six months.

our sweet baby girl turned six months old today. i have no idea how that went by so quickly but the past six months have no doubt been the best of our lives and we are so thankful she is here. that she is healthy and happy. and that she is ours.
eleanor, i’ve been writing you little letters long before you were born. they are just for you, and only you, but i didn’t want this little six month milestone to pass by without acknowledging on my little blog just how much i adore you from the bottom of my heart. you make my days so joyful, happy and full. from the first day you arrived, and your father announced, “it’s a girl” and gave you to me to hold, i cannot believe how you changed my world for the better. i just want to squeeze and cuddle you all day long. it breaks my heart when i see that little chin of yours begin to quiver when you are sad and it makes my world complete when i see you look up at me, smile, and say “mama”.
i can’t wait to watch you grow and learn and explore and discover in the coming years. although please let the boy crushes, days of only wanting to wear pink, teen girl drama and college years be a million decades away. thank you for being here, and loving your papa and me. thank you for the sweet spirit you have brought into our home.
i love you.
so. so. much.
  1. bonnie

    so beautiful. :) i love your little family!

  2. Amy

    Just darling x

  3. So precious. I definitely jus shed a few tears! You are such a wonderful and lovely mama, naomi.


  4. Now that was just lovely. She looks like an easy kid to adore:)

  5. Marfio

    A beautiful declaration of a mother's love for her daughter. Much happiness for the next six months and beyond to your little family.

  6. so sweet :) i can't wait to have my own.

  7. naomi, i love all your posts, but the ones about motherhood especially. it's so nice to see how much joy it brings to you and your family. i feel like so often these days, we are fed a different message and i find your blog not only refreshing, but inspiring. <3

  8. Kristin

    I don't know how long you plan to keep this blog going, but I can't wait to see how she matures through the years too! Your whole family is too cute for words!

  9. Gaby

    I can't believe she's already 6 months old! Wow, time flies… Happy 6 months to E! I think it's safe to say that she has the best mama ever. x

  10. she's so sweet. you're a lucky woman.

  11. Ah, you just captured my heart. My baby is 4 months old and I have had those exact feelings. I didn't know love until I met my baby.

  12. oh i just love letters to sons and daughters. what a precious little girls she is!

  13. Kelsi

    Oh gosh, this made me cry, gave me chills, and made my heart swell. And I'm not even a mama! I cannot wait to be though. So, so sweet and beautiful and good.

  14. Taylor

    this was sooooooo sweet:)

  15. this was so sweet. love it!

  16. Ash

    adorable! your girl is the cutest- happy half birthday!

  17. Celia

    aww this is so sweet! happy 6mo. !!! :o)

  18. So adorable. I love your little family.

  19. Mrs. C

    Wow…this so beautiful!! HAppy 6 months to the cutest little girl!!! And happiest!
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  20. Mrs. C

    Wow…this so beautiful!! HAppy 6 months to the cutest little girl!!! And happiest!
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  21. colleen

    so sweet naomi. she's blessed to have a mom like you. and of course – happy 1/2 birthday e!

  22. That sweet little face… she's an absolute doll!

  23. this is adorableeee! I can imagine her as a teenager, reading this and thinking to herself "I have got a great mother"

  24. you make me want to be a mother someday so badly. the way you write is beautiful.

    little eleanor is so so sweet. i just love her.

    thank you, naomi!

  25. Seriously adorable. I know that I say that a lot, but she is too cute to handle.

  26. Wow I can't believe 6 months went by so fast…she so adorable :)

  27. She's just beautiful! Happy 6 six months to Eleanor.

  28. Rachel

    She is darling!Happy 6 months Eleanor!

  29. This post is so sweet that it made me tear up!

  30. Leslie

    you have just about the cutest baby ever! seriously. what is your secret?

  31. Tania

    Happy 6 months Eleanor! You're doing a wonderful job Naomi!

  32. Just precious. Children are such a blessing. Even though I have none of my own yet, just being around them give me such joy!

  33. aww, your little girl is SO loved.

  34. Congratulations little Eleanor on your mini milestone. May you continue to bring such joy to your mama and poppa for endless years to come.

  35. I just teared up (OK I more than teared up). This is so sweet. Your beautiful baby girl is so well loved and that's the most important thing in the world.

  36. this is too adorable! this makes me look forward to my future babes :)

  37. Sarah

    What sweet words for such a sweet little girl

  38. definitely teared up while reading this. so sweet. i love your blog.

  39. Carly

    i love everything about this, thank you for sharing. E is so so beautiful :)

  40. happy 6 months miss e (: you're so lucky to have such wonderful parents.

  41. Kirk

    melt my heart! that was the sweetest thing. i love how much you love your family. :)

  42. ^^ whoops, left a girly comment while logged in on my daddy's account. xP sorry for the creepiness!

  43. I could cry!!! What a beautiful love!!! I am so touched by this post. Beyond touched and i can only wait until I have my own little family!!!

