playing bride + groom.

way back in april, josh and i got to play bride and groom for photographer anne robert at the most beautiful private estate in middleburg virginia. in addition to anne, kelley and carla were also the brains behind this pretty photo shoot and those beautiful flowers i’m holding were arranged by holly. while i didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to run around in a wedding dress for the afternoon (i mean, hello!) i was nervous how it’d all go down since eleanor was only a few months old.... Read more


“…and you guys thought my lion hat was where it was at.” ;) … p.s. i bought this hat, and a few others from here a couple of years ago. i have been waiting like a kid on christmas morning to first, have a baby already and second, have one of these cute hats finally fit said baby.... Read more

hilton head island, part III

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and here are the last few photos i thought i’d share from our weekend away. p.s. right after this first photo below was taken, eleanor put a handful of sand into her mouth. i felt like a really good mother.

see the first and second posts here and here. p.s. i feel the need to state we were not the genius’ behind the sand castle pictured....

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