fort bridger, part II.

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here are a few more photos from our trip
to fort bridger with my family.
if you missed it, see part I here.
and read what it’s all about here.

ps. i’m still freaking out every time is look at that photo
of josh holding the snake. those things give me the creeps!
  1. Anuszka

    You all guys look so cool :) Very nice fotos :)

  2. Chelsea

    What an amazing experience. I just love that you and your family gather and do this…unique and I bet you create wonderful memories. xo

  3. sophie

    your pictures always come out so soft, i love them! whats your secret??

  4. colleen

    your parents are adorable but they are no match for you and josh – so sweet to see how in love you two are.

  5. Jacob

    great shots! it seems like a really fun place to go!

  6. i don't like snakes at all either! looks like it was great fun though x

  7. this look like so much fun! LOVE the photos!!

  8. Any

    I was just about to say…the pictures are so lovely and you all look very pretty for being out in the wild, but that snake pictures is scary, though I'm sure it was perfectly harmless.

  9. and just when we think eleanor can't get any cuter, she shows up with a bonnet on her head!

  10. wonderful pictures!!!

  11. you guys seem to be having an absolute blast!

  12. you guys look like youre having so much fun!!!
    love this.

  13. kit kat

    that picture of you and josh is the sweetest!

  14. omg the snakeee!!! that's so cool! lol. love the bow and arrows, always wanted to do that! xD

    [ blog | twitter ]

  15. oh goodness. i'd look ridiculous in period clothes, but you and your fam pull it off effortlessly. unfair.

  16. tRiSh

    the picture of you and Josh together is one of the most precious ones I've ever seen!

  17. Love the concept behind this whole thing! The snake gave me the heebie jeebies, though!

  18. Laurie

    Family is the best, so glad to see one that look so tight knit!

  19. Diana

    That picture of you and Josh is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen in my life. It might be one of my favorite photos of you two, but then…it's so hard to choose. You are such a beautiful couple — inside and out!

  20. tiffany

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  21. Ariel

    Looks amazing! So glad you all had a great time!

    ~Ariel at

  22. Brooke

    You take beautiful photos and this looks like so much fun!

  23. beautiful photos! You can see the pure joy in y'alls eyes. You've got me convinced to go to Ft. Bridger!

  24. I just love the photos of you all dancing!! The sheer joy of the moment is written all over everyones face!! It reminds me of when we took a trip to Ireland several years ago. There was an anniversary party for my husband's aunt and uncle and they had a band playing complete with fiddles and flutes. We danced and knocked a few back until the wee hours of the morning!!! Something I will never forget!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  25. This is so cool, what an awesome experience and what a cool mother you have for making all those clothes!

  26. you guys have got to be the coolest thangs on zee internet. :D

    love your photos <3 !!

  27. isabug

    beautiful photos and the smiles in your family are great!

  28. I need/want/am definitely going to visit this place!

    What an awesome experience that includes the whole family.

  29. bonnie

    this looks like so much fun.

    and isaac's getting really stylish!

  30. Very very cute, naomi. Love the pics.
    Question: do you have any tattoos? :)

  31. Dolce

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  32. Dolce

    I second the smiles comment from harlin. You all could be a crest ad! Gorgeous teeth. :) Also, how do you manage to capture such beautiful candid moments? My pics always look staged and awkward.

  33. Amazing experience… minus the snake. Ick.

  34. I got to go there on the 3rd to visit with my family. It was such a blast! Too bad I didn't get to see you :( We saw the guy with the snakes and I was officially freaked out. Yuck!!

  35. What a perfect thing to do as a family…we would totally love this!

  36. pictures i would frame:
    the ones of your mom with her scriptures
    the one of you hugging your husband
    the one of your brother looking like an outlaw from english folklore
    and, of course, the one of Eleanor

  37. Melu103

    snake .. scary!

    i would freak out too!

    love the pictures love!
    every single picture tells
    a different story.

    I would love to have this
    experience with my family some day.

    happy monday!!

    kisses from california

  38. Mrs. Ham

    i hate hate snakes! yuck. you're all looking great! and i think i need me some pancakes! mmm

  39. Depirox

    I think one of your sisters & I have a very similar tattoo on our backs…. "All you need is Love" I'll upload a pic to twitter of mine so you can see. <3 Stephani (@rocknollheart_)

  40. I've been thinking about how difficult the people of that era had things…especially because I have a baby boy, things seemed so tough (but their food seems so much more yummy!)
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  41. Kelly

    oh man, i totally love what your lil brother is wearing! striped socks with the hobbit booties are AWESOME!!! must try someday…

  42. Annie

    we used to have some corn snakes when I was younger and I was fine with them then, but now (about 10 years later) my brother got another one as a pet (apparently he has to have a pet for a class this year) and it creeps me out big time!

  43. seriously.. coolest thing ever! ps. you're little brother is super cute!

    <3 jorjiapeach

  44. Angela

    Naomi, you've got a gift for photography! Looks like such a fun time. Love that photo of you and Josh; so cute!

    Hope you had a great weekend! I imagine DC was a memorable place to be over this particular weekend.

    ~ Angela

  45. Love this, it looks like alot of fun :)

  46. M.R.

    that food looks good and is that dancing??

    looks like fun!

  47. looked like an amazing time. i love anything history related.

  48. Lauren

    This looks like the coolest thing ever!!! I wish I could get my husband to do something like this.

  49. That looks like an awesome adventure, how much fun! You are incredibly brave for holding the snake, I don't think I could bring myself to do it!

  50. You all look so cute in your outfits! :)

  51. such cute fun, looks like the whole family had a blast!

  52. I LOVE looking at these pictures! It makes me want to go so bad. It looks like you all really enjoyed yourselves! And the food looks AMAZING! Knowing Pat I'm sure it was.

  53. SANDRA

    This looks like the most amazing time. What lovely photos as well. Quite inspiring to see my family more:)

  54. You are such an amazing photographer and I love seeing all the family pictures – what a wonderful thing to do together.

  55. that is so cool! I hate snakes to! my litle brother cathes garter snakes ALL the time! eeewwww!!!!!

  56. Unknown

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  57. I can't believe our mum made all those clothes! so inspiring!

  58. Steffany

    Wow, it looks like such a great time. Your mother is really, really talented. If she started a clothing line, I'd so be all over it. It's amazing how she made some of those pieces look semi-modern but stayed within the guidelines.


  59. Alex

    You have THE most precious family!

  60. Ivy

    I love your brother's (is that your brother with the bow and arrow?) shoes/socks! Did you mom make those? She should totally sell them, if so.

  61. Margaret

    Baby fur trapper eleanor is the cutest.

  62. Melissa

    I wanna go!

  63. this looks amazing! Can anyone go there?