a baby shower for julie.

our friends mark and julie are about to have a baby! hooray for friends having babies around the same time as us! don’t think we haven’t been campaigning to all our married friends over the past year… “babies are the best!” “she never cries…. ;)” “here, hold her, oh my gosh you look SO GOOD holding a baby!” it hasn’t really been working.
so you can imagine our excitement last spring when mark and julie came over and were all, “so looks like eleanor is going to have a little friend soon…” i mean, seriously! it doesn’t get any better then friends having babies around the same time as you. we are pretty stoked to meet that baby boy or girl soon. (and yay for friends who aren’t finding out the sex of baby until birth! we highly endorse that method!)
anyway, i got to throw julie a baby shower brunch last saturday and here are a few photos…
p.s. i feel like it was just the other day when our roles were reversed in this photo and julie threw me my baby shower last january. i guess it’s true what they say, time does fly when you’re having fun. ;) also, how cute is her baby bump?
the morning was a lot of fun! i don’t know how people coordinate so many hot plates at once for a party though. the cinnamon rolls didn’t make it to the table until 15 minutes after everyone started eating because they were still in the oven and of course julie arrived promptly on time (am i allowed to say that our friends are never really on time to stuff? well, neither are we, but…) so of course josh and i were still running around trying to get set up because we assumed by saying ten, no one would show up until after ten thirty. we did survive however, and i think everyone had a good time.
josh made the cinnamon rolls (this recipe) and quiche (he made up both the pastry crust and quiche recipe). i made pumpkin cookies (recipe here) and caramel apples and a vegetable and fruit salad. i made the fabric garlands based off this pretty photo i found on pinterest and bought the invitations here on etsy. i decorated the table with gnomes because i never even noticed them until i met julie, who kind of loves those little guys a lot.
hooray for babies!
  1. what filter did you use on these photos? they look great!

  2. Libby

    the food all looks amazing! esp the cinnamon rolls and the caramel apples!

  3. Kari

    I LOVE the gnomes! I totally want to collect them!

  4. i laughed at the time thing.. being amongst friends I think it is ok to be a little late, but for an invite type thing I would never turn up half hour late for anything! so rude (unless of course big baby emergency) I'm usually half hour early for things and sit in my car cause as you stated being early is no good too (if hosts are still busy ;)

    PS food looks delish!

  5. I'm sure that you've been asked this before, but can you tell me the artist who painted the piece behind you in the first picture of this post. I just LOVE it!!! Thank you!