here comes the weekend!

thanks to my girl anna on twitter for sharing this video with me! i know it’s to celebrate the evolving fashion but i can’t get past the dancing and music. so great. what are you up to this weekend? we have big plans for a little family brunch date, baking more cinnamon rolls (because i somehow only had one cinnamon roll from josh’s batch last weekend, not enough!) watching and listening to general conference, and checking out the solar decathlon on the national mall… plus, maybe a nap for mama?... Read more

a baby shower for julie.

our friends mark and julie are about to have a baby! hooray for friends having babies around the same time as us! don’t think we haven’t been campaigning to all our married friends over the past year… “babies are the best!” “she never cries…. ;)” “here, hold her, oh my gosh you look SO GOOD holding a baby!” it hasn’t really been working.... Read more

come ‘stuff the bus’ with our family on friday!

josh and i will be hosting the stuff the bus truck down at truckeroo this friday, september 30th from 7-8pm! we’d love to have you come down and say hello while you visit one of the 20 food trucks parked next to the national’s baseball stadium. the mobile app venga and dc central kitchen are the ones behind stuff the bus and want to fill an old school bus with 5,000 pounds of healthy food for donation.... Read more

here’s to happiness.

in light of president’s uchtdorf’s message on saturday evening about turning the mundane into the majestic, i’d like to bring back the happy lists which we used to have on this little blog. writing them always made me happy. and i love hearing about the little things that make you happy, too. so here are 10 things that are making me terribly happy as of late: hearing the tiny clinking of eleanor’s two bottom teeth against my glass cup as she takes a sip of mama’s water skyping with family and friends and having eleanor give them kisses via the computer screen when kingsley bathes eleanor in puppy-lick-kisses bike rides around the district with my little family in this new warm autumn breeze frozen snickers bars (thanks to that large case we bought in anticipation of hurricane irene the other month) josh’s hand on my waist making it inside with the car seat and 2 large loads of groceries just before the rain begins to pour the end of mosquito season (we’re so close!) preschool gems twitter feed (so sweet!) that blessed and fast carpool lane on the highway when bumper to bumper traffic begins find more happy lists here.... Read more

eleanor gives a kiss!

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over the past couple of weeks, eleanor has been giving mama and papa kisses on cue! they are full on open mouthed, slobbery little messes but absolutely completely adorable to us. her dolly isn’t quite as lucky as mama in this video but eh, you know, we’ll try again later. ... Read more