1. Sonja

    That is really sweet!
    Love the way it was designed as well.

  2. Liesl

    Love this! Super cute…thanks for sharing!

    Liesl :)

  3. Diana

    This would be the perfect gift for a baby shower. Thanks for sharing!

  4. toria

    This is based on the story book "you are my i love you" the book is wonderful. i think you would like it!! this quote is so pretty but i feel like its a bit plagiarized.

  5. jomama

    i know someone already mentioned that this is a children's book, but i just want to say, my mom gave me this book when my first daughter was about 6 months old, and i couldn't get through it without crying and crying. it's a beautiful book.

  6. This is such a beautiful little poem. Thank you for sharing the free print out :) x

  7. What a sweet poem! Love.

    ~ Angela

  8. S

    You really should buy that book, it's so sweet! I feel like crying every time I leaf through it…
    I so hope my babies will understand it someday (we are living in Germany so I'll have to translate it for them I think – or wait until they get English lessons :) )

  9. This is one of my favorite children's books!

    – Marjorie

  10. So cute! What a lovely poem.

  11. It's the text of "You are My I Love You," by MaryAnn Cusimano (her name is on the print, so it's not plagiarized per se, but I doubt she's getting commission.) My favorite baby book EVER. I buy it for every single baby shower. And I still cry every time I read it to The Pup.

  12. Johanna

    This is super special. I love it!

  13. Thank you for sharing these words! Smiles, F.

  14. love this.

  15. Brandee

    Made me cry :) Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Oh, I needed that little poem so bad. I left my baby for the first time today to go back to work.
    That poem just totally helped.

  17. This is actually a book! My friend gave me a copy after my first baby was born–I had fertility issues and it took a few years to get him here. When I read the "You are my first wish" part I burst into tears. 7 years later and it still makes me cry.

  18. just stumbled upon your lovely blog. this little note is special…love it!

  19. can't wait until i find a reason to print and use it!

  20. Do you have an account with Pinterest? I want one, but I don't know if someone has to invite you or what….hm…anyone?

  21. Lyndall

    Such a sweet quote! I'm feeling a little teary over here now ♥

  22. that's so beautiful :)

  23. tRiSh

    I really like it, the design, the font and the different colors but it doesn't talk to me as much as it does to you, probably because English is not my native language…

  24. Thank you for this.

  25. Raaaad quote! I want one for my new baby!!!

  26. Katy

    I love this poem. The book is really sweet. My favorite line is "I am your dandelion, you are my first wish." One day when I was very pregnant with my first daughter, I painted a pair of dandelions on her wall with "…you are my first wish" scrawled beside it. I don't think I'll ever be able to paint over it. :)

  27. Jess

    This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the free print.

  28. so precious

  29. that is just beautiful!!!