come ‘stuff the bus’ with our family on friday!

josh and i will be hosting the stuff the bus truck down at truckeroo this friday, september 30th from 7-8pm! we’d love to have you come down and say hello while you visit one of the 20 food trucks parked next to the national’s baseball stadium.
the mobile app venga and dc central kitchen are the ones behind stuff the bus and want to fill an old school bus with 5,000 pounds of healthy food for donation.
dc central kitchen uses leftover restaurant food to offer millions of meals to thousands of at-risk individuals and job training to once-homeless adults at their kitchen.
it’s for a great cause so we hope you’ll come out and bring something from home to donate (you can also buy food at the virtual market set up next to the bus to donate, too!) here’s a complete list of what you could bring from home.
if you aren’t able to make it friday evening, here’s a schedule of when the bus will be out over the next few days. you can also make a donation directly right here.
hope to see you friday!

  1. Oh man, so wish I lived close so I could go! Sounds like so much fun!!

  2. Sarah

    What an amazing idea! I mean, who doesn't love food trucks? And good causes? And Rockstar Diaries ;) I wish I lived closer! I hope you all have fun!

    – Sarah

  3. This is so neat! What a great opportunity to give to others. I would be there to help if I could.


  4. Such a great cause! I was actually planning to go to Truckeroo this Friday, but it seems like we might have to go out of town last minute now. Hate to miss it, but if we do stop by I'll be sure to bring some canned goods for the bus!

  5. Very cool! Wish I were in the area to stop by!

    ~ Angela

  6. this looks so amazing! wish i lived closer! praying for the perfect fall weather!
    xo TJ

  7. You rock for doing this. I'm so glad to see a blog supporting an AMAZING cause. I'm all about that:)

  8. aw! wished i lived in DC so I could go!

  9. This sounds rad!

  10. I wish I had the day off! I'm only an hour or two away & this is such a great cause!

  11. Meg

    Wow, that is such a cool initiative. I wish I lived anywhere near DC!

  12. Mrs. Ham

    we go on friday nights to our foodie truck stop. too bad were in CA. what a cool thing to do for your community! who wouldn't want a pretty family like yours to help a great cause!

    hope it gets "stuffed"!

  13. what a great idea! since i don't live anywhere close, i am inspired to do some research for things like this in my area. kudos for helping out with something so amazing! =]


  14. This is so great. I wish i could fly to DC for the occasion! I'll be there a week later for a wedding, how great if it fell on the same weekend!

  15. Haley K

    i've never heard of a stuff the bus event, sounds like a good time with such a great cause!! if I was in NY I'd be there…have a great time and I'm sure so many will be there and so much will be donated :)

  16. Oh I wish we had something like that where I live here in Arizona. I would love to help out.

  17. Totally would have been there if I lived anywhere near D.C. :) Hope it goes great!

  18. Cait

    What a great idea! If I lived nearby I would definitely be there.

  19. Jacob

    wish i was in DC and not KY. hope it goes well!

  20. Naomi I will be there! My boyfriend and I have been planning to go to this food truck fest for quite some time as our friends raaaaaave about it, and I have always looked forward to meeting you in person some time, living in the same city and all. See ya on Friday! Praying baby Eleanor wlil be in tow….!! And Kingsley too..?!

  21. It's so great that you guys are contributing your time to this important cause! DC Central Kitchen rocks!

  22. YOU LIVE IN DC??? me too!!!! i would love to do this the next time you go out… I would do it tonight but my hubby made reservations for our 1 year anniversary :) yaaay. but i looove this idea. dc central kitchen is amazing.

  23. It was so great to meet the whole family (including Kingsley) yesterday! I'm still laughing at the photo we took from the bus. Thank you so much for spreading the word about our just completed food drive for DC Central Kitchen. It was an honor to have you involved.