playing bride + groom.

way back in april, josh and i got to play bride and groom for photographer anne robert at the most beautiful private estate in middleburg virginia. in addition to anne, kelley and carla were also the brains behind this pretty photo shoot and those beautiful flowers i’m holding were arranged by holly.
while i didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to run around in a wedding dress for the afternoon (i mean, hello!) i was nervous how it’d all go down since eleanor was only a few months old. but that sweet baby of mine must have been having a really terrific day because she didn’t make a peep the entire time! i was such a proud mama! and it was fun josh and me to walk down memory lane again…
i sort of wish you could have a wedding every year… same groom… just different dress, different spread, different flowers…. you know? ;) celebrating love is such a wonderful thing.
thanks again to anne for having us come play! you can see more of the images featured here on the southern weddings blog.
  1. Jess

    Oh My Gosh! You are so beautiful! I love these photos! my favourite are the ones on the swing! gorgeous!

  2. Crystal

    This is SO beautiful! I am in love ♥

  3. These photos are beautiful! I can't wait to get married :D

  4. Gorgeous, all of it! I echo the sentiment about a wedding every year, just not the financial piece of it ;)

  5. Oh my gosh, these are stunning! Love the pictures with the swing. ♥

  6. Beautiful photos!

    xx Viola

  7. Lyndall

    How beautiful! I love the way these photos were styled. And it must have been fun to have a 'second wedding'! There are so many pretty wedding dresses that it seems a shame to only have one, hehe…

  8. Oh, what lovely photography. Who wouldn't love playing dress up for the day?!

  9. so beautiful! the photos are awesome!

  10. harlin

    Your hair looks amazing!
    & those clear plastic chairs are great,

    the harlin diaries

  11. Liz

    these are stunning! couldn't agree more. a wedding every year would be just magical!

  12. Liz

    these are stunning! couldn't agree more. a wedding every year would be just magical!

  13. colleen

    so gorgeous. and yes a wedding a year would be fun!

  14. amber

    how fun!! you guys look fabulous! i agree, a wedding a year would be amazing :)

  15. Sini

    Oh my god! Your both looks so amazing! So lovely couple you are :)

  16. Alicia

    Oh my goodness I wish I could do this! Especially since our wedding pictures were horrible and film.

  17. I just celebrated my 2 year anniversary yesterday. It is so nice to have beautiful wedding photos to look back on!

  18. Natasha

    I love these photos. You look so ethereal and that dress is to die for.

  19. So beautiful!

    I absolutely agree about getting to have a wedding each year. =] My wedding was just last year, but there are so many things I'd do differently now.

    There's always the vow renewal option!


  20. OH. MY LORD. this is how i want to look on my special day way down the line :)

  21. I swear… you all are the cutest couple ever. And I mean that. :)

  22. Paula

    These pictures are soooo beautiful!

  23. What a beautiful shoot! You guys make a sweet couple. And that dress is stunning

  24. beautiful photos! you two look great together.

  25. Some serious swooning going on over here right now! You two look stunning :)

  26. Rachel

    I just found your blog recently, and I so enjoy looking at all your pictures. You have a beautiful family. These pictures of your "pretend wedding" are beautiful! My husband & I were just talking about this last night – wouldn't it be fun to have another wedding and have everything be completely opposite and unique from your original wedding? Sometimes, we get weird :)

  27. Gorgeous – as always.

  28. OOOO, so cool. You look so beautiful! That must have been so much fun. What a lucky thing to get to do.

  29. Oooo let's see some of your favorite pics from your wedding!!! Such a sweet shoot!

  30. oh my dear i love them the pictures are amazing and i love the hat and dress.

  31. Gorgeous!

  32. oh this is adorable…you look absolutely gorgeous. And you're so right…who wouldn't want to walk around in a wedding dress all day?

  33. You two are made for each other, clearly. These are so beautiful! And how many couples get to relive such wonderful memories like this?

  34. you are stunning! how fun!

  35. You are absolutely gorgeous!! Love these pictures, so soft and romantic.

  36. we did this, too! 5 years later for a friend who wanted to practice- so fun! my husband wanted to kill me… but i loved every moment:) your hair? STUNNING!!

