our weekend with irene.

well, irene didn’t exactly stop by our house like she said she would this weekend on her little tour of the east coast. rude!
we did get a bit of rain and wind saturday night, but the power remained on, everything stayed in place and all seemed normal the following morning besides a few tree limbs down here and there. is it terrible of me to admit i feel a bit cheated with my first hurricane experience? but no no, i know, i know. i really am glad d.c. stayed safe, and that irene wasn’t as bad as predicted for us in dc. i hope everyone and their loved ones are safe… i know other areas weren’t as lucky as ours and we’re praying for all affected…
we spent our weekend inside. we read lots of books to eleanor, watched lots of movies thanks to netflix, ate lots of unhealthy food (irene was the best excuse for ice cream sandwiches for breakfast or peanut m&m;’s at midnight). it was quite nice. we love finding reasons to stay inside as a family all weekend long and just be together. thanks for being a good excuse, irene.

  1. Ahaah ! Love the last picture !

  2. That bottom picture is the cutest! Glad you're all okay. :-)

  3. That first photo is so incredibly sweet <3

    Bisous :)

  4. Jess

    Oh I love that first photo!
    So sweet! It's a heart melter!
    Glad your all safe!

  5. Jenny

    So glad you are all safe and that DC wasn't affected! Love from London xx

  6. Ashley

    Such wonderful pictures. Glad you all were safe! :)

  7. what a wonderful way to turn an unfortunate event into family fun! <3

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  8. Charis

    Gorgeous photos & I'm glad that you guys stayed safe x

  9. erin

    i know. i kept on waiting for the moment when i could light all of my candles, but it never came!

  10. abby

    we did the same here in NH. while the rest of our state had issues, the only trouble we experienced was slow internet for about 30 minutes. and we were so irked about it! so glad everyone stayed safe here and there in d.c.!

  11. Katie

    love that last picture. isn't it funny how natural disasters (even if they don't fully happen) are an excuse to eat like crap? haha :)


  12. Naomi

    So glad it ended up not being as bad as everyone prepared for!

  13. that top picture is the sweetest :) i love any excuse to camp out at home for a few days. and i'm glad you guys stayed safe

  14. I am so happy you all stayed safe! You all were in my thoughts all weekend.

    I love the photos! The last one is my favorite!

    Also, I think you had a valid excuse to eat some unhealthy food!

    Have a good Monday!

  15. when there was a tsunami warning in hawaii, i came home from the store with my "supplies" of a gallon of milk and some candy….storms are the best excuse to eat whatever you want!

  16. the last picture makes my heart melt

  17. eleanor looks just like you in that sleeping photo.

  18. Esmee D

    aahh those pictures of Eleanor are sooo cute! i'm happy to hear you guys are all okay, it's really sad to see some people werent so lucky!

  19. Sarah

    I feel the same way about Irene. But really happy that we were as lucky as we were. Power stayed on!

    And I am right with you on the netflix and unhealthy food :) I am not sure why I felt the need to eat junk just because a rainstorm was coming but it did feel good!

  20. we had the exact same experience up here- i stocked up the house with goodies, got some indian takeaway, and opened up the netflix queue, only to have the storm died down by sunday morning and be SUNNY by the afternoon! you're right though- i can't complain when i think about what could have been, given what they were predicting on the news.
    p.s. that first picture is too cute

  21. buhdoop

    It is good to know that y'all are okay. We still don't have power up in CT. Not even the traffic lights work in our little town. But thankfully we are safe.

    PS. What treatment did you use on these photos? They are gorgeous. Is it from your Dads film camera? Or it is from iPhoto?

    Or maybe its just the lighting.

  22. that first picture melts my heart. I am so glad that you guys weren't badly affected!

  23. Not going to lie… I was super disappointed with the hype of the storm as well. I was stuck in Manhattan on the 22nd floor of our building and was able to watch the storm roll in and the progressively empty streets. Glad you all are safe!


  24. Ashley

    Oh precious little girl sleeping next to dadddy. What a great moment. =) Glad you guys didn't get hit hard by Irene.

