family traditions! I think it says a lot about what kind of person he is and how much he loves you. It's encouraging to read :)

  41. Devin

    That looks like such an amazing time! Holy cow, I think I need to do some serious convincing to my family, because they would love this!

  42. I'm just. speechless over the loin cloth.

    He wasn't wearing underwear under it?

    Oh my.

  43. your sister looks just like you! holy moly.

  44. Two things.
    1. I love that you put the loincloth picture first. No warning, just polka dots.
    2. I love that another commentor asked if you were related to the loincloth guy. If only…

  45. the loincloth kills me. please tell me that every color he had was just as bright as the red. hilarious.

  46. Ariel

    this entire event is so incredible! i love the photos!

  47. OK, this place looks awesome. Your photos around dusk are lovely. …And the polka dot loin cloth man is a riot.


  48. Margaret

    The best is how Josh has his pioneer collar popped.

  49. rlentz7

    The loin cloth is awesome, but I think the Paralympic bagpipers are better. Seriously? TWO guys with one leg? Did they hop the whole parade? Okay, so maybe it's the camera angle; my kids got a kick out of it!

  50. Hi Taza
    Well, after this last posting about Ft Bridger, I couldn't stand it any long I had to have a visit here with you. Until after labor day, I had only heard of your blog via my oldest daughter who reads your every post. I had never been here to visit before then. BUT, you see, (and maybe she has already left you a comment) We also go to Fort Bridger.
    Our family all goes to bridger and camps together every year, and we have as much fun as it looked like you guys were having. But mostly I wanted to tell you, ya I wondered where the breech clout guy got his confidence from too. :-)
    I SAW HIM…. in more than one color! LOL
    I enjoyed your clip in your profile. Fun.
    Maybe we'll run into you next year, somewhere in the mid
    18th/19th century!