diary by kingsley: sonja loves me.

hi friends, it’s me! kingsley.

and i’d just like to thank sonja for making me look so handsome! she’s my new favorite human. mom, you should hang this drawing up over my crate… or maybe use it for my 2 year birthday party invitation coming up next month (hint hint). or frame it really big for your gallery wall in the living room? or print it as a flyer and hand it out on the street so everyone knows it’s me!
just some ideas, mom.
love, kingsley.
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  1. Annika

    That is so cute!!! I like the gallery wall idea, Kingsley ;-)


    A Sweet Release

  2. carissa

    oh my gosh. amazing!

  3. I love this! So cute! I think it would be darling on an invitation! haha! <3

  4. Angela

    That is so cute! I would love to have that for my pups!

  5. Kingsley! Love the print.

    I'm hoping to get a bulldog in December after I graduate from school/have more space in my apartment. Kingsley definitely confirms my desire to do so – he's adorable.

    Cute post. xo

  6. Jacob

    Kingsley, you are just too much. So cute, so comical, so perfect! Your family is very lucky to have you!

  7. He is so cute!

  8. i was totally going to have a birthday party for my dog, Flower, for her 2nd birthday as well!! she decided however that she just wanted us to take her shopping. So we did, and she got a lot of great stuff. She is a little spoiled. And this way my friends don't have to think i've completely lost my mind as they received birthday invites for Flower Pot's birthday in the mail. (not that i would ever even care) :) Theres always next year right?! Adorable post!




  9. amberly

    Kinsley!!!! Love him so much! Too bad he wasn't able to go to Fort Bridger ;) And yes, these would make AMAZING birthday invites for the sexy pup!

    A great portrait to have in your casa, Naomi!

  10. Sarah

    oh how cute! I want to get one for frank!

  11. i love that name, kingsley!

  12. Sonja

    Awww you are so right Kingsley!!!! I do love you! :o)
    Hehehe I also love all your suggestions! so funny/awesome.

    thank you for such a nice post. :o)
    i'd draw for ya any time!

  13. Diana

    Kingsley, I must say…you are rocking that portrait. I'm sure it was pretty easy for Sonja to capture your fetching good looks.

  14. bonnie

    kingsley! <3 what a great portrait of you. so handsome.

  15. tRiSh

    This is really great! Kingsley, you're too cute! ;)

  16. Dianna

    how cute!

  17. anna

    I don't know how I've found this blog, but i completely felt in love with it!
    I'm an italian girl and I think your blog is really special!
    I have 2 questions for you…but I don't know if u can answer here on the blog..anyway…
    I'd like to know what did u and your husband studied and what is your job.
    waiting for an answer and hoping my english is correct, I send u all greetings from italy!!

  18. robyn

    love that illustration! can she make one for me? ;)

  19. Deanna

    This is seriously gorgeous! Ugh, how adorable. BTW: Kingsley's posts are my favorite.

    <3 Deanna
    Barefoot Love