1. Sonja

    I think your phone clearly knows exactly what a beach should be …cause it looks preeeetty perfect!
    I'll take it you guys had fun! :o)

  2. Sarah

    I'm so bummed that suit isn't made any more =( It's so cute. I also love the colorful rainbow umbrella. I need to get one of those. I need to venture out with my bebe to the beach =)

    – Sarah

  3. Nicole


  4. SO cute! I love Elinor's little hat and josh looking all casual!

  5. Krystal

    So fun! I love instagram. And I love your blog! My husband and I are expecting our baby here in a week or 2 and we're really hoping for a girl. And I'm hoping she's as adorable as your little E.


  6. Adorable little family! Looks liked a blessed trip!

  7. brittany

    the one of you and your little lady looks like something straight from a magazine :)

  8. gorgeous sunny beach! these pictures would look so happy hanging above your couch on that wall. ya know?

    we will see you this saturday at the reception, i hope? and maybe we'll stop by sunday with a chair… :)

  9. Taylor

    love your pictures!

  10. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

  11. Blicious

    lovely photos!!!


  12. Coco

    Love this! Definitely making me jealous that I'm not at the beach, but happy for you nonetheless.

  13. precious family! love the beach!


  14. Lovely memories! That fish taco looks scrumptious!

  15. Laura

    your photos are always so adorable! x

  16. Adorbs! Very jealous I don't have the sand between my toes. Enjoy!

  17. How do you get your instagram photos to turn out so good? They're awesome!

  18. vintch

    every time i see a pic of eleanor, i think, "this is the cutest one ever!"

    then i see another one:)

  19. I totally need a new phone. Mine does not do a fraction of the things yours does and I love to record everything we are doing as a family.

  20. sinika

    Ahhh-I'm loving the summer photos! Trying to take in every last bit of summer before my boys go back to school next week…

  21. Anna

    eleanor is the cutest thing ever!

  22. SO cute! Summer is always the best time of the year (besides christmas) :)

  23. i always love your pictures! and that food looks tasty.

  24. gorgeous photos, as always! I really love the instagram photos!

  25. What kind of food is in the second one? I love the one of husband and E.

  26. M.R.

    Looks like a good time!


  27. Courtney

    Your baby is so cute it's nonsensical. But i guess when you look at the parents…it kind of does make sense. Thanks for giving us a peek into your lovely little life. It's inspiring.

  28. Hannah

    gorgeous photos. i love the instagram app.

    on a more serious note i can appreciate the sentiment in your most recent post. my mam lost my little sister when she was only a baby (she had a hole in her heart and so spent her short life in an incubator). losing a child is a massive tragedy and one which no parent should have to suffer the pain of. my thoughts are with your friend

    Hannah x

  29. I just downloaded this app because I am obsessed with how wonderful pictures turn out!

  30. Alison

    You should make a blurb book out of all these instagrams! and then share it with us

  31. You guys are the cutest little family! I love all of your fun pictures. So lovely! :) And your BABY! Oh my lanta ! It's ridiculous how cute she is.

  32. in times like these I wish I had an Iphone, the pictures are just so lovely… and the beach, wow. I bet you guys had a lot of fun :)

  33. Kris

    looks heavenly! I really need a new iPhone… it takes worse pictures than an old samsung flip phone!

  34. thanks for posting about little ruby. that family is amazing.

  35. such cute family photos! (i can't imagine how filled up your photo books/scarpbooks are!) and that place looks like heaven.

    great photos, great post

    alissa b

  36. that brought tears to my eyes. your friends are in my thoughts and prayers. no one should have to go through the loss of a child.

    great beach pictures. i love softshell crab! just ate some this weekend while romping around in chicago. it's also a big seller in our restaurant.

  37. sarah

    adorable photos! what's your instagram user name?

  38. I have been thinking about the little Ruby and her family non-stop since you posted this. I have 7.5 months old twins and stop myself every time I want to complain about how hard it is – "No, it's NOT! They are happy, they are healthy, they are the happiness of our lives. I cannot believe God intrusted me these babies. I'm so thankful." I was reading the blog about her life and remembering what we were doing during those months – as my girls are also basically Ruby's age. My heart aches and breaks. Well, I am crying as I'm writing this. My Grandmother lost her older daughter when the girl was 3 y.o. – I don't think she ever healed, indeed, no parent should see death of her/his child.

  39. PHILO

    I love those instagram pics!!!

    which item did you use??

  40. Mri

    beautiful photo's ! You look so happy ^^