check up.

yesterday eleanor and i visited the pediatrician for her six month check up. i always walk in there with a long list of questions. and i always feel like such a silly newbie mother when i’m reading them off (thankfully we really love her pediatrician and she helps me feel less silly about myself as a mother).... Read more

it’s a home. not a museum. right?

the other day josh went into eleanor’s room to change her diaper and i guess he decided to quietly take a few photos of the room while he was at it. later on that day, i found these photos on my phone. maybe he was trying to tell me something? i didn’t think it was that bad until i came across the evidence.... Read more


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{the park with kingsley. smithsonian air + space museum. lunch at willards bbq. antiquing in lucketts virgina. homemade panini’s and music night with friends.} filmed on my iphone using the 8mm camera app. music is lolita by throw me a statue – moonbeams. xo ... Read more