  37. i'm all for you having a different wedding every year – if for nothing else than our viewing pleasure!

  38. Brissa

    you look absolutely stunning!
    i agree with a new wedding each year, especially for the amazing photographs you'd get. guess i'll just have to have an amazing photographer friend and get them done anyway.

  39. Beth

    So so pretty.

  40. Jennifer

    wow, those are gorgeous.

  41. Wow, these pics are stunning…a wedding every year sounds fun :)


  42. Coco

    These are gorgeous! And I agree; how unfortunate it is that we only have one shot to plan a wedding!

  43. good gracious woman! you're stunning.

  44. ps — do you guys have any favorite books on marriage?

  45. I love the shot of you on the swing! So pretty!

  46. emily

    that's rad! i really want to have a big wedding party about every five years. which means ben and i are due for a party in about 2 years. better start planning :)

  47. Emily

    you have got to be the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet!
    Josh is one lucky guy! lol.
    and i'm with you – i think a wedding every year would be great, as long as i didn't have to deal with the stress of planning it! lol.
    i would love to marry my sweet hubby all over again! :)

  48. SP

    You guys look amazing!

  49. I've always told my husband I would like to have a different wedding (to him of course ;)) every year… not so sure he is on board after all the stress of the first one haha. You look gorgeous and the location is phenom!

  50. Gorgeous! I had the hardest time picking out my wedding dress becasue there are sooo many pretty ones! I agree with you wanting to have a wedding every year just with the same groom :)

  51. Mrs. C

    Oh my goodness! could you both look any more amazing! I LOVE your hair and the elegance of these photos. How fun to dress up again!
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  52. Folklure

    These are just beautiful!I love the one with you on the swing, with the sun behind you :)


  53. LOVE IT!!!!!!! You look amazing. and your dress is gorgeous. Congrats on this successful photo shoot.

  54. Alisha

    I love this so much! You look amazing!

  55. Katie

    Lucky duck! Gorgeous dress and pictures

  56. Lulu B

    You 2 are such a beautiful couple, no wonder elanor is such a cutie xx :o)

  57. Jasmin

    Oh my Gosh! I love your Blog so much.

  58. Taylor

    SO beautiful

  59. Jennifer

    These are incredible. I love the whole feel of these photos! Gorgeous!

  60. Rachel


  61. How fun! And what gorgeous pictures! :)

  62. So stunning! I feel the same way! I would love to wear a pretty new wedding dress each year with my main man! And you would never know you just had a baby!

  63. I love the big hair and especially the last picture! The whole shoot is terrifically dreamy! <3

  64. So beautiful~

  65. Alex

    You look so very beautiful!!! What fun!

  66. these photos (and the both of you!) are just stunning! I totally agree – I so wish I could marry my husband every year!

  67. It must have been so much fun to wear a wedding dress again. I'd love to retake my wedding pictures with a totally different theme. Not that I didn't love our pictures…just nice to try a different look, ya know? :)

    You look stunning in these photos!

    ~ Angela

  68. You look STUNNING. So pretty Naomi. This looks like such fun. I agree with you- I'm all for celebrating love.

  69. These are so incredibly lovely!

    ♥ LW

  70. {B}

    It would be fabulous having a wedding every year with all of the same participants! Clear Versailles chairs…where were you when I got married?!

  71. bonnie

    aw, how adorable. you could do like a heidi klum/seal thing where you renew your vows every year with a fun/silly celebration! i hear one year they had a vegas themed wedding and they got married again by elvis. ;)

  72. Cathi


  73. gorgeous! you two are both ridiculously photogenic. :)

  74. Autumn

    These are lovely!

  75. JenLynn

    Truely stunning. The two of you look amazing, and the styling and photography are equally well done.

  76. Wahy

    OH MY GOD! so adorable! xx

  77. Kelly

    So gorgeous!

  78. Erin

    you and josh are such a beautiful couple! and oh! to have a wedding every year… *sigh*

  79. naomi:

    these photos are stunning! and your hair looks absolutely amazing. oh, this looks like fun :)

  80. Rhianne

    the swing pictures are just perfect :)