  25. Glad you guys were safe.
    That last photo is priceless.

  26. LOVE that first photo…baby snuggled in the white sheets…so cozy and perfect!

  27. Mariana

    I like the first and the last photo. So cute! Well – honestly – I like ice cream sandwich, too. ;)
    And I'm glad you're all ok. (This is my first comment but not first visit here. I really like your blog…)
    Take care.


  28. Mrs. Ham

    she looks so cute in that first picture! i love her little mouth!


  29. edillo2

    so glad you all stayed safe! We didn't see any effects of Irene in Morgantown, WV. Not even any rain! I was surprised!

  30. Those photos are too sweet!! Not fair! Glad your little family is safe and got to enjoy a weekend together :D

  31. Aw, sorry you got ripped off!

    I love hurricanes, when they don't cause damage- they're a lot of fun.

    Glad you enjoyed the weekend anyway.

  32. Alex

    She looks so sweet and comfy in that picture with Josh!!

  33. A perfect weekend it would seem! and your daughter is just THE cutest…

  34. E with the popcorn is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  35. AW! That looks like such a fun, relaxing time.

  36. perfect photos! what kind of camera do you use?


  37. Love the pictures – looks like a super snuggly weekend. The only thing missing is the nugget Kingsley! :)

    Glad you guys are safe! xo

  38. Glad you're safe! That first picture of Eleanor in bed with your husband is way too adorable. She's getting so big!

    ~ Angela

  39. Such sweet photos! I can't wait for rainy weekends…it'd be a nice change from the hundred degrees I've been facing lately! I love the picture of baby Eleanor asleep wit her Dad! Too adorable <3

  40. Love the baby pic! Same for us, Irene came and went and nothing happened. That is my second hurricane where nothing happened and everyone said it would. However I'm thankful nothing happened. We didn't even get any rain and pretty much no wind. Just beautiful clear skies and lots of eating out on patios.
    : ) Glad you guys were safe!


  41. your girl is so beautiful! I think I've never seen a baby so pretty as her :) xo

  42. Is she an angel? That first picture would seem to suggest that. I was tempted to feel cheated, but I spent the majority of the weekend paranoid that my room might flood so, can't really complain.

  43. Sarah

    haha I get what you mean about feeling a bit cheated. Being a Southern Californian the sunny weather (even though I love it) can be a bit repetitive and I love a semi scary change up every once in a while. I love those pictures of baby asleep with the dads. Never gets old.

    – Sarah

  44. Nicole

    so much to love about this post.

    love netflix
    love baby
    love ice cream
    love the green bedspread. LOVE

  45. OMG, I really love your blog!! And your family is so sweeeeeet!!!! Really love the last pic ^_^
    kisses, Laura


  46. amber

    so glad your family was safe over the weekend! cute photos :)

  47. jade

    Would LOVE to know where your bedspread is from :)

  48. Elliott

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  49. We watched with great interest over here in Italy. So glad DC was safe!


  50. that last photo? yeah. I wish I had one like that of me when I was little. Maybe with some m&ms; in the popcorn too. yeah. that would be nice.

  51. precious pictures! & so glad y'all stayed safe.

  52. so glad you're safe! hurricanes can be scary.
    eleanor is adorable as always. ")

  53. Rachael

    That last picture….a huge bowl of cuteness!!
    And I totally tried to read what Netflix movie that was! What can I say, I love movies!
    And I'm glad you're okay with the hurricane! I experienced it too, but luckily nothing bad happened in my area as well.

  54. glad you're safe! we have tornado warning all the time here in oklahoma but nothing ever seems to happen where we live (thankfully!).

    the photos are adorable! where is sir kingsley during all of this? ;)

    alissa b

  55. Jasmine

    Oh this last picture is gorgeous!

  56. Maria

    Oh, don't you just LOVE the way a baby/child looks in their parents bed? I could just melt. E proves to be no different. I could stare at that picture of her in bed for hours… It reminds me that I should do the same with my E! thanks for sharing!

  57. 100% adorable..really loving these pics.

  58. Great photo compilation. There are few things too I love more than family, movies, popcorn and ice cream.

  59. Absolutely adorable. :)

  60. omgosh….my heart, it's swooning. i love the picture of Josh and Eleanor. So precious…