playing bride + groom.

way back in april, josh and i got to play bride and groom for photographer anne robert at the most beautiful private estate in middleburg virginia. in addition to anne, kelley and carla were also the brains behind this pretty photo shoot and those beautiful flowers i’m holding were arranged by holly.
while i didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to run around in a wedding dress for the afternoon (i mean, hello!) i was nervous how it’d all go down since eleanor was only a few months old. but that sweet baby of mine must have been having a really terrific day because she didn’t make a peep the entire time! i was such a proud mama! and it was fun josh and me to walk down memory lane again…
i sort of wish you could have a wedding every year… same groom… just different dress, different spread, different flowers…. you know? ;) celebrating love is such a wonderful thing.
thanks again to anne for having us come play! you can see more of the images featured here on the southern weddings blog.
  1. Brie

    Absolutely lovely! I totally agree with you on the wedding each year! I would even settle for a wedding every 5 years.

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures
    celebrating love is lovely isn't it :)

  3. Oh my gosh! You look STUNNING! I can't believe this was a few months after Eleanor was born! Such beautiful photos!

  4. Tara


  5. Omg this is so freaking gorgeous!

  6. KayBee

    You look gorgeous!!

  7. so this is naomi as a southern belle. its funny – i know i'm looking at naomi and josh but you guys look so different in this shoot! still freaking gorgeous, though don't worry. :)

  8. Crystal

    you look absolutely stunning

  9. Briel79

    Beautiful pics! I just visited a friend in Middleburg, VA in July and I loved it there! Such GORGEOUS countryside! :)

  10. Dani

    wow! AMAZING!!!

    and yes…I'd get married EVERY year as well…especially now given my current situation!

  11. abby

    how romantic! oh, this makes me want to see more pictures from your actual wedding- you two make such a beautiful couple {inside and out!}.

  12. Katie

    Beautiful pics! I always think that I want to get married again, to the same guy of course!

  13. Hi Naomi,
    I have followed your blog (silently) for a year now and I just can't get enough! You are beautiful inside and out, and your family is just a beautiful example of love and generosity. Thank you for sharing bits of your life with us. PS-Did I see you as a model on a bank advertisement…in France? I could have sworn…

  14. Isn't Anne the best?! I totally lucked out to have her as a sister in law. You guys look great!

  15. You are absolutely stunning. I love your style and I love your blog.

  16. oh my, i am in love with your big hair! these are just gorgeous!

  17. aw, these photos are adorable. And I agree- wedding every year. Same groom, a must.

    We had three weddings when we got married. One for just us, without telling anyone (kept it a secret for months!). One with family in a living room. And then one for well… : )

  18. jamie

    you look gorgeous, but i love how sassy-chic that first picture is!

  19. <3 the picture on the swing. precious

  20. beaaaaaaaaaautiful blog and amazing pictures!!! very visually appealing. i'm your new follower. <3


  21. Britti

    These are just gorgeous! One can see that you and Josh didn't just "play" but that you really are in love!

  22. kwistin

    sooo….i kind of absolutely love everything about this.

    just sayin'.

  23. meg

    I absolutely love the last photo!

  24. holtkamp

    i love these! you two are such a lovely couple! and that venue is amazing as well!

  25. I don't know if this has already been mentioned, but who is that dress by? Along with the sweater? I'm looking for a dress and I love that one in the pictures.

  26. whimsy

    so wonderful! i love this, totally agree, i always have wished weddings could be a yearly event. like an anniversary!

  27. Annie

    same groom… just different dress, different spread, different flowers…. you know? ;) — I SO agree

  28. Enchanting!

  29. These are adorable! SO Jealous!!

  30. So incredibly gorgeous! Made we wanna go back and look at your real wedding pictures haha I completely agree… why cant we have another "wedding" periodically without all the fuss and stress of the first but with another great dress and party haha

  31. Lissa

    WOW! you are so beautiful! this makes me want to get married :)

  32. Laura

    oh, love these pictures, so beautiful! x

  33. Liesl

    You look GORGEOUS!!! What a fun opportunity!

    Liesl :)

  34. Wow! Everything about that shoot is stunning. I kinda wish I had seen this before getting married. I might have done a few things differently ;).

    Becky from Love, Parlor Talk

  35. WOW these photos are beautiful!! You two are like the perfect couple, seriously!

  36. Alyssa

    I love these photos! You both look amazing! Is it weird to say I want to handvthese in my house?? ;)

  37. Goodness Golly…you are such a beautiful couple. I love the picture of you on the swing.