  44. Rhianne

    this is lovely and that photo is perfect. I swear I've never felt broody until little E came along, your blog just radiates with love and seems to erase all the fears that I might have when considering having a baby… its really been a joy to read Naomi, thank you.

  45. Renée

    That's sweet, you are a fantastic mom :) Eleanor will grow up as a wonderful person thanks to her parents.

  46. becky

    I've missed longer posts like those on the blog the last few days but oh–they are beautiful. You're so honest about parenthood. I love that about you. x

  47. Aww that made me a little teary! My little bebe turned 6 months a week ago, so what you've said about your little girl melts my heart as I feel the same feelings! It's crazy how much they change in 6 months, into happy, funny adorable little creatures!

    Anyway thanks for sharing!

  48. i get so excited when you write longer posts like these and this one surely did not disappoint. thank you for sharing this glimpse into motherhood, naomi! and thank you for sharing little glimpses of eleanor as well.

  49. Awwww that has gone soooo fast! E is getting cuter every day. Love that you write her little letters to read, such a brilliant idea.

  50. Emily

    She is such a sweet baby and so adorable. I love watching her grow in your posts. Happy 6 months to her!!

  51. Jenny

    That is so beautiful! Happy 6 month birthday baby e!!!! xxxx

  52. This is so lovely that I started to cry…. :)



  53. this is too, too cute! what app do you use on your iphone to make photos look like that? thank you:)

  54. what a wonderful post. i hope she reads it oneday :)

  55. @jess lee, it's the instagram app. thanks!

  56. happy month 6 Eleanor! our baby turned 5M yesterday..and yes I totally agree..they grow so quick!!

    She is so adorable!

  57. Gudrun

    Happy 6 months to your adorable daughter! Wonderfully sweet post! I look forward to motherhood after reading things like this!

  58. Oh wow! 1/2 a year already! She is a beauty..precious times:)

  59. This made me tear up a little. I am so happy for you both and have to meet her one of these days when I am in DC. Tell Josh Hello for me!


  60. I love that little letter. I've been writing letters to Gwyn too throughout the pregnancy and beyond. It's so special to look back at them. Thanks for sharing.

    A Collection of Passions

  61. junebug

    Happy 6 months, pretty baby. Congratulations to your sweet family.

  62. Jenn

    Happy 6 months to miss E, she is adorable!!

  63. Sue

    what a beautiful little girl!!!! I too have a little eleanor that is turning 6 months tomorrow!!!! What you write describes a lot of what I feel for my little girls and my family! I love your blog!

  64. What a sweet post! Eleanor is going to love this stuff when she's older and able to understand. Can't get over that picture of her!

    ~ Angela

  65. Mariela

    What a lovely post, you have a beautiful family.

  66. jlc

    naomi you have such a way of writing!! eleanor is really going to appreciate this one day…. great letter!

  67. Julie

    Happy 6 months, Eleanor! You paint such a beautiful picture of motherhood, I love reading your blog!

  68. Happy half-birthday Eleanor! I am shocked at how quickly that went by too! We'll be welcoming our sweet little girl, Annabelle, into the world in just 5 1/2 weeks (give or take a few days haha)… it's been so nice to see your posts filled with such love for your baby girl. xox

  69. Happy 6 months sweet girl! I love your blog and I love it more with the edition of Eleanor. She is beautiful (like her mom) and is always smiling. Is she ever upset? :)

  70. Libby

    this honestly gave me goosebumps :) I cant wait to have a baby of my own, it's the #1 thing I look forward to! Well, it's at a tie with getting married next year, haha. I dont know how you didnt know the gender of your baby before she was born though, I would go beyond insane not knowing!!

    Libby on the Label

  71. Del

    I do the same thing for Lucy! Love this:)

  72. That is completely adorable. you three are the cutest family, and little eleanor is the absolutly cutest, adorablest baby I've ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing you stories and pictures of Eleanor and your family. They always put a smile on my face. Happy 6 month birthday Eleanor!!!

  73. Tara

    Oh my word. How precious!! I absolutely love reading such a lovely glimpse into your adoration for your little one.

  74. this is the best post ever! so so so precious!


  75. she is so beautiful and with every picture you can just tell she is bursting with the most loving personality!

  76. LOVE this. Kids are such a beautiful blessing, really, your heart melts when they look at you and you ARE their whole world. It's amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

    Happy 6 months to her.

  77. Sara

    Just can't resist telling you that my daughet, Ema, was born on the same day. I read you blog all the way from Portugal. Your girl is beautiful and your blog delightful.

    Best wishes,


  78. Taza ive been browsing the archives of your breathtakingly beautiful blog – wow, wow, wow! i blog fashion and stumbling upon your amaze space is something completely refreshing and inspiring for me! I could've left a comment on every amazing post so far, but this precious lil' letter was a tearjerker! so, SO beautiful!! such a gorgeous family unit!
    (hope to find the same one day.) Much love. XX